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datdude 26th Aug 2012 02:50

Friend of a friend that's been there just a little over three years on the A320 is going to 777 class this November but still in the right seat though. Another friend of another friend that's been there just under four years also A320 FO is in upgrade class on the A320. Looks like one wanted the PIC turbine while the other preferred widebody type but still as FO. To each their own.

flyforfood1 26th Aug 2012 07:54

Depends on requirement, possibly 2-3 years, but then expect another bond.

flying apple 26th Aug 2012 20:48

does anyone have a link to a website where you can see which fleet flies to where?
i found one when i was preparing for my interview but i cant find it anymore
it also had the destinations for the subtyp's (at least 320fam)

FL123 26th Aug 2012 21:45

@flying apple
go to The Qatar Source
click on Qr tracker and then route tracker :ok:

SmilingKnifed 27th Aug 2012 20:18

Excuse the thread drift chaps, but is anyone else flying out from the UK next Tuesday (4th) for selection?

Check Airman 27th Aug 2012 22:44

In addition to standard upgrade requirements, Widebody Command Upgrade requirements are:

a) 6500 hrs
b) 2000 hrs are flown on aircraft in excess of 100,000kg (A321 is about 93,000kg mtow)
c) 1000 hrs and 2 years experience on the fleet for which the command upgrade will take place
So an A320 CA would have to go back to being a WB FO before becoming a WB CA?

Check Airman 27th Aug 2012 22:45

Excuse the thread drift chaps, but is anyone else flying out from the UK next Tuesday (4th) for selection?
I won't be attending, but what position did you apply for?

Iver 27th Aug 2012 23:49

Have QR started the training of A320 FOs into the 787 yet? Obviously the Boeing delays don't help with training schedules... :mad::}

ArmApp 28th Aug 2012 13:11

Anyone knows the bond if you join the A32O fleet with previous experience on it pls?

Non rev 28th Aug 2012 20:35

Out of JFK on 24th for what? Career Fair?

migair54 29th Aug 2012 12:11

Sept 10th
Anyone going on 10th Sept??

I heard that they have more than 300 pilots on the pool, how long will it take to clear this, and, are they hiring as much as before??

thank you

flyforfood1 29th Aug 2012 16:20

ArmApp, at the moment you'll do a CCQ the bond is 24 months at $30k, you'll pay 50% of it back for the first 12 months (equal deductions from salary) and then after the 24 months get all 100% of it back.

Daft Wader 29th Aug 2012 17:15

Believe first F/O's from A320 started B787 Course last week
May the farce be with you
Daft Wader

victor75 29th Aug 2012 20:33

Someone has his DOJ the 16th September?

jeanpaul172 2nd Sep 2012 16:12

End of August update
I recall some guys were promised to get 'the end of August update'.
Anyone got this update already?


Iver 2nd Sep 2012 18:00

Thanks for the 787 update Daft Wader. I am sure those A320 pilots are excited about the new technology and more longhaul flying opportunties. :ok:

Saam-85 3rd Sep 2012 00:35

About end of Aug update
Same promise "end of August update" but nothing yet! Anyone else at the same page!?


Inno 3rd Sep 2012 08:45

QR Talent pool
News for all pilot in the talent pool.. they will start to call again from feb 2013..:ok:

flying apple 3rd Sep 2012 14:27

and who/what is your source Inno?

chrislikesblue 3rd Sep 2012 16:43

This is definetely not good news for me Inno. I couldnt afford to wait that long without a job,I have to start looking for one. But how you know that information anyway? did they send you email?

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