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Zakary 7th Apr 2012 13:22

Human Performance and Limitations I think .. JAR holders only
For me I applied aug 2011 as FO called for interview in Feb. got the pass email on Mar. Waitting for fleet allocation ..

chrislikesblue 7th Apr 2012 17:21

Anyone has information about the upcoming roadshows?

bond737 7th Apr 2012 19:46


They would definitely put it up on their website.

DHC-8 7th Apr 2012 23:53

Brie & casa: thanx for the advise guys i tried the email change a year ago and nothing yet thanx anyway and good luck.

Brie 8th Apr 2012 07:50

Dhc8 what is your flight experience? And what did you apply for?

onefoursix 8th Apr 2012 17:38

april interview
I've been invited to attend the interview on the 25th of April.
Anyone else going on the same date?

bond737 8th Apr 2012 17:49


Best of Luck!

Would really help if you kindly share which position you've been invited for - DEC/FO/SOFT/SONT.


onefoursix 8th Apr 2012 17:54

I applied for the f/o position

DHC-8 9th Apr 2012 22:15

Hey Brie, i applied for SOFT with my modest 1700 hrs TT mainely DHC-8. i will try again after my PC next month, what about you mate? c yah guys.:rolleyes:

simmatch 10th Apr 2012 04:28

Did the screening/ interview 3rd week of March in Doha for FO. Patiently waiting. Any one who did their stint during that period got either good news or bad news yet??
Is it true that bad news comes faster than the good one?:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

upwhereIbelong 10th Apr 2012 08:15

:}will let u know ...now on week 10 or 11 ..aft Interview !

victor75 10th Apr 2012 18:08

Hi Guys!

I received the good news after the interview (SO) end of January and since nothing... Someone who could tell me what's going on since I can't join them on the phone?
If somebody got a good phone number don't hesitate to pm me it would be very useful for me because I'm getting a little bit anxious about the waiting time now!

MacManiac 10th Apr 2012 19:44

@victor75, wait till the 20th of this month. You should be alright :ok:

FL123 10th Apr 2012 19:54

@mac maniac
check PM please

ITO 10th Apr 2012 20:03

Why the 20th of this month ?

MacManiac 10th Apr 2012 21:11

@ITO more than 50% of who got their good news waited 12 weeks. And as for VIC he is in his 11th week. Have look at Second Officer thread and correct me if i am wrong. its all guess work but same as forecasting weather :)

KBC 10th Apr 2012 22:58

I've been waiting 12 weeks just to hear something after submitting my online application!! Anyone waiting any longer? I thought 3000 hours of heavy worldwide experience would be a good fit. Cheers.

Runbamaca 10th Apr 2012 23:23

I've been waiting nearly 6 months after submitting now! 4000H+, mainly on jets but no heavy jets experience, only military and GA. Maybe that's the reason why I'm not considered :}

Iver 11th Apr 2012 00:09

I wonder when we will start to hear about people offered 787 FO seats? :D:ok:

Who knows - maybe a few will be offered this summer and early fall as more start to arrive.

inner 11th Apr 2012 04:03

@ runbamaca &kbc: i'm also waiting for an answer after submitting 4 months ago. Have +1000h jet time corporate. Seems they r also not interested. However in that case they should change the requirements on their website. It is misleading i would say then.

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