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casablanca 2nd Jul 2012 04:26

I have a friend who is an airbus Capt at Qatar.....he said the current word around there is that they have their numbers for the year. It may be next year at this time before they get to us in the pool.
That is not the news I was hoping for, but honestly I dont think anyone really knows......still hoping for the best.

iQatar 2nd Jul 2012 06:17

..he said the current word around there is that they have their numbers for the year
Then why do they still interview pilots?

ADY 2nd Jul 2012 07:44

Is there any one who has been programmed for interview the coming days?

Global01 2nd Jul 2012 19:29

Capt.Dusty Miller
Can anyone please PM me Capt.Dusty Miller's Email ? (MPS at Qatar Airways)

Thanks !


daknarr 2nd Jul 2012 19:44

Perhaps I'm late to the convo, but my interview date was 20May...still no word. Should I be worried?

safelife 2nd Jul 2012 19:44

Recruitment is really slow these days, and will stay that way for some time to come.
DEC A320 and FO B777 are still taken on, otherwise almost no hiring.

daknarr 2nd Jul 2012 20:01

So I'll not worry...too much. I interviewed for the FO position. Make any difference?

Ethiopia 3rd Jul 2012 11:20

Anybody who got the good news but not the talent pool email or the offer letter?

bahabel 3rd Jul 2012 17:20

Yes, Already i invited for next week, any good helping news?

cccc 3rd Jul 2012 17:53

No info...
I received the good news in March, but nothing since then. No offer, no talent pool, nothing. :(
I hope to receive the offer soon.
Being patient...

joserosell 3rd Jul 2012 21:46

I am in the same position, screening in February , positive email in March, nothing since then.No talent pool and no news.It's quite frustrating.Applied for Second officer fast track.

Iver 4th Jul 2012 14:57

A more bungled HR process I have never seen... Al Baker is fine spending billions on the finest aircraft but his HR process is outsourced to Somalia...:}

FL123 4th Jul 2012 16:21

LMAOOOO...... that was funny!!!:E:E:E

Paparoach 4th Jul 2012 17:12

Applied end of 2011
Invited for the selections early February 2012
No news until....
Good news + Talent pool email: July 2012!

Further news to be expected in late July. But I guess another round of waiting time is coming!

Good luck to all waiting for a good news!

jojo737 5th Jul 2012 05:32

Assessment for B777 F/O rated
Hi ,
I have an interview with Qatar coming soon . What can i expect for the assessment ; i am already rated on B777 .
Thanks for your answers .

rain dance maggie 5th Jul 2012 14:52

Anybody received DOJ from QR , since Holly M. Email???

speedhold 5th Jul 2012 16:38

Hi guys quick question I recieved my contract around 5 weeks ago and submitted the contract back to HR along with my passport copy and also put down the date I wanted to join. The date I requested to Join is in October.

About 2 weeks later I got the mass email from H miles that everybody got . Was that email the talent hold email ??? . It did not say anything about talent hold pool. Since that email I have not got anything from anyone else. Is there anyone that is in my position or can someone clarify.


light and variable 5th Jul 2012 16:45

. . there must be bags of people in your situation, be patient. What exactly needs to be clarified!

727lvr 5th Jul 2012 17:24

got the same email 5 weeks ago and didn't mention anything about talent pool either. I think there was two different emails sent out , one stating they were re-evaluating their training footprint and the other for a talent pool. Don't know what the difference is ........

Hopefully the people who got the first email will get DOJ's soon , fingers crossed :)

CLOUDSDRILLER 5th Jul 2012 17:45

Hi, Intake,
I have had the same problem when willing to attach my documents.
Had to re-scan all of them, at a much lower resolution, until reaching an acceptable "weight", while still keeping them clearly readable documents.
Good Luck to you,
See you soon ?

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