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checkthisout 6th Mar 2013 09:58

Talent pool update = big bullshit!
This feels like being treated as the garbage in a dumpyard.

speedhold 6th Mar 2013 11:07

Why did you guys apply under SO ? Is it because of less flight hours .

Tritzo 6th Mar 2013 11:22

The official update for second officers also arrived after the first email.

"At this stage, the manpower plan for 2013/14 does not indicate a requirement for direct entry Second Officers, outside those already in a cadet pilot sponsorship program with Qatar Airways."

The thing is, there are no other pilot jobs for people just out of the school.
No para-ops, no glider towing, no crop flying, almost no instructor flying (at least without experience not). Not even dispatcher or ramp agent jobs around at the moment. Abroad they only hire nationals and don't encourage foreigners to join either. So else than Qatar Airways, which currently does not give any support for us at all, thats about it with the jobs for us out there.
Even Africa Cessna Ops require 500 hrs.

iQatar 6th Mar 2013 11:41

I assume that the second email is for NTSO's. I am a FTSO and did not received a second update. I think its because of the MPL deal with CTC, and also its going to be years before the A320(neo) and A350's arrive.

Tritzo 6th Mar 2013 11:59

Well, it would make sense to first take people out of the talent pool before taking CTC graduates. Then, if you require more people, you have a constant flow of CTC students which are on call and pretrained (by the way, they also have a holding pool themselves and are on call, just not for one airline).

Why invite NTSO for an assessment in the first place if youre not going to hire them?

This whole thing sounds like that Second Officers are mainly not required anymore and that screening them was a huge mistake.

Just be more open to the applicants..

captain.weird 6th Mar 2013 12:13

When will this MPL scheme be opened?

jeanpaul172 6th Mar 2013 12:29

done with qatar
I am done with Qatar Airways and the way they threat people. World's 5 star airline, whatever! They kept me on a line for about 1,5 years just to send me an e-mail that they just don't need me anymore. For me, never Qatar anymore!

jbgood 6th Mar 2013 14:35

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ITO 6th Mar 2013 15:23

I don't know what to think anymore. I didn't receive any update, nor a DOJ, while it says there is no NTSO for this year. They don't answer e-mail when you send them either. Again, it's confusion time...

iQatar 6th Mar 2013 16:16

@ITO. Have you already received a formal offer?

ITO 6th Mar 2013 16:27

Yes I did.

disagreeable 7th Mar 2013 05:53

Geez, your always being negative Disagreeable.... LOL

wow, isnt this what I have been trying to tell you guys!

Sorry to say, but this has been pre-warned to you guys for a fair while now;

You all are in an annoying situation, but sitting around and waiting for QR is only of benefit if you are ACTIVELY looking/persuing other flying jobs.

Yes, you may not have large amounts of experience, but like I ad others have mentioned before, its about starting small and building up the career, not just getting a golden goat jet job.... that goes for guys under 2000 - 3000 hours.! If your lucky and it fits, take it, if you just sit around and BS yourselves about "being positive", "praying to god" or simply just singing the praises in the hopes of sucking up to somebody in QR to give you something, then you are simply not being confident enough to walk away from the offer and look/make your own luck to speak.
I know, financial crisis etc, but you can manage to sit around waiting for QR, you can also put that into other efforts that will actually build your career. I know many of you are doing that and to them, best of luck!
However, if you are expecting an easy ride through aviation, you just learned a valuable lesson....... unless your offer has a starting date on it, you have signed it and are there on day one, then aviation is simply always going to be a gamble..... welcome....... I suggest the low houred guys (especially) read this book:

Good luck.

There is more out there than this place (and the many that leave should have given you the hint)..... one day QR will learn that, but they will learn it quicker if you dont sell your soul standing in line ignoring life and other opportunities waiting for this dusty opportunity.......... then QR may actually be motivated to truely lift its 2 star crew treatment to 5 star.... :ugh:

salamalikum2 7th Mar 2013 07:12

Right on spot disagreeable.!:D

RK303 7th Mar 2013 08:14

OMG…what a disaster…all those updates NTSOs received were a joke?

"At this stage, the manpower plan for 2013/14 does not indicate a requirement for direct entry Second Officers, outside those already in a cadet pilot sponsorship program with Qatar Airways."
The question remain, why QR did interview so many NTSO? However not such a bad new, at least you guys been delivered from another 2 years waiting game. Now people may move on. Oh and… avoid aviation for now …pilots are just suffering too much at this time…

migair54 7th Mar 2013 15:25

So they sent 2 different email to the people in the pool???

In my email the don´t say anything about the FTSO, but they say this.

This update does not differ dramatically from the previous one, as we continue to employ pilots from the talent pool to meet our manpower requirements for 2013/14. To give you some indication of our hiring trends for the coming 12 months, we now have a small requirement for narrow body Captains throughout the year, along with some limited narrow body First Officer requirements toward the end of the year. We have a continuing need for wide body Captains and there could also be a limited requirement for Fast Track Second Officers on our wide body fleet toward the end of the year. It remains our intention to draw the majority of these requirements from the existing talent pool members wherever this is possible.
Our next update will be sent to you in May 2013 and I hope that many of you will begin to receive joining dates for this year between now and then.

Let´s see if it´s true that they start giving DOJ between now and May.

DaCosta 7th Mar 2013 15:35

That is the email that everybody recieved. The NTSO got an extra email telling what somebody already wrote before here.

jeanpaul172 7th Mar 2013 15:42

Indeed, all NTSO´s got a second e-mail which basicly told them:

'Thank you for waiting more than a year, but now it's time for you to move on. Bye bye'

A huge disappointment for those NTSO waiting for the 'Golden Goat'. But.. believe it or not, I actually feel relieved that I now finally can move on.

stealth89 8th Mar 2013 04:56

Instrument rating

All the candidates who are selected for NTSO & FTSO and are waiting in the pool, do you guys have to keep your instrument rating current?
If yes then the hole in the pocket will keep getting bigger in lieu with the recent updates:confused:

checkthisout 8th Mar 2013 09:59

stealth89, if you are serious with that question and also passed the qr selection, then it is no wonder that they abandon so many talent pool ntso.

Global01 8th Mar 2013 10:21

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)
Hello swimmers euhh Sinkers ! Yes QA want you guys to have a Valid IR upon joining with min of 6 months validity, but doesn't mean they wont call you ! Anyway no more NTSO unless you have some big balls in here. I have surrendered after a long long wait, now its time to move on guys ! I know lots of ppl who passed the assessment after me and got their offer letters in DEC and FEB, why ? Because DADDY is a well connected captain at QA etc etc , Good luck to all of us...

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