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gdukkoq 28th Sep 2011 22:46

Also nowdays some FO becomes Capt. Before even get SFO if they have sufficient experiences, due to the extension of the company ! So Capt after only 2 years in QR, yes this is true !

patrickr82 29th Sep 2011 00:01

Anyone having a reply problem?
I was invited and accepted an invitation to interview in late October. My spouse will be joining me on this adventure so I have requested specific travel dates. Lets face it....Im in it to win it!...I have had no response.

mxa320 29th Sep 2011 02:16

Howdy Patrick,

They a take quite a while to arrange the dates they took quite long to let me know about the date! Hope it goes well! Good luck from south on I35!

21-Lancer 29th Sep 2011 06:17

Hi Patrick. Let me ask you something: when did you applied and after haow much time did you received the interview invitation.

My situation: initial application for FO in the begining of september, updated document copies uploaded on Sep.27 and now waiting for any reply.
I was just wondering: if they are not accepting my application, will I get at least a rejection letter / email?
Has anybody received such a message?

gdukkoq 29th Sep 2011 06:41

If you were dealing with Ryan O'Connor, this is the problem, he left QR and some of his contacts were not forwarded. I was dealing with him, that's how I found out. lucky enough I switch to someone else in time for my interview.

21-Lancer 29th Sep 2011 07:07

I suppose your answer is for @patrick.
Otherwise, I have no ideea about who I'm dealing with. I think that actually I'm not dealing with anybody right now. As I said before, I have no sign by now from anybody in pilot recruitment team.

one8tee 29th Sep 2011 14:04

Hey Everyone, did the interview approx 3 weeks ago.. thought I'd share my thoughts.

Getting to Doha was fantastic.. Everything runs very smoothly and you are well taken care of. They seem a bit overwhelmed with getting you everything in time for your departure as far as tickets/ visas etc but mine came about two days before my departure.

The time change from anyone in North America is pretty crazy. I basically got two hours of sleep before the interview just from being on the back side of the clock.

The presentation is very well thought out and informative, the head of recruitment is extremely knowledgable and easy to talk to/ listen to. The presentation takes about 30 mins and the rest of the recruitment guys go over documentation with a fine tooth comb, noting questions and irregularities for later.

The 50 question exam isn't rocket science but definetly takes some prep.. they seem to ask questions from all over. For anyone not used to mb instead of inches of merc there are a few general rules of thumb you probably want to remember.. see below.

After the test (we all passed but they don't show you the marks) you are given an interview time and location. Everything is in the hotel you are staying which makes it easy to eat, rest, etc while you wait. I found the scheduling of interviews pretty disorganized- they changed times for people, ran hours late on the latter ones to be interviewed etc. There is some info on this forum about Carl, one of the panel guys.. He definetly is just playing "bad cop" and I'm sure is there mostly to see your reaction to his questions. You can expect definate gruff responises, eye rolling, telling you your answer makes no sense at least once etc. The rest of the guys are all very cordial and take different turns asking different questions, usually randomly and from a list they seem to have.

Sim Eval- Definetly the least impressive part of the interview. First of all they have a predetermined pick up time for everyone even though there can be up to 12 candidates a class. It works out to almost an hour per person when you include sim change over, briefings etc, and you all wait in the sim building for your turn. (keep in mind the interview starts at 8 am, our sim pick up was around 6pm, with sims going until after midnight). Again they seemed very disorganized, our instructor was late and we were all rushed through. The instructor seemed stressed trying to fit us all through and it got worse for the people that went later on in the night. Fatigue was definetly an issue, and the instructor is trying to act as sim operator, pnf, atc and instructor since most of us hadn't flown an A330 before. I honestly found his english difficult to understand, CRM horrible, instructing technique even worse and he had virtually no patience. But hey.. maybe he was just having a bad day.

Hope all this helps.. good luck everyone!

blusky75 29th Sep 2011 15:50

I read that someone had said that the indications to/from in the vor rose mode are strange on airbus!?!? I can say are exactly the same of a cessna or any other airplane.. Arrow for To and nothing for FROM... I fly boeing and didn t have any confusion regarding to/from ... They even set both vors on same frequency....

gdukkoq 29th Sep 2011 16:00

Never flown airbus but I did a few sessions on Flight Simulator, and I was very prepared the day of the sim.

patrickr82 29th Sep 2011 16:16


I applied around the first week of August. Then I was sent a letter requesting more information (photo copies of the last 3 pages of my logbook) Not so easy task to place 9 different documents onto 6 or 7 files. I had to put my best scrap-booking skills to work to make this happen. Just another hoop to jump :ugh:. Then I was sent a invitation at the beginning of September for the late part of October. It just seems that they must be very busy and/or understaffed. I hope this helps.

Any info from guys/ gal's recently visited, please PM me.


clearedfortaxi 29th Sep 2011 16:36

Apologies if this has been covered before, but in the application when it comes to details of flying hours, the PIC(P1) is same as PF? or is it only applicable to folks who have PIC qualification and were designated PIC for that particular flight.

PIC(P1) = CAPTAIN only OR also applicable to F/O when PF
Co-Pilot(P2) = F/O as PM

?????? :8

gdukkoq 29th Sep 2011 17:35

For Qatar Airways P1 only means Captain (or instructor) FO hours are not valid for this. I got that from people in the recrutment team, because I had the same question.

blusky75 29th Sep 2011 18:35

Guys, which are the destinations of the B777?

victor75 29th Sep 2011 20:05

Hi guys!

Anyone got called for an interview November the 3rd by chance? for normal SO.

I still don't know wich sim I will be on and I am a bit scarred of it cause I never flew (just the mcc on 737) A320/330.

jonbj 30th Sep 2011 00:54

Expect 330 for 90%, a Takeoff from LHR rwy 27, intercept radial xxx from london inbound or outbound...then vectors for downwind and visual approach. Second TO, a non-normal situation...Checklists, communication, brief your intention, vectors ils raw data. DO NOT forget....outside ils windows or not stabilized at the target height (1000ft agl for qr) GO AROUND! Be prepared. Hope it will help you.

imnotwhoyouthinkiam 30th Sep 2011 03:32

^ I'm not 100% sure but I don't think normal SOs are getting that sim ride. Maybe a candidate can confirm this.

gdukkoq 30th Sep 2011 05:27

Captain's profile include vor tracking, FO and SO not, only heading interceptions. And everyone gets APU unextinguishable fire on the last approach. They don't give engine failure anymore! Usually A330 and A320. Almst never 777. Heard some SO did it in the 737...

gdukkoq 30th Sep 2011 05:30

If you do the sim in Doha it will be Airbus. For SO invited in Bahrain could be anything else.

WELCO 30th Sep 2011 12:46

In Bahrain, it's most likely an A320 sim.

blusky75 30th Sep 2011 15:31

hi guys, can someone tell me how long is the line training on B777 for FO? how many legs?


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