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inner 22nd Mar 2012 17:33

And if that rumour is really true, dont worry, soon all the kingfischer guys will come.

Doug Neidermeyer 23rd Mar 2012 03:02

Heard one guy who was PNF got the sack when they had a tail strike... Just out the door.
The Deputy Training manager A320 is happy to tell people that they are sacking one crew a week for unstable approaches!
Is that not a failure of the training department management?

Cliff Richard 23rd Mar 2012 08:58

What are the criteria for a stable approach at QR?


cccc 23rd Mar 2012 09:19

Hi all,
Just to inform you all that yesterday (22/03/2012) received the good news after 4 weeks of waiting.
Applied online the end of November, did the interview mid February. Now waiting for the formal offer of employment, which would take about 6 weeks.
Can't wait to start in Doha!

ITO 23rd Mar 2012 09:36

Congrats to everyone that got good news recently, and good luck to us that are still waiting.

inner 23rd Mar 2012 11:29

How are you guys getting an interview?? Applied beginning of dec and so far did not hear anything. Perhaps hiring already rated guys. Gives me a headache. Pffffff

jibba_jabba 23rd Mar 2012 13:35

Just get on with your lives; Keep doing what your doing or looking for other opportunities; dont throw all your eggs in one basket, and writing about it on forums just increases your anxiety.
Nothing happens ubber quick here. If it does then you are lucky. Just be patient :ok:
If you have not heard a rejection within a couple weeks then its a waiting game and your probably in; ok.

StephanK 23rd Mar 2012 14:33

Argh another week gone , no answer :(
6th week ..
Whats going on , nayone received an answer for S/O ?
Life is so boring when you can't get a job to do what you do best ! Fly god damn aeroplanes :s

RK303 23rd Mar 2012 18:00

6 week...:)

StephanK, I applied as SO as well. Me and few people interviewed in Dec. are entering in month 4 without any news and in the same group, few of us have received the good news very quick. You can imagine how pleasant the waiting game can be and the consideration you may feel.

I really hope you to receive the good news quickly but just be ready because it may not happen.

Despite the fact that the guys who were waiting with me are simply starting to seek a job somewhere else I consider myself so lucky to even been interviewed...:rolleyes: so it's ok, I can wait:ok:

pilotguy32 23rd Mar 2012 18:45

Spotted an ad about Storm Mcginley looking for pilots for Qatar. Anyone knows more about this, will they start with temporary contract employees as everybody in europe?

StephanK 23rd Mar 2012 20:15

Well sure i got nothing better to do than wait a bit more.

The thing is all this effort put for the interview, renew A320 T/R , Revise all atpl , but formal clothing for the interview etc....reaching the last stage , this waiting just kills you.
And as there are no jobs for 0 Hour on type pilots , the longer you stay away the more you forget :*
More waiting i guess :ugh:

spearomic 23rd Mar 2012 23:13

Hold tight guys, either you will make it in Qatar if not you will make it somewhere else, aviation is the school of patience, even if some are lucky and get it done very quickly, we must learn to be patient... easier to say than done, but I had my share of failures and waiting before getting the offer from QR.

jibba_jabba 24th Mar 2012 07:41

For gods sake; If you get a jet rating and you have less than 2000Hrs, you are kidding yourself!
Dont want to be harsh, but reading countless posts about SO hiring is really draining. Now, they will always hire F/O over S/O anyday, so all you guys really need to be patient! considering S/O will have to do 200+ sectors, you are not a priority. You will get hired but there was only TWO S/O in the recent intake out of 35. So please realise that they are taking some, but its going to be a wait. (not talking about Fast Track just the S/O positions)
If you want to talk about how long you have waited then the thread here is where you need to go:

PLUS they have their school cadets coming in as S/O and Qataries will always get the position ahead of you.

So please read and go look for a job parachute dropping or ANYTHING to keep yourself current and gaining experience and stop wanting to get into a jet so quick... believe me, you will have more fun doing this while you wait.


RK303 24th Mar 2012 11:20

Jibbi Jabba,
Sorry but weve been interviewed by QR right ? After your interview, you wait for your results. A yes or a No from QR.Because you need to know if you made it or not to move on something else or to expect something from QR in the futur. The time required to wait before you start your training one day doesnt matter at all but you need to know if you made it or not.
This is all we are talking about here no more.Nobody want to bypass any F/O or something like that.
Wilco, for the next posts in the QR Second officer thread.


StephanK 24th Mar 2012 12:05

RK303 thanks for answering to jibba...on my behalf too.

FL123 24th Mar 2012 13:19

@ RK303
:D:D:D :ok:

jibba_jabba 25th Mar 2012 11:48

I understand guys, not personal as such; I understand the frustration of needing to know, but if you have not heard bad news within about 2 weeeks or so then you have a good chance of being accepted.

If you do get a "you passed" email; then you still have to have your position "signed off/finalised" and also have to go to fleet assignment dept. So this all takes time..... this is what I amoungst other on this thread have explained more than once.

Yes, you need to plan your life, but if you expect anything to move quickly or be convienient or smooth then you may be in for a shock. Things work differently here, and this is what people who are not here dont understand untill you get here!

I am not saying that you are trying to move in front of anybody, its the company priority that comes first..... they need CPT, F/O's and the Fast Track S/O....... THEN normal S/O's!
So what I am explaining is that in the order of things, generally you will have to wait longer for an answer than if your a hiring priority. Not trying to put anyone down! Just trying to give you an insight into the workings of this place. :ok:

Also, consider, that once they give you the ok, your now being processed by a large number of dept's..... once again they will not give you a start date untill they have co-ordinated (used loosley) with other dept's for your training scheduals etc. So when you start getting emails then expect the process to happen within about 2-4months from acceptance to start date.

Hope this clarifies for you guys..... Good luck, apply, but dont hold on to one thing....... plenty of people here with alot of experience were on hold files for 2 years+ , so waiting 2 months is nothing special.

assalam alaykum :O

StephanK 25th Mar 2012 12:37

alhamdulillah jibba :ok:

FL123 25th Mar 2012 12:46

@jibba jabba
Now thats a decent way to reply, point taken... :ok:

RK303 25th Mar 2012 14:19

Thank you for this post Jibba:D, you probably ease off the frustation of many guys here:)

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