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inner 8th Feb 2012 07:08

Hi parahawk,

I had the same thing. First i got the confirmation message. Later on, i did an update and submitted again and then i did not get any confirmation. I think it must be the system which is going mad.
So far i c you are not the only one with this problem.

SAS-A321 8th Feb 2012 07:33

I have a slight suspicion that, if you update your application, unless asked by QR to do so, you might go back in line. Can anyone dismiss this?

Che Xindamail 8th Feb 2012 10:24


I don't think you need to worry about that. Expat wives do get jobs here without too much trouble. There is a need for all types of professionals in fast-growing Qatar. The respect issue I find is quite the opposite to what your wife is concerned about. My wife has always been respectfully treated here both by locals and other expats. It seems like women do have a "protected" standing in society, even if they are foreigners (and dressed like foreigners). I definitely don't see the "second class citizen" problem you mention, though I'm sure there are exceptions, so let's hear from others to get a balanced picture.

I must say, in general as foreigners we don't enjoy equal treatment under the law. If your wife has a car accident with a local, she will probably get the blame, regardless of the circumstances. Accept it and let the insurance company handle it. This is a battle you won't win.

Best of luck.

N89032 8th Feb 2012 12:49

Heey Guys,
Just wondering if the recruitment team has been changed or something not normal with it, im aware of the training backlog and lots of pilots are joining but i havent got my offer letter yet. ?

Interview FTSO was 13th of sept
Good news 19th of october
Offer letter supposed to be 4 weeks after the good news but nothing till now, thoug tried to get to the HR office all is thr same answer `your application is being processed`
Have heard also some got their offers n had their interview months after me!

Also if Black pudding can tell me if shall i wait to the FO Minimums which woukd take another 6 months? What r the draw backs to join as FTSO


patagoina 8th Feb 2012 13:50

Interesting Read
I was reading on another site called Cabincrew.com about someones personal experience. It is from the perspective of a FA however, I try to find as much as I can before uprooting and making a major change such as this. A lot of this article will not apply to the pilot group but some will. It is by the author albaker and is called Before Applying for Qatar Airways Posted 02/02/2012 at 08:57

May be worth a read and your time?

potatowings 8th Feb 2012 18:24

Hey all,

Firstly a big thank you to the contributors here. I've been lurking in this forum for a while with my application for QR having gone in early Jan. Guess I have a long wait ahead.

Just found this on flight global, could this be the reason for the latest delays?

Temporary Recruitment Manager with Qatar Airways | 1401330250

parahawk 8th Feb 2012 21:17

tax question
I was talking to my accountant and he said to be careful with the tax exemption status for working abroad-he said it was up to $100,000 and if you were in the use for more than 30 days even while on vacation you lose your tax exemption status. Don't you all get 45 days leave? I also was wondering about the wide body trips as they do have over nights in the USA-do those count?

One of the big factors in taking the job is the extra money you get while over seas-who does your finances and what other loop holes are there you can use? Does your housing allowance/per diem get counted as income?


StephanK 8th Feb 2012 22:39

Could someone give me a bit of help with the forms that need to be completed to QR Interview ?

English Prof. Level: 'I will be checking it with the CAA 2morrow ok"
HPL Certificate: Where do u get that certificate ? Is it necessary ?

Thanks a lot !

menikos 9th Feb 2012 20:25


if you have a frozen ATPL or ATPL JAR licence you are not concerned.

Black Pudding 9th Feb 2012 21:04


You're only a FTSO until your are line checked, so I advise you to get here as soon you can can on get into the training system, simple as that.

KMK 10th Feb 2012 05:12

Joining soon
I got the contract, signed it and waiting for further instruction F/O on a320.
Any idea on the roster for 320. Days off, destinations, overnight, .....
Please advise.... Currently flying 320 in the USA... Looking forward to joining and flying in Qatar....

Thanks in advance for any feedback


Flyingstig 10th Feb 2012 06:14

KMK, check out the thread not a million miles from here
QR A320 Captains roster!!
That will give you a bit of an idea! :ok:

KMK 10th Feb 2012 09:49

Got it! Seems like a lot of work...

Iver 10th Feb 2012 13:32

That is an understatement! You will get to know the region really fast. :eek::ok:

Flyingstig 10th Feb 2012 22:22

Always look on the bright side of life!
You won't have the time, or the energy, to spend any of those riyals,!

and 11th Feb 2012 12:27

Last news from interview
Hi to everybody guys soon i'm gonna have the recruitment process,i wonder if somebody would be so kind to tell me and other i guees interested guys the last questions made at the interview and something about sim......
thank you in advance for any help you will provide

Wish the best

gdukkoq 11th Feb 2012 12:36

AND search!

Black Pudding 11th Feb 2012 13:17


Its in the last 20-30 pages of this thread

Good luck

inner 11th Feb 2012 16:04

.....and i don't understand why you are now triggered to go in action if you already know you r invited. Bit late don't you think???

Koninc01 12th Feb 2012 00:14

Qatar Fleet?
Hi guys

I'm applying for Qatar: I was a FO flying the B737, A320/1 and A310.
Last 12 years as a Captain (flying for a big business aviation company) in the Gulfstream 550 (less than 50 tons....41...!!!). So I'm applying for FO.

Can anyone tell me witch fleet can I expected if joining?


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