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Gregling 17th Apr 2012 12:21

@ bond737
Considering NTSO who have already applied and passed the interview are still waiting for a contract/start date (9 weeks for me since the good news), I don't think they will reopen recruitment for NTSO in the next few days.

But keep in mind that it is QR. Everything can change in 2 hours. I guess patience is the key with this airline, a lot of surprises coming up I'm sure.

ps : I thought the reason why they weren't giving any start date to NTSO was mainly due to recruitment of SpanAir pilots on A320. But I saw that in January QR was finally giving up SpanAir because of 100 millions euros they had to pay to Catalonia government. Anyone knows better ?

FL123 17th Apr 2012 12:43

And there are also individuals who have given the assessment but are still waiting for a yes/no reply.
so its a good waiting time..... but as said, this is QR ... anything can happen!

Gregling 17th Apr 2012 12:52

I had my assessment on January 12th
good news Feb 19th
still waiting for the rest

ITO 17th Apr 2012 12:59

More than 12 weeks now since Interview NTSO and nothing of nothing. I really wonder how things are going to be knowing that others are waiting for much more than that for the same position. All the excitment I had before and just after the Interview is just being destroyed. If only we knew something, but zip ! how long...6 month...1, 2 years ? :ugh::ugh:

StephanK 17th Apr 2012 13:20

I received an email for the FTSO position a week ago.
...Asking me to resend copies of my licence and proficiency level as sometimes those details are not captured on the application ! :) :D

Hihi argh more waiting buddy ! I really wanna go fly ! :D:ok:

FL123 17th Apr 2012 14:26

@ bond 737
Nope! I am in the same situation as you are in.
Got short listed. Asked to do MCC (done and submitted) and now waiting.

Nieks 17th Apr 2012 15:19

Hi there!

I had my interview on January 12th.
Good news received on February 19th.
Same as greglin!
Still waiting for the offer and start date.
Applied for SO

Gregling 17th Apr 2012 15:31

Check PM mate

Dihaz 17th Apr 2012 15:39

Guys anyone have a sample 777 roster for an FO.

Ive trawled through all the pages and even though there is reference to it I can't find it.

PM me if you'd like.


upwhereIbelong 17th Apr 2012 17:34

just because im bored ...

Application:dunno ,4 years ago or so ....then never actually reapplied
Interview:22nd january

mhhhh ...

asked for MCC and ATPL Theory :22 march
since then ....
NADA !!!!!!

Come on Guys ...give us some response !!!I knew somebody in charge is reading this ....:O

inner 17th Apr 2012 18:11

4 years?????:eek:
My deepest respect for you man.Im waiting 4 month to get invited.:sad:

RK303 18th Apr 2012 06:47

See ITO, there are suddenly guys saying that they had their good news not so long time ago while you’re saying “no” to other very good opportunities.

If QR don’t even gave you a word after your interview, you absolutely don’t know how you’ll be threatened even if you finally land there after maybe so many many months of waiting. Personnally I’m finding this a little bit scary, it seems that there is no “human” notion there or simply that in fact, no news= bad news.
Don’t you think that if QR needs you shall have know it? If I were you, I’ll take this job right away!

victor75 18th Apr 2012 09:01

I don't know why everythings taking so long!! For the Interview ok but 3months to get an answer and now almost 3 months again to get just the formal offer!! crazy no??
If someone could explain me what's the reason I will be glad.

Gregling 18th Apr 2012 09:20

As they warned us during the interview, the waiting time's gonna be long. So continue with your life while waiting. Easy to say I know.

But for NTSO it's more difficult for them to fit us in the program. Our training is longer than the rest of the pilots, and they have to find a Safety pilot for each one of us. Considering they're hiring 700 pilots/year, I can understand NTSOs are not their top priority.

Another (one among others) reason may be that they simply do not need NTSO for the moment, but they're still hiring because of the planes coming up this year. As Akbar Al Baker said, Boeing and Airbus and their severous delays on the deliveries blocked the QR's developpment plans. Once the planes finally fly to Doha, the requirements of other pilots and eventually NTSO will be higher.

Just my point of view ;)

ITO 18th Apr 2012 09:30

@RK303...thanks,but unfortunatelly the offers are gone as I declined them not knowing what was going on with QR. So yah...I sort of did put all my egs in one basket and now...I feel it !

gourm 18th Apr 2012 11:18

Hi guys

A feedback about my assessment last month, exact same as the others said.

Sim assessment on 787 good fun to fly .
Weather given wind NW for 10kt visi ok ceiling 1000ft, 1013QNH
Airport LHR 27R
Take off Flap 5 heavy 170t, V2 145

Level flight
Flap 0 target speed 230kt N1 51% Attitude 3,5°
Flap 5 180kt N1 56% Attitude 3°
flap 30 145kt N1 47% Attitude 2°
Easy peasy

Applied for FO non-type rated, I Received good news 1 month later.
Be careful of your e-mail my good news went straight to the spam box.


IMAGINE. 18th Apr 2012 17:28

hi folks
Has anyone here in this forum passed a second attempt, if so whas there any difference in the assessment? interview-Sim ride?
I screwed up my Sim ride in the A320:ugh: with them late last year and will be re-applying very soon:ouch:


Iver 19th Apr 2012 04:13


Congrats! Any rumours or statements while there on when 787 FO seats will be offered? I realise the first birds arrive this summer. Are the majority of newhires being offered A320?

thib017 19th Apr 2012 08:50

majority of new hires are on the 320 or the A300-600 ... some on the 777.

Skyfree 19th Apr 2012 12:04

First days after arrival to doha
any one who joined recently QR can explain the first steps after arrival to Doha, where is the best place to rent a car? how about the situation with company accomodation? which is the best bank? does the company advance some cash on arrival?

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