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ITO 28th Mar 2012 08:21

@ lookingsouth

As far as I know, road shows are usually informative sessions. No recruitment/Interviews are conducted. There will be a presentation of the company, of the country...etc

Usually, the persons that conduct these road shows are the same ones that conduct Interviews once you are called in for one in Doha.

goaround737 28th Mar 2012 11:53

Chief Pilot??
Apologies if this has already been posted, ive searched but can only find conflicting and old info. Can anyone advise me who the current Chief Pilot is at Qatar?


casablanca 28th Mar 2012 15:20

My experience with road shows is that they are not super valuable---just informative PR for the airline. The true benefit, I believe is that it may help your application move to the top of the stack. I think it makes sense they would call someone whom they have met and that took the incentive to travel in order to be at their roadshow.

Maybe just a coincidence, but I received an interview invite shortly after attending both times.

av8tordude 28th Mar 2012 16:29

If you have the opportunity to attend a road show, I would highly recommend it. First, any questions you may have can be answered. Two, if you are considering attending a road show event, complete your applicaiton first, so that it greatly increases your chance of be offered an invitation to the interview. I know three people who have been waiting for an invitation to the interview after they attended a road show event.

gdukkoq 29th Mar 2012 09:38

I think someone asked about the chief pilot, but the person in charge of the recruitment is Captain Dusty Miller, he is a great manager, very helpful and friendly. You will see if you get to meet him. I think he does some sim check for candidates sometimes.

upwhereIbelong 29th Mar 2012 12:02

aft now nearly 9 weeks , i got an email that my MCC and ATPL Theory is missing .
In my Country its written on Licence that u hold Atpl Theory credit and that u passed MCC:

So now I have to wait till my rotation is over and sent it to the nice Lady.

She told me very busy ,and that they sometimes have to catch up a lot with candidates which maybe a certificate is missing .

So ITO and all others waiting like me long ,may this is also your case .

SO far no result ....but I hope for best ...why should the bother to ask for this if i was negative???

Cheers ja all ,fingers crossed .

ITO 29th Mar 2012 15:15

Thanks. Will see what will happen :-)

MacManiac 1st Apr 2012 11:50

looking for wise advise!

I have Frozen ATPL(A),CPL/IR,MCC/JOC and at the moment unemployed and just finished registering with "nationals seeking employment" programme provided by the Government in Bahrain. So it will take a while for a vacancy to pop-up.

I was thinking to apply as a cabin crew then maybe forward my Flying details to HR while working diligently! Is that okay? Any comments appreciated!

MacManiac 1st Apr 2012 19:22


This unemployment wagon is spreading like cancer in Bahrain! Many business are leaving, but you never know what tomorrow brings.

By the way, could you elaborate in more detail which assessment GAA conducted??? What was the assessment for! :bored:

MacManiac 1st Apr 2012 21:28

bond737, check PM please

FL123 1st Apr 2012 21:59

@ bond 737
yup mine too!

777-Aviator 1st Apr 2012 22:28

Guys.. I don't want to be the bearer of the bad news, but I suggest that you don't count a lot on getting an invitation from QR for a normal SO position anytime soon! I might be wrong, and I hope I am because this would mean good news for you, but the company is not looking for juniors for the mean time (except Qataris of course) and this is according to my humble source. It might be a little but strong dose of reality, but take it in a positive way and do your best to look for other opportunities with other employers. It's always difficult to get that first job, but you have to try as hard as you can and you will eventually get it. I know for sure that you can find vacancies somewhere in the far east with small companies. It's not the dream job or the dream company, but it's definitely all what you need as a starter. I already know some good guys who have made their way through to major carriers in the region after starting out there in Asia with barely known airline companies! It would take a lot of blood and sweat wherever you get the first job anyway! So keep prospecting and never lose a day without doing something useful to your career advancement!:ok:

ITO 2nd Apr 2012 08:16

And what about the guys that already been to the normal SO interview ? Does that mean that they are going to be put aside/forgotten ?

Tritzo 2nd Apr 2012 08:27

what about normal SO that have the interview passed and have their application on hold for contract and fleet ? i had my interview at the beginning of november and got the "good news" end of january. since then im waiting for a hint from qatar if, and when i could expect to start.

777-Aviator 2nd Apr 2012 09:07

It's ok for those who have been already interviewed and contacted. It's just a waiting game for you folks!:D

I was referring to new fresh applicants in my previous post.

Good luck everybody.

Tritzo 2nd Apr 2012 09:17

thanks man! gives me some hope. what would be great of qatar airways, is an expected time of training, even if its like 6 months to go. but for personal planning, it is nice to know an estimate. +- 1 or 2 months.

MacManiac 2nd Apr 2012 11:31

777-Aviator, there will be SO/Normal Track available between may and july for public. :ok:

777-Aviator 2nd Apr 2012 14:49

MacManiac.. Good to know that! I hope you are sure about it! Where is it going to be held then??

TeeRock 2nd Apr 2012 18:54

Looking at their website, it seems like they've increased their requirements for the Fast Track SO option. I remember them advertising 300 hours of jet time before but it seems they want a minimum of 1500 hours of turboprop now. I wonder if they're swamped with resumes/applicants for the Fast Track option. I wouldn't be surprised.

stakeknife 2nd Apr 2012 19:00

QR hv 20 or so ctc cadets starting type ratings in April so they must be hapoy enough with low houred guys.

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