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Babyshoes 5th Jun 2012 13:41

Not true, they are, They look at the hrs. and your experience along with age.

GgW 5th Jun 2012 14:00

Word on the street is that QR have the 700 they need for this year so i'd expect recruitment to slow.
Lets do the maths.
Let say Qatar Airways have interviewed every week for the first 6 months this year. ( I know its not the end of June yet, but might have been invited pilots until then.) That's 26 weeks times 5 days of interviews. It give a total of 130 assesment days. Lets use an average of 8 candidates per day. Thats a total of 1040 pilots been interviewed. If 75% of them where sucessful, all 8 of us passed on my interview day, then we get 780 plus the 18 CTC cadets and plus 150 Spanair pilots to a grand total of 948. This figure does not include last years candidates.
I would be surprised if any body gets called for a interview in the 2nd half of this year. Unless you are type rated or a Qatari or a CTC [email protected] you will be very very lucky to get a invite to Doha this year. Over.

Disclaimer: I have known to be wrong in the past.:E

inner 5th Jun 2012 14:02

So if i understand well, im 35 and 2000 on corporate jet, but im too old for them???

Babyshoes 5th Jun 2012 14:06

This is the hard part waiting it out, I will happen,

RK303 5th Jun 2012 16:41

Ok, if QR hired his +/- 1000 pilots this year, does all those pilots landed in Doha?

If not, what is approximatively the pourcentage of this number representing the pilots currently waiting at home for further informations from QR(yes/no email, contract, doj etc) .

Basically, does all the people who’ve been interviewed until now and haven’t received the negative e-mail included in this number?

supersonic75 5th Jun 2012 17:25

age VS experience
@inner : dont worry man i dont think they look at (age VS experience) im just like you : 35 y.o ( f.o ) and have about 2000 hrs ( corporate ) and got invited ,interviewd , passed , offered a320 fleet and now just waiting for the (date of join - email) .

flyer79 5th Jun 2012 17:42

Work Visa
Hi guys,

Just a quick question. After receiving your letter of employment and later on your DOJ. How long will it take before issuing a work visa by Qatari immigration.
I was told about 3 weeks but it's been longer now. Any worries to have about the delay, (denial....). Just for records, have no history of criminal records.
I'm worried cos I already resigned from my company, given my DOJ is in mid July.
Tried to call but no answer.

Thanks guys and good luck to all of you, (waiting or applying).

Tinga 5th Jun 2012 18:20

Work Visa
Flyer 79,
I know how you must feel. Scary to give up everything and be at the mercy of Qatari Immigration right? I have been advised by my contact @ HR that the work visa could take from 3 weeks (shortest) to six weeks (longest). As long as you are anywhere in between those two time periods, you should be ok. It also does depend on what county you are coming from. Some countries require more time than others to process. Hope this helps. I am scheduled to start around the same time as you are. What fleet are you on?

Cat3BNoDH 5th Jun 2012 18:35

flyer 79
According to my joining coordinator the work visa is now taking more than one month.
Even for my case (I'm from one of the 33 countries with an visa emission agreement with Qatar).
So you should be receiving or own in a week or two.

Nice landings

speedhold 5th Jun 2012 19:33

after signing contract
Hi guys need help

I submitted scanned copy of my passport and also the contract with my DOJ . within a few hours i got an email saying that they confirmed my email.
The list of documents they give am I suppose to do that now or do I wait for my visa and conformation on my DOJ.
Also ive seen the post on here where I can get my FAA ATP license validated through a link that I can send to my joining coordinator but I cant seem to find it . can anyone help

luvly jubbly 5th Jun 2012 20:09

Tinga posted it here:



Airmann 5th Jun 2012 20:47

Calm down, you will get your ticket and your visa the day before you are supposed to travel, which is usually one or two days before your joining date. You will then start the processs for a permenant visa once you get to Qatar, and that will take around 3 weeks.

speedhold 5th Jun 2012 20:57

@ luly jubly thanks mate

spanner the cat 5th Jun 2012 22:57

Not sure how they're doing number wise against target. If, as posted above, 1050ish people have been interviewed then they will probably still not have more than half their requirement filled. I thought the pass rate through the procedure was somewhat less than than 50%. You can do the sums. If recruits are hanging around prior to training it's likely to be down to a lack of training slots, 6 months from joining to final line check was a good average for guys joining about 2 years ago.

I was also contacted very recently about by an agency looking for type rated 777 F/Os for a middle eastern carrier. It wasn't EK nor EY. Hmmmmmm. :oh:


flyer79 6th Jun 2012 05:42

Hi Tinga,

Thanks for your reply and all the others. Indeed not easy to leave everything (an airline job) for just a promise of employment. Once I leave my company, there's no point of return, they made it clear. That's why I'm worried but trying to stay positive because i don't see any reason why my visa shouldn't be approved.
I am rostered to sart July the 19th, on A320. Probably, (hopefully) we meet there.

Again thanks Dude and good luck to you and all the lads waiting.

Zakary 6th Jun 2012 07:53

I got the letter on may 21 too, waiting for DOJ .. B777 FO

sqn012 6th Jun 2012 08:49

hi guys,

I've been reading this discussion for some months now and I thank all of those who gave me answers to my questions.

flying since 1990 (ex-fighter)
full ATPL

In order to give you also some feedback, here is my personal timeline :

- online registration : OCT 2011
- invitation for selection : end of jan 2012
- selection : feb 2012
- good news : march 2012
- employment letter : april 2012

still waiting for DOJ ...

a friend of mine received his employement letter at the same time (april). However his DOJ is 24th of june. I think due to the fact that he is type rated (A320).

The spanair guys (more than 100) have been recruited recently and seem to give a huge workload to the HR dept. They all come in front of the queue. Makes sense, they are fully type rated and well experienced, whereas many of us are not type rated (I guess).

When I did my selection, many guys around me were unemployed or about to become so (I am...). Having more than 100 experienced A320 pilots (DEC included of course), is a very good opportunity for QR. They can't miss it. And that's why (I think) there is now some delays.

Being unemployed with 3 kids, I just hope that they will call me in the newt few months. Life is tough.

I have learnt to be patient with QR ...

If some of you guys are in my case (emp letter april, waiting for DOJ), I'll appreciate to be in touch with you => PM me pls

all the best

flyer79 6th Jun 2012 11:11

Letter of employment
Hi Supersonic75,

Sorry for late eply but I am currently flying my last couple of hours with my airline. In fact today is my last day. Hope I won't regret it, if things don't speed up with QA.
Just to answer your question:

Applied: October 2011
Invited: Mid Feb. 2012
Good news: March 2012
Letter of Employment: April 2012
DOJ: April the 30th 2012 for DOJ in July.

Now still waiting for Visa and the rest.

Hope that helps.
Take care and happy landings.
Flyer 79

supersonic75 6th Jun 2012 12:33

@flyer79 : thanks for reply , i wouldnt worry if i were you , as other guys told you the visa could take more time than expected but you will get it at the end if you have a clean record at your home country , but its always better to try again and call your joining coordinator just to make sure everything is ok so far , try calling about 8:00 am qatar local time ( GMT+3 ) it always works for me when i call at that time :) good luck

flyer79 6th Jun 2012 13:02

Thanx for advice mate.

I heard and spoke with some guys on this forum saying better not call or email them, as you bother them. So I follow this policy and let things as they are. From time to time I come on this forum to exchange ideas and have others opinion and thanx to all for your help.

Happy landings

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