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from BG2CT 6th Apr 2013 13:15

congrtulations supersonic ! i hope more people start getting there DOJ

migair54 6th Apr 2013 17:42

Congrats Supersonic as far as I can see I still have to wait because I did in September... hope to see you there...

I heard that not until 2014 they need to clean the pool and also many people that is sitting in Doha doing nothing with and without TR, getting salary and house and not flying. But this are only rumors...

FMSPEED 6th Apr 2013 20:15

Thanks for the update, i hope they start hiring back through their website soon.:ok:

jayjay340 7th Apr 2013 18:26

I'm glad to see that they are still giving joining dates....congratulations supersonic:ok:, that's also good news for me cause it shows me patience is key!:)http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...cons/laugh.gifhttp://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...cons/laugh.gif

speedhold 7th Apr 2013 21:17

Hi guys I already have my joining date was wandering if anyone tell me when do you normally receive the visa and joining ticket for me and my wife .

Also once I start training can my wife travel out of qatar after getting her initial tourist visa or does she have to wait for the resident permit under my sponsorship


chrislikesblue 7th Apr 2013 22:35

Hello speedhold nice to hear your good news! I have no idea about the visa requirements and procedures about bringing your wife,but my feeling is that it wont be too complicated. The most complicated thing must be the recruitment procedure. I am trying to understand the logic behind this,what would be the average time frame from initial assessment until someone gets a joining date. When did you do your interview and when you got the DOJ letter?

speedhold 8th Apr 2013 00:23

hi there i interviewed feb 29 2012 pass email two weeks later and then in may 2012 signed and returned the contract . got email in feb for start date in aug 2013 . Its all going very slow I think they are trying clear the backlog.

ryanb5005 8th Apr 2013 02:58

Lecm, are you typed?

freddi16 8th Apr 2013 09:16

Hello any rumors when qr Will resume interview for First Officer?


Samolin 8th Apr 2013 11:39

Joining visa
Congrats Speedhold... U will get your visa details about 3 or 4 days before travel. When I joined I told my contact at hr that I will need ticket for my wife and son and they processed that right away. If u r coming from a country where they give visa on arrival then it's easy for your family. Otherwise they will need proper visa prior to arrival.
U will have the proper paperwork to come inti Qatar with a work permit but your family will come in as visitors initially and once u receive your residence permit ( 3-4 weeks) you can change there visit visa to a residence visa under your sponsorship.
Hope the info helps.

speedhold 8th Apr 2013 13:56


thanks for the info . one more question does qatar arrange a ticket from where i live to a qatar network . ie tampa /jfk/doha .or is it only jfk/doha.


casablanca 8th Apr 2013 14:24

Normally the non Qatar sector must be pre-approved.
In my case I said united is cheapest from Bil-iah.
They will normally have you purchase it and reimburse you.
In my particular case they said don't buy it we have a better fare and sent me eticket from bil-den-iah- doh for whole family.

speedhold 8th Apr 2013 16:44

thanks for the info

Non rev 8th Apr 2013 18:43

Speedhold, check your pm.

sandson 9th Apr 2013 04:08

DEC A320
HI, guys, i submitted my online application as DEC for A320 in late Feb and no response from them until now. Do anyone know how much does it get to receive an email from Qatar HR? :ugh:

Obbie 9th Apr 2013 08:13

Perhaps they have evaluated your english already, and found it to be unacceptable.:E

jeanpaul172 9th Apr 2013 14:24

Inhoud toevoegen

speedhold 9th Apr 2013 14:48

non rev check ur pm

sandson 9th Apr 2013 15:48

dec a320
Sorry, some words missing. How long does it take to receive an email from HR?

avs2002ie 9th Apr 2013 17:46

PAT test?
Hi everyone,

I have been invited back to doha to do a PAT assessment. Does anyone have information regarding this test, what exactly it involves?

All i could find on this thread was that it includes psyc test and some one posted a link to a symbioticsltd.com website, that only has a FAST test available. Any links for prep would be nice!

I would appreciate if anyone can shed some light on the test, if it is the same for all positions (i am SO) and how important it really is for new joiners.

Thanks :)

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