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Global01 21st May 2012 11:40

Got it , Tx man !

speedhold 21st May 2012 14:07

offer letter package
Hi , just recieved my offer package today after 7 weeks from initial pass email.
I have a question there is a date on the paackagr which says I have to reply by 25 May .my questions is do o have to reply saying I got the email or do they want all the documents by then because I only have a few days ...any insight ...

Cat3BNoDH 21st May 2012 15:11

No documents needed besides passport copies.
Just sign it and send it back to them before the limit date. As the package says all the documents will be sent later or delivered personally on your DOJ.

Nice landings

Zakary 21st May 2012 17:32

If you check the email (not the attachements) it should say that you have to acknowledge the reception of the email

Tinga 22nd May 2012 16:43

Personal Aviation Headset
For those already flying for QR here is a quick question. Am I allowed to bring my own aviation headset for personal use in the flightdeck? Or do I have to use the one provided in the aircraft? Thanks.

salamalikum2 22nd May 2012 16:50

No.not allowed.you have to use the one provided on board.

jibba_jabba 22nd May 2012 17:17

Spanair guys seem to be getting offers much quicker and also getting sims much quicker.......... for good reason, business wise..... they are all type rated and experienced and require minimum training (on paper that is).

So be patient i guess, and for those waiting that are here,,,,,, be more patient :p

Tinga 22nd May 2012 20:17

Aviation Headsets

No.not allowed.you have to use the one provided on board.

Thanks salamalikum2. I appreciate it.

Cat3BNoDH 22nd May 2012 20:24

doesn't that policy bring up some hygiene issues??

Tinga 22nd May 2012 22:15


doesn't that policy bring up some hygiene issues??
That was my initial concern Cat3BNoDH. Looks like I will have to carry a pack of alcohol wipes instead, since it seems like I am not allowed to bring my own headset into the flight deck.

Homo Ludens 22nd May 2012 22:37

Tinga, my dear friend,
Despite what's beeng said on this forum, QR is not a LCC. There are plenty of wet wipes in the cockpit to calm down your hygiene worries!

Shaggy330 22nd May 2012 23:08

Yes you can bid for all of the above and more. Depends how busy your fleet is as to what you get. Usually you'll get something though. It all done through 'lido' bidding system.
Would the USA flights be considered a senior bid, or a would those trips go junior?

Tinga 23rd May 2012 01:13

Tinga, my dear friend,
Despite what's beeng said on this forum, QR is not
a LCC. There are plenty of wet wipes in the cockpit to calm down your hygiene
Thanks Homo. I appreciate it.;)

Aerodmb 23rd May 2012 05:51

What are the 777 destinations?

Buys Ballot 23rd May 2012 06:09

What are the 777 destinations?
Check Flightradar24.com - Live Flight Tracker! with QTR filter three times in one day and you'll know all QR's fleets destinations and schedules.


supersonic75 23rd May 2012 06:49

american license and QR authentication form ?
hope all the best for everybody and realy hope to see you all in doha soon :) i only have one question if anybody can help please ? in their email they said they want

( Copy of your License Authentication Form (attached) duly completed, signed and stamped by the License issuing authority )

i have american ATP license and i dont know how can i get the (attached) form stamped by the License issuing authority ? the american FAA dont do that !!

casablanca 23rd May 2012 07:13

That is kind of a tough one! The FAA does not stamp or certify your logbook. They say your logbook is the official record. The only thing I was able to get from them was all my medical records, all my certification info, (applications for various ratings etc) and a letter of accidents and incidents.
If possible you may be able to get your employer to certify your time with them....in my case my employer said they only keep those records for 3 years so were unable to give me a letter other than I had been employed in good standing for 12 years......I tried to back this up with tax records and training records I had saved

ironbutt57 23rd May 2012 07:31

Employer stamps are fine As far as I have been told

enthusiast 23rd May 2012 07:51

supersonic75, you made what almost everyone on this thread desires. congratulations!!

one question, Even though I didin't finish an online application process(couldn't finish referee step.) yet, I got the candidate reference number from HR recruitment through email 3 weeks ago. Is there a something to do except waiting for a phone call from QR? time in anxiety and nerves. Thanks in advance.

Tinga 23rd May 2012 08:04

American License and QR Authentification Form
Supersonic 75,
I had the same concern a few months ago and I think it is AV8tordude who posted these very helpful instructions and it works. Here is what you do:

ifyou have an FAA License, all you need to do is use the FAA link,

https://amsrvs.registry.faa.gov/amsrvs/Logon.asp, (You may have to create an account first if you don't already have one) Click the link that says RequestVerification of CertificatePrivileges. Place checks next to each certificate you have, insert the email, [email protected], and complete the rest of the form. The FAA will send a letter of license verification directly to the QR HR email address you provided. Make sure you call or email QR HR and ask them to verify receipt.

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