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flyzede 23rd Nov 2010 13:00


I've sent yesterday my application form and got that automatic e-mail telling me that "Regretfully, due to the volume of applications we receive, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interview".

Does anyone know if a A320 type rated pilot holding 1300 hours on type will be easily considered for interview?


test 23rd Nov 2010 14:15

Hello all, I've found a lot of helpful information about the selection process.
However most info is dated from '09 '08 and older....
50 tech questions, interview, sim ride
Does anybody know if it's still the same thing for upcoming invitations?

BritishGuy 25th Nov 2010 18:39

Yeah, am wanting to know the same as the above poster really, so if you have some information, please do share. I'm putting in my papers tomorrow, so will be crossing my fingers.

F14 26th Nov 2010 16:14

Any idea how long to wait for an invitation, I guess with the flight advert. The recruitment department are probably swamped :)

BritishGuy 26th Nov 2010 21:15

Yep - just submitted my papers and I also got the 'regretfully...... only shortlisted candidates will get called' - or something to that effect.

Anybody get called recently? If so, what kind of flight time/experience is competitive?

AirSpeedLow 26th Nov 2010 23:14

Submitted my application 3months ago and was told there would be a 2 month recruitment freeze due to a training backlog or something to that effect. I got an invitation 3weeks ago for early December!

2500hrs B738 and 2800TT


flyzede 2nd Dec 2010 18:26

Anyone who sent the application on the last month got already any answer?
Or for the guys who have already received the answer: when did you send the application?



Blacksteel7 3rd Dec 2010 16:44

Guys the recruitment department is close till 2022. From now on, they are accepting only soccer player application.

non0 3rd Dec 2010 17:38

Guys the recruitment department is close till 2022. From now on, they are accepting only soccer player application.
Nice! What are the requirements and how is the interview process??:)
But this is a very good shoot for Qatar! 12 years to be ready!

onfinal1 4th Dec 2010 00:06

Joining Qatar Airways
Hello , Just looking for some info the people being interviewed...time on type, total time, age? Thanks in advance ....


South Prince 6th Dec 2010 18:37

Hi, anyone can tell about a typical a320 fleet roster? just about to apply and I would appreciate a fair answer having to move with family

loc22550 7th Dec 2010 06:43

South Prince: a Fair and close to the reality answer:according my experience:
(CPT A-320):

A-320 roster:
- 75h../month(150h DUTY time sometime!!)..minimum days off (8..9/month), minimum rest sometime(should say most of the time) beween two night flights including CAT C airport!(can have up to 3 night flghts in a row).
-Alternance of day-time and night time flight.
-We have so far 4 CAT C airport: 320 fleet deserving all of them generously!(most of the time you will see the same face flying to those destinations and not because they bid For!)
-You won't always fly to 5 stars aiports with 5 stars ATC..so you better be vigilant sometime!
-We have a bidding system..if you bid for days off.. they will give you STBY instead...
-As mentioned before most of the good destinations (just a few on A-320 are taken by training flight and/or Training captains!.)
-Not really fair and balanced roster in general IMHO.(especially for CPT i think)
Apart from the A-300,A-320 fleet has probably the worst ratio salary/Duty performed compared to 330/340 and 777 fleet.
-Salary(CPT): ...10.000..U$/month(including flying allowance)+accomodation+school fees.
-So except from the good experience you will build up on A-320 here, i don't see that much positive and exciting facts about 320 roster(compared to other fleet) here in Qatar airways..maybe there are,but i guess there are not that obvious for me...probably there are for the "lucky" one.:bored:


South Prince 7th Dec 2010 11:11

Thanks a lot LOC22550. Let's see how it goes. If assessment will be positive I will PM you.

RoyBoy20 12th Dec 2010 15:00

Hello all

This may be a stupid question, but I am in the process of applying to Qatar and it states on the application that I have to note down my hours by breaking down every aircraft varient I have flown. Since the only multi crew aircraft I have flown is the Airbus A319/320, do I still have to break down the hours between the 319 and 320, or is it ok to enter them as one entry...?


Iver 12th Dec 2010 17:49


loc22550 15th Dec 2010 05:41

Some SAS/Alitalia guys are going back home as well...:}
Some guys leaving to Air Arabia.(the guy conducting the pilot's interview there is an EX Qatar airways A-330 TRE..oops..:}).

loc22550 15th Dec 2010 06:11

When i see my roster, you don't have to be really smart to realise that we ARE short of crew: minimum days off( and still being called by the roster during those days!!,),minimum rest, maximum duty, days off request denied..
A.J has sent a letter(mail) to Training pilots before leaving the office,telling them that he tried his best before leaving the company by proposing a new package (salary increase) for pilots...:rolleyes:

jamieboy 15th Dec 2010 08:13

Has anybody who attended an interview in October had an offer or any other correspondence. Its been 7 weeks and I've still heard nothing?

SMD45 15th Dec 2010 17:46

His opinion on the economy is hardly one to be respected.

Unfortunately I heard the same. I like it how most people here are just hanging on in hope there will be an improvement as pilots leave, but our CEO, being a poisoned dwarf, will prevent any improvement until flights are threatened.

There are plenty of pilots. Want an improvement? Move.

Fubaliera 15th Dec 2010 21:26

Its funny how full flaps is telling everybody to leave so he can get a raise. Why doesnt he move instead. There will be no pay raise, no commuting and Doha a living hell great for camel jockeys, family wimps and Icao -4 level english as a second language speakers. As the UK/Euro guys leave theres load of guys will to come for a free type rating. Dont get your hopes ups.

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