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av8tordude 25th Mar 2012 15:42


Its been awhile since anyone posted their interview experience/gouge. I'm sure those who have upcoming interviews would be greatly appreciated if you would post your interview experience/gouge. I had my interview in November and after reading some post dated after January, it seems the simulator evaluation is done in a different aircraft. I and others have posted our interview experience and we hope it helped you to be successful in your goal to get hired. All we ask is you return the favor and post your experience so others can benefit. At the very least, if nothing has change, then you could post "Interview experience as stated."

You can find my interview experience here: http://www.pprune.org/middle-east/28...ml#post6801328

potatowings 25th Mar 2012 19:40


Recently interviewed and it was exactly as you described.

No change as far as I can see.

Except using 787 sim (edited)

drfaust 25th Mar 2012 19:54

Hi guys,

Recently had interview. Passed all and got offerd an A320 position as fast track SO. Fine with me, only thing I'm wondering is, I recently got a 320 rating and am currently doing linetraining at present company (no i did not pay for it). Will they be typerating me again? Would be a bit silly but you never know. Normally it should be an OCC and linetraining, right?

Any info on how ey deal with people like me? When I applied I was non rated, but they took ages to deal with me so this is how it panned out. I was informed I would not be bonded but that's about it.

potatowings 25th Mar 2012 20:04

Hey drfaust,

I don't know the answer, but my guess is you applied for SO as you don't have the time for FO even though you have the rating. I guess you'll be dealt with as a rated SO same way a rated FO would be. OCC as you said followed by their extensive line training for an SO.

Would you care to share the timeframes with me?

How long after interview were you informed of success?
How long did it take to get your formal offer?
How long after interview to start date?

Many thanks


flyer79 26th Mar 2012 13:44

Hi Dudes (Dudettes, im sure there must be)

Just to throw words of my interview and ask some questions.

I interviewed on 25th of Feb and got an email 3 weeks later of acceptance.
To be honest, was quite stunned to got it so fast, after reading how long people have been waiting for. Don t explain it. I applied for F/O with 2000hours of jet time.

In their email they were saying it takes now appointment approval before they send the contract, "in 6 weeks".

Here is my question:
my contract with my current airline ends in May. Don't know if I should sign a new contract, in case QA takes longer than the expected 6 weeks? But then I would have to resign couple of month later when QA will effectively ask me to join. I find it a bit odd to do that to my airline. (They haven t furloughed me when they were doing so with others).

Should I not just terminate my contract and take a break until QA calls me?

Anyone who s been in this situation, please help.

Concerning the interview, it was all the same than av8tordude, except mine was on B787 simulator.

Good luck and patience to all.

Happy landings

perritopiloto 26th Mar 2012 14:33

I'm in similar situation. I do not want to do that to my current employer, but I am on week 10th waiting for contract and no sign of it, so I rather prefer keep on flying as I don't know if my contract will arrive in 5 minutes or 2 months.

spearomic 26th Mar 2012 18:27

Flyer79, I suggest you talk to QR about your situation, they will probably give you some answers, also can't you extend your current job for a few moths instead of signing for a new contract. Because QR will ask you for your availability to start. So if you extend your current contract for (maybe 5 months) you will be than able to join QR without stress.

av8tordude 26th Mar 2012 19:11

Originally Posted by 21-Lancer
One question guys. Considering the normal application progress timeline, when is a candidate supposed to answer this question. I suppose we can exclude the answer given during the panel interview - in case the question is present during this stage.

I'm not sure why the interview panel asks this question. You can give them any date, but that could change. When you received your contract, you must state a Target Joining Date. This date is the earliest date that you can be available to join. They will not assign a training date before your selected joining date.

av8tordude 26th Mar 2012 20:33

Contract = Formal Offer of Employment

subria023 27th Mar 2012 12:15

Flightdeck crew recruitment event

Did anyone go to the 'Open Day' event in South Africa recently? What to expect on the day? Are they just giving the presentation or is it a reception of applications? I am looking forward to attend one in south east Asia early next month so any info will be appreciated.


speedhold 27th Mar 2012 17:44

Qatar after pass email
Hi could anyone that has sent the contract back to qatar tell me what happens next in a timeline format. Ie after knowing fleet and sending the contract detail back to qatar. What happens . How long is that training do they put you up in a hotel just trying to vision how this all works so me and the wife can know what to expect in the coming months .

av8tordude 27th Mar 2012 18:05

Originally Posted by speedhold
Hi could anyone that has sent the contract back to qatar tell me what happens next in a timeline format. Ie after knowing fleet and sending the contract detail back to qatar. What happens .

After you return your signed contract, you should get an email indicating they received your contract. They may or may not confirmed your Target Joining Date. From there you patiently wait.

How long is that training
I was told QR just received two (2) more simulators (1-Doha & 1-Stockholm). Yes they are sending trainees to Stockholm.

do they put you up in a hotel

perritopiloto 27th Mar 2012 18:13

Has anyone received his/her contract recently? If so, rated? Position?
I know patience is a must, but more than 10 weeks for contract is sooo long.

Take care

Hamid_27 27th Mar 2012 19:56

10 weeks for me too :cool:

Black Pudding 27th Mar 2012 20:18

Sim training is taking place in Toulouse, Gatwick and Stockholm

10 weeks ? I suggest you pick up the phone and call them.

perritopiloto 27th Mar 2012 20:31

Black pudding,
I picked the phone up ant they told me to wait for the e-mail.
I told them that it was more than 9 weeks, and the answered me everything was right and should wait for the contract, but they never asked for my name.

I will call them again, but I guess the answer will be the same

Boeing Europe 27th Mar 2012 20:34

Hi Everyone,
From reading previous posts I noticed allot of people being called for interview after 1 month,I applied about 8 weeks ago and I have not heard anything,I applied through paramount because of the fact that they can apparently speed up the application,I have e-mailed paramount and they have replied saying my application is still active the position I applied for was SO fast trtack as I have 950 hrs JET,
Is it worth calling them if so can anyone PM me the number for HR

LookingSouth 27th Mar 2012 20:59

South Asia Road Show
Just curious about the road shows. Are these just information sessions or are they interviews? Is the success rate higher attending these road shows then applying online?

Just wondering if its worth the trip across the pond to attend.


Flytdeck 27th Mar 2012 21:10

Even AFTER arriving here, patience is a must.

More patience required.... large influx of pilots from the Spanair bankruptcy. Suspect this had caused a bit of a bottleneck in the entry process as they hired these very experienced pilots in a group (up to 100?) and they are already in the processing pipeline. This is only an observation, not confirmed.

Add Singapore to the training locations for those on the B777.

For those starting on course, initial housing appears to be at either the Oryx Rotana or Holiday Villas. This is only temporary and they are asking pilots to source their own accommodation within two to six weeks. There are month to month options available, but it may be best to do some initial research on the ground before bringing the family.

LookingSouth 27th Mar 2012 22:12

Good Day

Just wondering about the Qatar Road Show in southern Asia coming in April, 2012. Is this just an information session or are interviews conducted there as well?

Are you more likely to be hired through a road show then applying online?

Thanks ahead of time for your information.

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