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hushkit77 22nd May 2011 13:54

On that topic. I was at assessment on 16th may. Does anyone know how long it takes to hear the result?

737hustler 22nd May 2011 18:40

Likely aircraft for new joiners
Can anyone who's recently joined state what aircraft you were assigned to when joining, and what type you previously flew?

I have an assessment coming up and just wondering what aircraft to expect if I miraculously get the job. FYI, I'm 737 rated JAA& FAA, 2000 on type. I'm hoping to change my handle to 777 hustler...:cool:

safelife 22nd May 2011 18:44

Current rule no widebody assigned without previous widebody experience, in dimension of 2000 hrs. Except exceptions ;)

menikos 22nd May 2011 21:43


as far as I know only A320 for the moment for people with your profile no matter if you have NG time, my friend has been offered A320 and have been told that for the moment they only offer A320 position.

dnomyer 22nd May 2011 23:41

they still need pilots on 320 330, and soon more to come on the 777s.
each month there is pilots leaving to other carriers.
and to all boeing guys who gonna have interview with qatar airways, practise how to fly the airbus , most of the time u will be put in 320 or 330 sim for checkride as i,ve heard from others..

Chicken Arrows 24th May 2011 21:27

From the date one applies how long it takes to be called for the screening ?


NY320Capt 30th May 2011 06:23

I just returned from the interview. I feel good about all phases of the interview process. My times are 15k total with 7k pic on -320 and over 3,000 on widebodies as FO. What's the current thought process on a/c assignment for someone like me? If offered the 320 I dont think I'll accept it due to QOL.

Any thoughts are welcome.

For those about to interview the exam questions were all JAR OPS based ACE is excellent prep.

BDD 30th May 2011 09:39

Hi NY320,

You will most likely go onto the 320 as a captain. To get on the 777, or the 330 you have to have at least 1,000 hours wide body PIC time.
That's the latest, but who knows, it could change tomorrow.

Melissa_Bettochi 30th May 2011 22:20

I have a question which I cannot seem to find. I have spent the past few hours on here!! :\

What is the assessment profile for Second Officer interview. Is it, the same as FO and DEC i.e 50 ATPL, Panel interview but no sim check for Second Officer applicants?

Also, what aircraft would a newly joined SO expect to be on?

Thank you thank you for any replies! :)

msian1147 31st May 2011 04:42

tech exam (50 questions), psychometric assessment, interview n a lil bit of sim cx..

expect to be on A320 once joining :)

planeboy_777 31st May 2011 05:12

@ to all QR pilots who gave the written
Are those questions form the JAA (CQB) Centralise Question bank or they make their questions of their own.

because one of my friend said that the questions were dittoed in the QR written(22nd MAY) from the JAA CQB's.

and the other friend of mine who gave the exam on 17th May said that the questions were not from the JAA CQB's
If some one can please tell me which one of them is true.:sad:

msian1147 31st May 2011 08:14


not too sure about it, but Ace helps a lot..and just to make sure u've got everything, better go thru all the ATPL notes again..i never did JAA, mine was UKCAA back in flight school, so it's even tougher for me

Gd Luck!

Melissa_Bettochi 31st May 2011 08:53

Thank you for the reply. :)

I was under the understanding that Second Officer applicants do not have a sim ride. However, if they do - is the sim ride in a A320 sim? Surely the sim instructor will be aware that a newbie pilot has perhaps never handled a Boeing or an Airbus sim before?

Do QA pay for your flight and hotel to go out to Doha?

Are the questions like the JAA exam questions (Bristol bank)? Difficult?

Would love to hear from someone who has undergone the process recently and give pointers to us newbies. :)

Meli :)

z.khalid 31st May 2011 10:11

From what i've heard, in addition to that there would be a maths test, basic physics tests, group interview, and a few other tests.
I myself was emailed and told I would undergo assessment at GAA (Bahrain), so I am not sure if that is a different scheme as those who do the assessment in Qatar.


These friends of yours that underwent the assessment.
Was this for SO position?

Also, for guys that were short listed, i'm just curious as to whether everyone was told they'd undergo assessment at GAA, or was it just the GCC nationals?
Not sure how this works exactly.



Melissa_Bettochi 31st May 2011 10:37

From everything that I have read. I have yet to read the SO assessment consisting of math & physics tests? :confused:


z.khalid 31st May 2011 10:45

@ Meli

Like I said, i'm not sure if everyone was told they would undergo the assessment at GAA, or not.
I am certain that the assessment held at GAA does include a physics and maths test though.

planeboy_777 31st May 2011 12:00

@ Melissa_Bettochi
as far as travelling is concerned
Tickets will be mailed to you (business class):D
Hotel accommodation is free (5 star):D
Food expense will be paid by them
it will be a two day journey.

in short you don't have to drain any penny from your pocket.:=

Melissa_Bettochi 31st May 2011 12:18

Thanks for the clear information. Has anyone recently been through the SO selection? :)

Miguel. 1st Jun 2011 12:58

Anyone invited for the interview and assessment at the end of the month? :D

A-Fly-Girl 1st Jun 2011 13:07

Qatar Executive
Has anyone interviewed for Qatar Executive for the CL604/605?

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