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postern 29th May 2012 20:40

Another timeline.....
In the interests of CRM for those in the system, I found it helpful to see how long it took others to get through this painful process/waiting game

I applied in Nov 2011, it helps if you can get to a roadshow and get your name in the system and if you know someone at QR that can maybe put a word in when you have applied. (Fact of life)

Interview was 3rd week in JAN

They said it'll be 3 weeks for good news..........it was 6 weeks.

You get the email saying well done it will now be 6 weeks for a formal contract.........it was 8 weeks

(During this time I received the well done email on a 2 week basis, no idea why!)

You then get the contract , sign it,scan it, return it.

They reply the next day and say thank you and they say in 2-3 weeks time we will give you a join date........It took 6 weeks.

From application in NOV to joining will be 9 months, had I known this at the begining I would have done something else, however......it might take a lot less time, you just don't know and that is the most frustrating part of this nightmare.

For the guys I went with on the day, one had his join date 7 weeks before me, another is joining QR next week. I know others who went after me and have got through this in half the time. I also know others who still don't have a join date and went before me.

Some are type rated most are not, they are a mixture of FO's and DEC's.

We have tried to apply logic to why some people are lucky and have come up with nothing.


Regarding the phone number for the joining coordinator........it just rang..

For those that are still waiting I never thought I would see this day....but it comes eventually.

I sincerely hope the job is worth it!!!!!

That's my experience, hope that helps, as regard to a lot of you who are SO's and fast track FO's......I have no idea what is happening for you guys.

Keep the Faith......I lost mine months ago!

casablanca 30th May 2012 01:50

Thanks for the update,it is helpful.
Quick question, once you sign the contract, how far out was your join date?

ITO 30th May 2012 07:38

Hi, thank you very much for your post. I am approaching 5 months after interview with no news, no pass/fail email, no nothing. I managed to get the flight deck HR yesterday (miracle) on the phone. The lady said that if no email, it means that i passed and that she hopes i will be contacted soon by their joining team. Thats it. She seemed not having That much of information though. Who does then ?

It is a serious situation as this waiting game seriously plays with your daily life and plans. I just hope that something will come up at the end of the day and that all the hopes won't go in vain.

Applied for NTSO.

FL123 30th May 2012 08:06

I don't know when they will start calling us. Seriously--- its been really long :ugh::ugh::ugh::ugh:

postern 30th May 2012 09:29

Casablanca.....join date is mid August.

upwhereIbelong 30th May 2012 17:12

just my 50 cents
@poster _Congrats mate ,me still wait on join date .

@Ito _-i feel what u go trough,if I arrive in doha and u still have no news I will go to he and ask.

Keep the faith,it took 4 months for me to get good news ,then 4 weeks contract . Now wait for join date


RK303 30th May 2012 20:19

You have to find something else...otherwise this forum will keep you alert with hopes&rumors until you crash your life.

From a reliable source: They are not focusing on SO at all but on the training of the Spanair guys which is longer than expected.I thought there were some advantages for QR to hire wannabes but clearly at this time they are looking for experienced pilots plus this broken market will keep a constant flow of applicants.It may change in the futur, but don't be dependant of this. Keep searching hardly an alternate.

mamamia 31st May 2012 06:35

Qatar airways taking dec from a320 and emprear to b777

Shooting_Star 31st May 2012 07:23

Anyone has the number of HR Flightdeck? Please PM :sad:

Shaggy330 31st May 2012 09:02

Can some help me understand this? Two weeks ago I received the "Good News" email saying 6 weeks to fleet allocation, etc.

Today I received a request for additional details, references, etc. This seems odd to me. I thought the selection process was competed.

Any thoughts?

Gregling 31st May 2012 09:07

It is. But they may need more information about your licences to be able to send you the contract. Or they lost infos, it can happen when you deal with hundreds of pilots. If you had the "good news" the process is over, the next step is the contract.

Shaggy330 31st May 2012 09:20

They were looking for two professional references. Like you, I believed that the "good news" letter meant exactly that, "process over, waiting for contract". In fact, I made a few lifestyle adjustments, etc, in anticipation of that contract arriving in the next few months. Have to say, I'm really concerned right now.

Gregling 31st May 2012 09:34

From my point of view, the professionnal references are asked for "security reasons", in case they contact your reference to see if you're not "faking" anything, and to have more informations about your personnality or something. I wouldn't worry.

Shaggy330 31st May 2012 09:41

I'm not worried about the references or faking; nothing like that at all. I'm just confused that this is the sort of thing that would normally have been done prior to the "happy news" email. I just seems odd to me that it's happening AFTER that letter was sent.

Gregling 31st May 2012 09:45

I agree it should have been asked during the interview, but this is Qatar Airways, a lot of odd things happening out there :hmm:.

Stick35 31st May 2012 18:00

I think i will give up on this one. After all, there also other companies out there.
With the current climate, i think i have to wait at least 1 more year for an invitation from qr.

Cat3BNoDH 31st May 2012 18:51

GOOD NEWS means that you passed the PSP (pilot selection program: theoretical test, personal interview and simulstor assessment), anything more than that. Now its time to check your documentation, references and records to send an offer of employment ( not a contract ).
I think you should be pretty happy... Other guys in the same situation as yours didn't receive any further contact from QR since the "good news" email.

Nice landings

Shaggy330 1st Jun 2012 00:02

Agreed. I think I was lead a little astray by the popular opinions that once the "Good News" letter arrived that all was complete. What you say makes perfect sense, and as you say, the additional contact should be encouraging.

ironbutt57 1st Jun 2012 12:05

Qatar airways taking dec from a320 and emprear to b777

Interesting, what were they flying prior to EMB/320??

howitzer 2nd Jun 2012 21:39

Forgive my ignorance, this may have been answered already somewhere.

In the payscales i've seen they indicate FO and SFO. Is the FO scale for those who are joining as fast track SO's and the SFO is for people who join as DEFOs?


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