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perritopiloto 23rd Aug 2011 17:21

Thanks indeed for all your replies.
Really helpful.
First of all, will try to get an assessm. Then will try to pass it

aviator_sultan 23rd Aug 2011 17:58

guys what if in your ticket arrangement email it only says interview and sim as a Second Officer? or did it say interview and sim only in all of your ticket arrangement emails ?

thank you

gdukkoq 23rd Aug 2011 22:35

Do you fly economy or business to the interview. And what hotel do candidates usually stay?

jamieboy 24th Aug 2011 03:11

Having just looked at flight global jobs I see that Qatar are using a recruitment agency to obtain (aero personnel) pilots. My offer of employment bond is 3 years and having to pay for 18 months 5500 riyals out my salary whereas the agent is offering bond of 2 years and no mention of the reduced salary. Anybody else care to comment?

Capt Krunch 24th Aug 2011 05:50

First off
PozativeR8 figures are quite accurate and i would also say on the conservative side. The selection process not a walk in the park, you must be well studied or you will be going home just as soon as you arrive.

Do QR provide laptop for new joiners with cbt and company manual included?
NO, your responsible to make sure you have the tools to accommodate.. (i.e. your own laptop)

Do you fly economy or business to the interview. And what hotel do candidates usually stay?
Business class usually, hotel are dependent on hotel space available in the country, but these days it's usually the Qatar Airways Oryx Rotana Hotel. it also could be anywhere in the city, Marriott, Ramada, Sheraton.. etc..etc.. it's not a big city and transport will be arranged so it does not matter where you stay.

Dream Driver 24th Aug 2011 09:06

What?? No company iPad provided :rolleyes:

Black Pudding 24th Aug 2011 11:20

Lion Air LOL

Dream Driver 24th Aug 2011 11:22

Yeah, but you get 1500QR to fill the tank of your porsche ;)

I'm gonna apply to Lion air as well, after paying for a TR and paying to fly, they offer you an iPod, after a year, if you have not been sick :ugh: :} .

More serious stuff, it's getting worse than driving on the road: China investigates tiff between Juneyao, Qatar airlines -- Shanghai Daily | ???? -- English Window to China New

DD :cool:

SkyMan2011 24th Aug 2011 16:31

Good luck and enjoy your Ipod!!!

Dream Driver 24th Aug 2011 18:35

SkyMan2011 you must be very,VERY tired :ooh:

RoyBoy20 25th Aug 2011 00:05


Considering to apply for an F/O position. Current on the A320 for a loco in Europe and would be interested in joining however wouldn't bother making the move to fly the A320 again! Is there any chance to get on the A330/777?


Obbie 25th Aug 2011 00:33

You are typed on a airplane they operate and it is very under staffed.

What do you think ?:ok:

Miguel. 25th Aug 2011 03:18

Royboy - think they should be able to slot you onto the A380 program.

Longhaul aircrafts, company iPad sshhh.....

Miguel. 25th Aug 2011 03:20

FYI I am A320 fleet and left BA to come here. There are many many hard working FO and Capts on A320 fleet waiting for upgrade. You may need to try EK.

flyforfood1 25th Aug 2011 15:14

I am A320 fleet and left BA to come here.
WHAT! :ugh::ugh::ugh:

SAND BALLS OF FIRE 25th Aug 2011 15:26

"I am A320 fleet and left BA to come here."
look up in the dictionary, that's the new definition for beeing st#$$%d!!!!
no ofence:E

vserian 25th Aug 2011 17:14

Why is he stupid? its his choice

Miguel. 25th Aug 2011 17:18

The grass always appears greener on the other side.

Balls of fire, it is my choice. You may feel it's stupid considering it maybe where you wish to be, being an old boy.

SkyMan2011 25th Aug 2011 18:44

Dont worry Miguel. everyone here has oun desires and needs.
The right choice for me couldnīt be yours.
Everyone has one point of view, and usually can be different from others.
There are a lot of reasons for a professional pilot leave his actual company and move to another around the world, eg. security, life style, family, roster, carrer growth, money, etc.
Once divert, never look back.
I donīt think you are stupid.
You did your choice and I wish you be happy about it. Thats the matter!

Non Zero 25th Aug 2011 19:46

Hey look it in this way ... he is getting a very good retirement salary from BA, when you try to quantify 'very good' at least double it ... and he is getting the peanuts (compare to a BA retirement pay-check) for his grandsons Christmas presents!

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