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FrankAbagnale 29th Dec 2010 07:18

Guys, what are the chances of a guy with bare minimums?
what is the average experience level of guys getting hired :confused:
:ok: thanks in advance

Zarphon 29th Dec 2010 23:29

still waiting
I went in september and I havenīt received any answer, I donīt know If that Is normal, Iīm in the same situation... Cheers

jmc08 30th Dec 2010 12:42

Zarphon chech your pm

Thank you

silverstreak 30th Dec 2010 20:54

QR Ground Staff in Doha

Whats the accommodation like for Senior Staff (Ground staff) in Doha and in general whats the GIG like?

Heard reports that unless you 'agree' to everything, life could be difficult. Dont question what goes on. Keep your mouth shut, just go in and try to do your job...

Iam not one to mouth off, but I dare say I would have ideas, suggestions, my way of doing things and 'debates' at times... Is it a waste of time?

Appreciate any honest feedback people!

topofdescent 3rd Jan 2011 15:16

Hello boys and gals,
Some time ago I received an email that I successfully passed the assessment, but that I have to wait now for the final employment offer.
How long does this waiting take?
Where can I expect to do the TR, equipment? "F/O medium jet experience."
Thanks a lot

msian1147 5th Jan 2011 15:49

40% on basic or the whole thing?

rinku summan 6th Jan 2011 00:13

First Officer
Dear Friends,
I have an interview schedule for Qatar Airways in feb 2011. If anyone can provide me details on the company, interview process and if there are family travel benefits.
Thank You

Jimbo124 6th Jan 2011 05:45

There seems to be nothing in the ACN's. I hope you are right about the payrise, but what is the source of the info?

Dillion19 6th Jan 2011 06:54

40% pay rise?????? :ooh:

Blacksteel7 6th Jan 2011 07:40

The Chief Pilot asked the young Captain,
"And what salary were you looking for?"

The captain said, "In the neighborhood of 700,000 QAR a year, depending on the benefits package."

The CP, "Well, what would you say to a package of 10-weeks vacation, 5days off in the row, full medical and dental, House allowance of 22000 QAR, school allowance of 100000 QAR, retirement fund to 50% of salary, and a company car leased every 2 years - say, a red Land Cruiser?"
The pilot sat up straight and said, "Wow!!! Are you kidding?"

And the Chief said, "Certainly, ...but you started it." :E

mohdyas 6th Jan 2011 07:46

Qatar Airways Selection
Qatar airways is in the process of selection of crew.
Can someone give an idea about their selection process and type of questions asked in written exams and interview. Also what is the pattern of Sim check.

Jimbo124 6th Jan 2011 08:12

Is January an official time of the pay rise? and is 20% the maximum? Why would the crew have to come behind the ground staff doesn't make much sense

Capt Krunch 6th Jan 2011 15:35

Funny.. :D

It's nice to see that we have so many dreamers out there. Follow your dream boys, but realistic, your NOT getting more money next month. For one thing. You can rest assured that no extra money would be approved until fiscal year end, which is March 31st. (also Muslim new year) .

And if you want to dream about a unheard-of 40% increase, I just can't help but laugh. As mentioned in the past, I have been hear nearly a decade and seen money increase from time to time. But they always give somewhere and take from somewhere else, anyone that was around during the last increase knows what I'm talking about.

flyby71 6th Jan 2011 15:53

guys and girls, hot off the press 40% pay rise and a share option on world football inc......all coming in jans pay packet
I think I need some of that **** you're smoking.
Is it available at Lulu's or Carrefoure?

loc22550 7th Jan 2011 04:13

1-One of the factor that justify a salary increase for F.D. crew here is dictated by the resignation rate.
2-On the other hand eventhough conditions are still better with EY,EK,AA..the difference i guess is not big enough to justify a salary increase in Q.R.
3-And as mentioned above (have been here for long time as well),Don't forget that during the last decade we had 3 salary "increase" BUT we lost:
- 3 days leave.
-1500 QR special allowance on 320.
-Overtime payment.
-Days off payment down the route.
-Did you notice that some Schedule block time for some flight has been reduced(another vicious cut) compared to last year for the same period(winter/summer..) eventough the schedule is very tidy and the flight time hasn't change ..off course!(A-320 as far as i known like other a/c don't fly faster compared to last year..!)
-minimum days off is the standard now.
-roster has never stop degrading.
-3% annual increase on the basic unlimited in time has NEVER been in application.(only for the first 5 years)
-Difference between DUTY time and FLIGHT time has never stop increasing (especially on 320..again!)
-Pension fund was just a carrot agitated by the CEO(for a while: ..8..years ago) in front of his donkey's nose..sorry i should say pilot's nose...
4-please stop dreaming or speculating about any increase..there is one golden rule in Q.R...: DON"T believe anything till you'll SEE it with your eyes!
Today i'm just sure of one think: its sunny weather in Doha because i see it!:hmm:

loc22550 7th Jan 2011 08:32

Agree with you on R.N...we like or not the guy but at least lets have the honesty to recognize that he knowns something in aviation and how to teach it.

Jimbo124 7th Jan 2011 09:32

"guys and girls, hot off the press 40% pay rise and a share option on world football inc......all coming in jans pay packet"

"i saw 40% written on some toilet paper that a cleaner was picking up and thought that it was a valid source of info!! moreover i just wanted to see if people really do think that we will ever get a payrise??"

"shyte is the point, i took the 40% out of my arrssee and put it on pprune and some people take it seriously!! we are like pavlovs dogs, one mention of cash increase and we slaver like hungry dogs!"

Is it any wonder that this is confusing, it is obvious that compared to other professions out here and compared to EK and EY that we require a pay rise. When you put a number out and one that sounds high but takes us to Etihad salary, then yes, people myself included fall for it. But I do take offence at being accused of basically being an idiot for assuming you may be well informed. The tone with which you submitted your first post was that of someone who knew what they were talking about and it has supported what many friends have been told in meetings recently. If you have any real information, then great but for sarcastic posts please make a more conscious effort to make your sarcasm obvious!

QR UNITED 2009 7th Jan 2011 11:02

vou vou
There is only one dog in QR and we all know EVERY DOG HAS HIS TIME !

Jimbo124 8th Jan 2011 04:36


Fair point, well made. I guess a sense of humour failure is to blame on this subject!

I think you're right, if it comes then great but no point in dwelling on it and you seem to have heard these rumours long enough to know that nothing will be rushing in. Lets hope the UK/Euro market helps us out!

James T. Kirk 10th Jan 2011 22:01

Thanks guys, interesting thread. I was filling out an application form but having just read the thread I deleted it.

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