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7Q Off 3rd Oct 2011 04:37

Any idea about QR executive Salary and benefits? Tks

The Vicar of Bray 3rd Oct 2011 08:36

Thanks for the advice about just being yourself but a word of warning, don't get to comfortable either. I did the interview and was myself, gave scenarios about situations I have been in and the way I dealt with issues and it seems like I came out as being confrontational, or having a confrontational personality and that is the furthest thing from my personality. After completing the interview, and after being myself and not arrogant or nervous in anyway, also feeling quite confident that I did well and was totally honest, I didn't make it pass the interview. The moral of the story is, as much as you have to be yourself, don't get to comfortable and always remember that they are looking for a specific answer. Being truthful and over relaxed could hurt you in their interview. Seems like you have to tell them what they want to hear and not what you actually did in a situation even if what you did was the appropriate and correct thing to do in the situation that you were in. If it doesn't fit into the QR culture or the way they do things, it will come back to bite you.

blusky75 3rd Oct 2011 09:02

mmm i really dunno, i just answered honestly and gave examples of my working life and i passed. My main concern was about my english, i was quite nervous and didn t speak very well but @ the end i passed....to find what they want it s almost impossible

unlucky 3rd Oct 2011 09:20

Re Hotel villa
Do you know what type of room is offered for the newcomers with experience as First officer./ captain

Any idea of what the their rules are with passports.

VEE TWOO 3rd Oct 2011 11:34

Does anyone actually have an approximate time it might take to get a fleet assignment and actaully moving to doha? once you have passed your interview.

Thanks all

Airlifter 3rd Oct 2011 12:57

Australia Roadshow : Qatar Airways : Oct 4-8
I was forwarded this info from a colleague:


Qatar Airways will be holding Pilots Open Days in Australia in October 2011

Qatar Airways is the national carrier of the State of Qatar. Currently undergoing rapid expansion, Qatar Airways is one of the fastest growing airlines operating one of the youngest fleets in the world, flying to over 100 destinations with over 100 aircraft. Qatar Airways has been named “Airline of the Year” at the annual Skytrax World Airline Awards 2011 for its outstanding inflight product and operational excellence.

Qatar Airways is based in Doha, the fastest growing commercial centre in the Middle East, with an exceptional standard of living. A competitive salary package, great prospects for career progression and the ability to work with over 130 different nationalities make Qatar Airways the first choice for pilots looking to advance their careers in a safe, progressive and economically secure location. None of Qatar Airways' success could have been possible without the hard work of our highly professional pilots. Qatar Airways is committed to an ongoing program of hiring highly motivated professionals to deliver the highest levels of safety and service.

We are currently seeking to employ Captains, First Officers and Fast Track Second Officers who are motivated, have high standards both professionally and personally, and who wish to become part of our continued growth and success. If you would like to be considered to join our culturally diverse Pilot workforce, come and visit us during our open days in Sydney, Australia to find out how you can be part of an award winning journey.

Location: Sydney, Australia
Venue: Novotel Sydney Olympic Park, Parklands Conference Room
Dates: Tuesday, October 4 through Saturday, October 8
Time: 8:00 am

Contact the hotel for further information: 61-2-8762 1111

No appointments necessary - walk-in candidates are welcome.

More info is available on the airline's website:
Pilots & Flight Deck Crew | Qatar Airways Global


21-Lancer 3rd Oct 2011 13:24

Any QR Pilots Open Days in Eastern Europe?
It's such a long [read expensive] way to Australia...

unlucky 3rd Oct 2011 15:41

about 4 weeks after you passed interview you will probably get assigned to a fleet. Bus to bus, Boeing to boeing. Or you could get lucky depends.

Then you have your time to leave your present airline, usually 3months.

Expect to be in doha very soon within 3months of passing interview.

GoAround_Flaps20 3rd Oct 2011 18:52

And if you get a B777 FO position when joining, what will be your fleet at the time of your upgrade? Does everybody make the transition to the LHS seat in the narrow body airbus? Or is it possible to keep flying the big boeing?

Nice & safe flights!

spanner the cat 3rd Oct 2011 21:05


Don't know specifics for 320 but I bid for a block of days off and get a block of days off - generally one a month. Not sure that asking around the 320 guys I know will help as they mostly live in DOH and don't do days off in blocks so they bid differently. Fares are OK and are less than £200 return for business home and economy back. Getting back would certainly be easier to bid for on a wide body (pm me if you want further details)


Passports generally stay with you. You will have to hand it in as part of the resident permit (RP) application, but will get it back after - and keep it, until renewing the RP.

F/Os get an apartment (2or 3 bed depending on whether you have family with you - most probably you'll get a 3 anyway at HV if hat's where you end up)

Capts get a villa.


That is the million dollar question. At the moment upgrades do happen on the 777 which, understandably, causes some angst amongst the 320 captains if they've bid for the 777. At the moment it seems to be about 3-4 years after final line check before you're considered but that is possibly coming down (which is what I'm hoping). Not heard of anyone going to the 320 for a command although whatever you are told may be true at the time you are told but can change (investments do go up and down, etc). There are also total hours / widebody experience / time on type requirements plus sim and line check marks which get considered.

Hope that all helps


unlucky 3rd Oct 2011 23:54

Life in Doha
Is there anybody who can shed some brighter lights on life in doha for single guy on longhaul fleet.

Also very important the rostering and requested days off for longhaul. pls

And i also heard that new joiners have a bond which is over a long period. Does the airline deduct money from your salary from month one or after line check 6months later.

During off days what is there in doha to do or is it possible to go visit other countries, if yes what about exit permit or visa to another country for say 2 days. thks all for your help

pilotcpb 4th Oct 2011 02:03

just completed the QR interview. i passed the written, aced the interview (was my strongest part) and passed the sim. sim was ok, i am not used to airbus, but i didnt do anything stupid and followed the SOPs. hoping to get an offer soon, seems like most guys are waiting about 10 days to hear back??

SkyMan2011 4th Oct 2011 11:13

expect to hear some goods news in 3 weeks.
good kuck! :ok:

unlucky 4th Oct 2011 15:26

Time to reflect after interview
You will hear from them within 21 to 28 days with an offer.
Then you will decide based on that if you join.
What did they tell you about what you will get during the induction day.
Accommadtion, pay, bonus, and so on.

which fleet were you on or are on already?

Flyer1015 4th Oct 2011 17:39

I still don't understand why there is no medical as part of the job interview process. Most majority of expat-hiring carriers, Eva/Emirates/China Air/flyDubai/etc all have a medical exam as a part of the interview, so if you have an issue, it can be addressed and fixed or you can be told too bad. As opposed to QR, I would hate to quit a job, move there, and then find out that you dont meet a certain medical standard of the Qatar CAA. Now that would suck!

FlyingCroc 4th Oct 2011 18:47

"quit a job" :eek:

spanner the cat 4th Oct 2011 21:29

If you hold a current medical you shouldn't have much problem passing a QCAA medical (which is essentially the same as JAR).

There are ways of resolving past issues with medicals (should you have a previous problem). People have been put in touch with the QCAA's consultant medical examiner, who happens to be a Brit, and the issues sorted.


winterinhell 5th Oct 2011 01:12

hi guys..im a newbie here..been reading this thread but forgive me if i missed some post..just wanna cx if there is a union or association representing pilots in QR?
and yea,i know the SO will get 10K,is it all?or will they paid other allowances?
as far i know,SO is FO undertraining,isnt it?
and can someone explain or direct me to a thread that explain how the training process like?

jibba_jabba 5th Oct 2011 08:08

from what I understand unless you have jet time or wide body exp you will go to the A320.

Fast track s/o is about 2-4 months then you are F/O :-)

I would expect that they would get there pound of flesh out of you, but in turn you clock up sectors/hours quick and they pay you well enough.

its an expanding airline so there will be room for movement I would expect.

330airbus 5th Oct 2011 08:15

I was given a Date of Joining today.
How long before that date would we be sent to Doha?
Having been given a Date of Joining Via email with no ticket confirmation yet (as it may still be a LITTLE early), should I assume it is subject to change?

How long after my arrival do they sort most important issues. (ID, Uniforms, etc.)

Thank you..

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