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qatari001 8th Oct 2011 20:21

JOHN555 wrote: thx TwoTone-7 for reply ,,, but can you please explain what is the different between ID50 and ID90

and even the annual ticket will have less priority then commercial pax:confused:

Difference between ID50 and ID90 is that ID50 has priority over ID90 regardless of Seniority or Position thats it...
Example: A senior Captain traveling on an ID90 and and a Junior FO on a ID50, the junior FO will have priority... So if you know in advance that the flight is almost full and many staff on waiting list and really need to be on that flight, thats the only time worth buying an ID50 as its much more expensive than an ID90 unless if you are guarenteed a jump seat!

Annual ticket has priority over both...
If you book in advance and you re lucky enough to get a confirmed seat in H class then you shoudn t be offloaded for any reason even if its a commercial pax...
But if you are not confirmed but just on sby annual leave, you ll still have priority over ID50 and 90 but not over commercial pax...

Thats what I know from my own experience...

Flightstats 8th Oct 2011 23:18

Joining allowance
Can anyone tell me if one is given any joining allowance when arriving for the induction?

blusky75 8th Oct 2011 23:56

As far i understood u can ask and they will give the first salary in advance and they ll take money from the others following salaries....

330airbus 9th Oct 2011 00:15

Anyone have any idea whether the Medical is done upon arrival, or once current JAA Medical 1 expires?

loc22550 9th Oct 2011 04:07

upon Arrival 330 airbus.
They don't use JAA class I medical here.You do need the QCAA class I.
Flightstats: no joining allowance.

gdukkoq 9th Oct 2011 05:04

The 150kilos allowance is available only on QR network?

330airbus 9th Oct 2011 06:21


Thank you.
Is this done at Future Medical Center?

Gypsy 9th Oct 2011 06:58

Please could someone clear this up for me.

The road show info was that Captains pay was just over QR 31000 p/mth plus the transport allowance. I have since heard of someone joining as a DEC on 11,300 US$ p/mth.

The numbers are not the same and I am guessing the second figure includes all per diems etc based on 'x' hours flying.

I am type rated on the 320 but prefer to get back into longhaul so am just considering the equation at the moment; getting the pay clear would help me.

So what is the definitative 'money in hand' figure on pay day?

777-Aviator 9th Oct 2011 07:54

Hello everybody,

I've asked this question on another thread, but obviously I didn't receive a clear answer.

How much time did it take for you guys since receiving the "you have successfully passed the selection process" email until:

1) You've received the official offer of employment and fleet allocation.
2) Your date of joining.

The reason I'm asking about that is because I need to sort out lots of things before moving to Qatar and I don't want to start finalizing things that I won't have enough time to complete. Also there is a rumour saying that it takes lots of time until the recruitment guys get approvals from the management, and again to arrange for a relevant training course.


eagleeye23 9th Oct 2011 14:38

Thanks a lot airbus330 and patrickr82. I have sent an email to them and just waiting for the answer. You said they have changed the tech exam to 25 Qs but is it still from JAA question bank or some other stuff?

gdukkoq 11th Oct 2011 14:27

this wait is killing me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JOHN555 11th Oct 2011 16:32

Thanks qatari001.....:ok:

SkyMan2011 11th Oct 2011 22:50

I know Iīts really a horible period but you must be patient.
Past the first week and no news, this means goods news!
So just wait that your good news is coming!
Good luck!

gdukkoq 12th Oct 2011 03:17

Thanks a lot, it's been more than 3 weeks, I hope today is gonna be a good day.

DragOverLift 12th Oct 2011 05:40

What do they do during this time? Are your references really contacted, one by one? Anyone an idea?:confused:

SkyMan2011 13th Oct 2011 03:58

They work a lot :)!!!
QR is hiring a lot of guys and there are so many assessments and things to arrange, visas, tickets, hotels, etc... that they simple donīt support so many pilot at the same time.
This is so because we "new applicants" must be patients.
Good luck for you!

gdukkoq 13th Oct 2011 08:13

It soon gonna be 4 weeks without any feedback since the sim... My sim instructor told me they should get back to me within 3 weeks, and if not I should contact them. Well I've been trying to get the pilot recruitment office since yesterday and no one ever pick up the phone... :ugh:

blusky75 13th Oct 2011 13:34

stay relaxed! they will call you, a friend of mine got the call after month and half...

jonbj 13th Oct 2011 16:25

Joining date
Hi, my joining date is set for the end of october (less than 10 days from now). But i still didnt receive neither visa nor travel ticket accomodation info....is it normal??

Capt Krunch 13th Oct 2011 23:47

One thing to keep in mind. The airline is not only rapidly hiring pilots and cabin crew as they have been for years now, but they are also consistently hiring office staff and ground support staff to meet up with expansion rates. Not to mention the numerous daily resignation / terminations to keep up with.
Not only does this put a huge strain on the HR department, but even that department seems to be struggling to hold it's own.
And round and round it goes. No one really knows what's going to happen next.

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