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and 12th Feb 2012 00:47

Thanks all for your kind suggestions,I will ck all last pages,actually I've studied everything i could of course,but asking is better than don't.....
I've 2000 on medium jet and i will go for f/o position....

Ve764 12th Feb 2012 05:32

Need A Shot Or Patience
Just wondering if anybody else is feeling like I am. I applied Nov 17 and have not heard anything. I assume it's becoz of the large amounts of applications. How overworked they are in recruiting,but I must ask if you have quality time isn't there a level of priority that comes into play?? I am honored to have 11,240 hours with types on the B757/767,MD11/DC10 and was a Capt on the B757 with 2000 hours,and over 3000 widebody time,yet I have not heard a response at all. I'm sure I am not the only one here that feels the same.No disrespect to my other fellow bretheren that are trying also yet I just wanna know what is the correct approach to handle getting an interview without beiing a pain..Your comments please...Safe flying to all...

Black Pudding 12th Feb 2012 12:36

Ve 764

Do you know if your application is still in the system ?

Did you upload a passport photo with your application ?

You should re apply and make sure you upload ALL the docs it asks for including passprt photo

Ve764 12th Feb 2012 12:58

Yes I Sure Did
Thanx for asking I uploaded my passport medical license and last 3 pages of my logbook.

SAS-A321 12th Feb 2012 13:14

Black Pudding: Where do you see that you will have to upload a passport photo?

I went to check my application and when I accessed it, a message said that there was an unanswered question. "Have you ever been employed by QR before".
I am 110% sure that I answered this question, when I first applied and I have checked my application after that, where it did not show up as unanswered.
Have anyone experienced something similar? Maybe that is why I have not heard from them. :rolleyes:

Black Pudding 12th Feb 2012 13:36

I thought it asked for you to upload docs and one being passport photo, unless it does not now ask for that. Anyone know the answer to this query

Aerodmb 12th Feb 2012 16:14

Does anyone use Paramount for contracting with Qatar? Are they necessary or even provide any "priority" to their applicants?

shazapis 12th Feb 2012 16:17


A friend had a similar problem - apparently he left a tick box unchecked (not sure which one but I can find out) and heard nothing back from QR for months (not even the automated reply that the application was in the system).
A few days ago he went through the application again, paying extra attention to every little detail, and got an immediate reply.

Hope this helps!



inner 12th Feb 2012 16:50


Are you really sure about this? I also applied before the 5th of february and i often signed in, not saying anything. This week i signed in and all of a sudden i get the remark that i forgot something. To be honest i think everytime they post the job at the website they add a new question.
I had this a few months ago even if i got a confirmation letter.

shazapis 12th Feb 2012 17:04


You may be right - I didn't face this issue myself (the whole process went very smoothly in my case) but a friend.

He did tell me about the missing tick box a few days ago (I am sure it was after the 5th of Feb).

It is entirely possible that they've made some changes to their system, as you are suggesting...



pilotcpb 12th Feb 2012 21:33

just got an email today in which QR says they need my original birth certificate. i only have a copy and a replacement may not arrive before i leave for doha.. i am leaving in 5 days!!

mtr 13th Feb 2012 06:59

Birth certificate? I am already in the joining process but they didn't ask me!

Black Pudding 13th Feb 2012 08:35


Congrats on getting the assessment.

Glad you had a good day

I think its really funny you did your sim assessment in the 787 LOL. I can just imagining everyone panicking now thinking "787 oh ****, where am I going to get practice on that"

All you have to do is your best and aviate, navigate and communicate and most important of all, manage.

Just goes to show you never know what to expect proves they are looking for the person firstly and not the pilot.

Best wishes and hope you hear good news.

gjln 13th Feb 2012 12:44

Hi everyone,
Itīs been 6 weeks since the good news and havenīt received anything.
Does anyone know their phone number?

N89032 13th Feb 2012 13:24

HI gjln.. you may phone them on +974444-96749 and ask for the flight Deck recruiting section.. Don't lose your patience.. 6 weeks is still reasonable at least you've got the good news :) good luck


captainng 13th Feb 2012 14:49

uploading documents
hi guys
i am not very computer literate and i cant figure out how to upload my lic and passport copys as my scanned pages are way over the 416kb max.
how have you guys uploaded the docs ie file types etc

regards ng

Hamid_27 13th Feb 2012 16:33

Captainng, try this free PDF converter at dopdf(dot)com.:8

It also has a tutorial for installation and usage on the website.:ok:


Black Pudding 13th Feb 2012 17:07


I put my docs on the floor in a brightly lit room, stood over them with my digital camera, zoomed in and photographed them. I then uploaded the photo's making sure the were in focus. May be better with the flash switched off.

Massi27 13th Feb 2012 19:11

Hi, i still waiting the contract after 10 weeks from the good news. I sent an e-mail 2 weeks ago and they told me that is under process. Do you think that it is better call them or still waiting?

captain.weird 14th Feb 2012 08:14

@changingbases,, why did you deleted your assessment summary!!? I just wanted to save it... damn

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