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Tinga 4th Apr 2012 14:12

Jan 8 interview, May 27 start date........FTSO. http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ies/thumbs.gif
Hey Triplese7en how long did it take between good news and contract?
What is your fleet assignment?


Mi EASA Su EASA 5th Apr 2012 09:50

The F/O minimum is 1000 on multi-crew, jet. if i have 900hrs now and can reach 1000hrs within 2months, bearing in mind the long application process, can i apply for this position as i will easily have 1000hrs by the point of employment?


AKing 5th Apr 2012 16:04

Qatar Timeline
Hi guys,

I have found the information very informative over the last few months and have decided to add my own. I started the application process in November last year, I received my interview date 10 days later. I then interviewed in late December, got my letter of success at the beginning of Feb, received my letter of offer at the end of March and received my start date yesterday. I am starting at the end of May. The entire process took 6 months from start of application to start date at Qatar.

I found that after the interview, I had to phone Qatar at each stage to follow up on what was happening and then received my answer via email on the same day of the phone call, not to sure if that was just coincidence.

Good luck to all and hopefully we will all meet at Qatar in the near future.

bond737 5th Apr 2012 19:24

Congratulations AKing!


SUK 5th Apr 2012 19:38

Congrats AKING
You said you had to phone Qatar at end of each stage....which number did you use?
I did interview on 10th march and waiting for a response.
All the best n hopefully c u in Doha.....

bond737 5th Apr 2012 20:08


Don't you think its a bit too early to call them up. Check PM.

Good Luck!

Brie 5th Apr 2012 21:55

Somebody down here who also applied 4 or 5 month ago but did not get called for an interview yet? Am i really the only one down here?

Runbamaca 5th Apr 2012 22:00

No you're not! I applied last november and didn't hear about them so far!!:{

DHC-8 5th Apr 2012 22:18

Hello fellow drivers.
No you're not i apply every november of each year sometimes twice a year since 2004 and nothing so far :}, for some people the E.A.T is just
XX:XX Z :{, hang in there guys.

Iver 6th Apr 2012 01:32


Congrats! Were you offered a SO or FO position? Also, how soon do you find out fleet type? Do they offer a fleet when you get the contract or is the fleet allocated closer to training?

Great job coming from the Q400 - give many people hope if they are not already flying 737NG, A320s or bigger. Given that the Q400 is sophisticated and able to fly in difficult weather, it should get more respect than it does thanks to the props.

de facto 6th Apr 2012 01:32


With such a screen name and yourexperience,it seems like strong will is paying off.
Well done!:D

Brie 6th Apr 2012 06:31

Dhc8 and co: perhaps what you can do is deactivate your account and create a new one. I'm afraid otherwise you stay in the never existing loop.

casablanca 6th Apr 2012 07:30

Like was previously mentioned, maybe try applying again.
I had applied and never received any answer for 8 months.
I then reapplied using any agency, Paramount Aviation,(exact same application-only they want you to use a different email) and got called shortly after.

SUK 6th Apr 2012 09:37


I know it's abit too early...ESP from what I have read here so far but a few of the guys I was with have already got the good news.....nothing for me so was wondering if I should call n find out or just wait n c.....

bond737 6th Apr 2012 09:46


Looks like you're going to get good news too! - deduced from the general trend that the more it takes to get your results, the more chances that you make it through.
Good Luck and do let us know!


SUK 6th Apr 2012 09:53

Hoping for the best..
Vl wait 2 weeks then try them up...
Thanks once again for the contact...

Runbamaca 6th Apr 2012 10:15


That's what I did, I applied via agencies as well, they replied that my application was already in good hands directly with QR. I received an email the same day from QR asking me to update my profile on their website. Good!! But this was months ago, and nothing more since. Losing hope:ugh:
Applied as an FO.

MTT 6th Apr 2012 15:53

Applied for F/O mid Dec 2011 (4000hrs F100), screening/interview early March, positive reply 2 weeks later - waiting for contract and fleet info. - relieved as I haven't flown for 2 years:O

Brie 6th Apr 2012 16:29

Good to hear MTT but i don't get it. They must have some criteria. I simply dont get it.:ugh:

MacManiac 7th Apr 2012 09:53

MCC for CPL/Frozen ATPL
how do you answer this question?

HPL Certificate
and what does HPL certificate mean?

Thank you

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