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speedhold 28th Feb 2013 12:01

Thanks everyone appreciate the info
@ito yes they do answer my emails after getting my joining date before that it usually takes around a week or two but now its right away or the next day

ITO 28th Feb 2013 13:00

So now, they confirmed the 11 aug as being your official DOJ ?

disagreeable 28th Feb 2013 13:07

Not to sure on the details of that Beyblade; however, something is going on.

Nut its very easy for things to be covered up here.... very hush hush just like the murders at Ain Kahlid a little whiles ago...... diidnt even make the papers.... typical. (if you dont know about it, then I am not going to elaborate on here).

Just be aware, that if things were not "positive" news events etc etc, then dont expect it to get out fast unless somebody with balls who knows the details makes it public. sad fact about this place.

PilotofDoha, yes you got that one right with the kg allowance, more factual postings like that and i'll actually consider you helpful; lol :ok: :-)

jeanpaul172 28th Feb 2013 14:30

February Update
It has been a complete JOKE that Qatar Airways NEVER manages to send the updates on time. They promise us November, we get it in December, they promise us July, we get it in August.. They tell us 'Our next planned update will be in February 2013' and on the last day of February..nothing has arrived once again. It's becoming a JOKE! :ugh::mad:

speedhold 28th Feb 2013 15:54

Are none type direct enrty F/O or second officer are u current flying and current

geronimoapache 28th Feb 2013 17:30

Disagreeable, I am confused :confused:, did you say one can sponsor his wife immediately or only once he has his RP?
Also, what kind of timeframe for training on wide body one can expect? And roughly whats involved, company ground courses, type rating, sims, etc.
Lastly, murders in Ein Kahlid? :ooh: Its not that big of a compound, is it? I will be bringing small kids...

Gypsy King 28th Feb 2013 18:25

Up grade?? 777-787
Hi, I am new here but want to ask any 777 guys...

I tried to make new thread but somehow it doesn't work. So here I am!

Anyone here is keen to share some thoughts regarding 777-787 upgrade...

Should I do it or not...??

What is the hidden cost?


speedhold 28th Feb 2013 19:42

Hey geronimoapche

What kind of experience do u have are u nontype first officer or captain
When are you starting

airwjo 1st Mar 2013 03:29

Well all the same
I haven't been visiting long time but looks all the same

Rumors about a murder in Doha committed by a qr pilot - as usual nobody comments, as usual put under the carpet

Now everybody has to do an aptitude test, surprisingly and give their actual address

Well qr was the first airline, where I'd didnt do a psycho test, will be interesting with what they come up now

Rumors about housing allowance increase, believe it when u have it on your pay check

And don't forget, the csd/cs is the boss of the aircraft, do not interfere, otherwise u r out

Training upside down because of 787 grounding, cannot blame them actually, all plans crossed.

Rents increasing in Doha again, what to do, like our beloved fellows say

Newspaper announcing 3 per cent inflation, what a non sense, prices went up a lot, especially for schools and food, but no the country is so shiny, 5 star, just log on in www.********.com it couldn't be simpler

Alliance card was the best we had, now look at the new terms and conditions

And not to forget, your annual leave ticket is not that really confirmed anymore, if the aircraft is overbooked, you have lost

Good luck to all


80-87 1st Mar 2013 03:45

Changing Times....

Now everybody has to do an aptitude test, surprisingly and give their actual address
Well, if you aren't crazy before you come here, a few months of having to deal with this operation will!

80-87 1st Mar 2013 03:48


Rumors about a murder in Doha committed from a qr pilot
Not a rumor. Happened last year.

airwjo 1st Mar 2013 03:58


Jeap u r right, after some time, maybe u need some test

Some people need anyway one, whom, I do not comment

Am here long time, some things do not bother me anymore, if they don't want, I don't want, easy, part a is ruling, and what ever anybody tells otherwise, just show it to me, where it is written, that's it, then I believe it, otherwise f*** off.

What to do, most of them, especially in the office, had never a proper management course. So what do u expect?

From this murder I heard some days ago

As I said, as usual put under the carpet, like everything in this country.


salamalikum2 1st Mar 2013 05:34

Right on spot Airwjo...:D:D

gourm 1st Mar 2013 05:36

Just to share the info I have.

I called the recruitment office the other day.
She told me that she was about to receive the training plan for the autumn 2013.
Then they will start calling people according to date of the initial interview and so onÖ
I donít know if everyone is concern. But at least Non Rated FO are required.

Best of luck

samjetblaster 1st Mar 2013 05:43

Confirmed booking? This is happen when there are too many cheap Pilots on the market and accept anything they get.What do u expect??After all No shortage of prost**** in the market and these days Pilots take all the sh*T given to them by pen pushers.:sad:

disagreeable 1st Mar 2013 06:26

This is one of the best pages on this thread!
+1 :ok:

Nice to see that many others know the reality of this place! :}

The Housing allowance is just a rumour! if they increase the housing allowance then the company housing people will feel left out! So if anything it will be a base salary or extra payment , and then they can remove it at any time.

BUT, if the housing allowance or base salary goes up, so will the rents!!!! U better believe it!

Yes its not as cheap as everyone thinks here. Some things are cheap but where you save is on the Fuel price (27c ltre), no tax (mostly), rent (mostly because of allowance), and taxi's. Thats it.

geronimoapache 1st Mar 2013 08:09

Speedhold, I have 6th+, heavy, starting spring, FO, waiting like most for a year.

Who did the QR pilot murder?

Disageeable, any chance answering my previous questions? Thanks.

rainbow-wings 1st Mar 2013 09:19

dear friend ,

i would like to take a advise from you, i passed the selection in jun 2012 and im in ht etalent pool. waiting to hear end of feb update. presently im not working but yesterday i got a job offer on a learjet to fly vip in middle east. but i have to sign the contract. my priority is qatar becuase its a stable airline and i have benefits for my family. i dont want a situation i get this job and after 2-3 month qatar calls me. what should i do.

speedhold 1st Mar 2013 12:56


Are u on the 320 fo or capt . What I do t understand is on the email I got for aug start it said they dont have any training slots for the a320 . So my question is am I still on the 320 or it will change

speedhold 1st Mar 2013 13:57

Lets see thanks

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