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aviatoreboy 10th Jul 2012 11:02

Hi Guys!!
Signed my contract 25th of april for FO A320 and I am still waiting for the contract to come back. Reached my coordinator a couple of days ago by mail and got the answer have patience we will get to you shortly:D . Of course I have also received the Holly M mail a month ago and replied to that also.
Seems that Q have a lot of pipelines in and they all are slow at the moment.


CBs in vicinity 10th Jul 2012 15:51

Applied Dec
Interview Feb
Good news Apr
Contract early May
Holly Miles letter End of May
DOJ received today
DOJ end of July

rain dance maggie 10th Jul 2012 15:57

Thank u for your response,we' re almost through the same situation.
Hope we meet soon...


What do u mean by ''I am still waiting for the contract to come back.''?
I do not think that the ''Offer of Employment ''(not the contract) must come back to u.
You just have to sign on it and state the target joining date only.Then u send it back to them and wait....

Thank u

FL123 10th Jul 2012 16:15

It can be as short as 1-2 months from the date you have received the mail to as long as (more than) a year and the waiting can keep on going. But hang in there, not so far now.
By the way, when did you receive your short listed email?


aviatoreboy 10th Jul 2012 17:40

Hey Rain Dance Maggie

Thought that you would receive some kind of response from the company one way or another after signing.

Stick35 10th Jul 2012 18:13

I never got a email that im shortlisted. Si i guess they dont want me.:(. Dont even know what their criteria are.

Well, in that case im gonna delete my profile on their website.

Still looking for an airline break through.

casablanca 10th Jul 2012 18:34

Has anyone been shortlisted, or called for an interview since the talent pool was started?
There have been rumors that they have their numbers for the next year( which doesnt make since if they are still calling people for interviews)
Hopefully as they start to get the 787 and few other aircraft that we will see the pool start to drain!

"CBs in Vicinity" What fleet are you going on?

CBs in vicinity 10th Jul 2012 21:17

FO - 777 :ok:

Iver 10th Jul 2012 23:41

Maybe your future office at QR? Picture of first QR 787 at Farnborough
Not bad! :ok: Total of 60 787 on order and optioned. Someone said that after an initial 5 airframes in 2012, and then starting in 2013, QR would receive a new 787 every 3.5 weeks... I'd take it if they offered me the right seat up front... :}:}:}:}:cool:


Bandit07 11th Jul 2012 01:12

Invited for interview
To all,

Has anybody received an invitation for an interview beside DEC or FO type rated?

Thank you

simmatch 11th Jul 2012 04:56

Thank you for the picture, very tempting:8:8:8. I can still smell that new plane smell when we sat on that simulator:p:p:p. I remember, when sitting outside the machine, waiting for our turn, a friendly Captain who was passing by, telling us "have fun guys but it will be a long time before you'll get to sit on the real one.":=:=:=

Any idea, guesses, how they plan to fill in those seats?? Existing bus drivers or tripple seven ones? OR the fresh recruits:yuk::yuk::yuk:???


flying apple 11th Jul 2012 11:49

a new aircraft that still needs to be delivered and the captains seat look like it has been used for some years already
that's why i don't like the sheepskin

Airmann 11th Jul 2012 12:14

The 787 are going to be flown by QR pilots who have worked their asses off for the company for the past 4-5 years. Mostly the guys from the 320. New joiners, you will most likely be put on the 320 and you will work your asses off for 3-4 years before you move onto something else.

flyforfood1 11th Jul 2012 13:09

Well said Airman :ok:

Iver 11th Jul 2012 13:34

Let's say you are hired as a type-rated A320 pilot and allocated to the A320/21 fleet. Given that you did not need a new type rating, how long before you could "bid" or request another fleet type? 2-3 years? Is there a minimum time expectation on each fleet? Does having the relevant type and experience make a difference?

flyforfood1 11th Jul 2012 14:07

I think you could work on 3-4 years before a moving.

Type frozen is for 3 years, then you need to put in your request, thats has to be approved which would drag on for a while, plus there needs to be a requirement of course for the fleet you want to move to.

Although if the company has a requirement then it could be less, as per the 787.

Paparoach 12th Jul 2012 07:17

Holly M
Hey guys, it might sound a dumb question, but what is the "Holly M." referring to??

Why this name? Is it the name of the person who sent it? A specific everyday expression that I don't know? ... ?


PS: I received the talent pool mail last week, but no other email since my interview (NTSO) in February.

victor75 12th Jul 2012 15:35

Just receive the Joining date : 16th September 2012 ! So happy

Capt Aviator 12th Jul 2012 15:58

Congrats Victor75,:ok:

It's nice to see that there's movement for the NTSO/FTSOs:)


Shaggy330 12th Jul 2012 16:09

G'day Gents (and Ladies),
I'm looking for some encouragement. I received the "Good News" letter nearly eight weeks ago. Since then, I know that at least one reference check was completed and positive (I assume the other was also) as I received a congratulatory email from the previous boss.

The Good News email indicated that it would take "…no more than 6 weeks…" for fleet allocation, etc. It's been nearly 8 weeks. This was for a DEC Command position. I interviewed in April.

So, are things moving normally, or should I be moving onwards to something else?

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