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pilotcpb 6th Feb 2012 20:49


mtr 6th Feb 2012 21:23

CONGRATULATIONS gdukkoq!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Secret 6th Feb 2012 22:31

Hi everyone guys!
Hi to all of you guys, Im new here. I writte to know if there is someone in Spain who is going to go to the interview in March.


gdukkoq 6th Feb 2012 22:33


patagoina 7th Feb 2012 02:46

Flight kit
When you join will you be provided a flight kit? Luggage? Uniforms? Shoes? Thanks

perritopiloto 7th Feb 2012 04:47


Does anyone know if any "special" recruitment for Spanair pilots to be taken?

One third week waiting for the contract.


parahawk 7th Feb 2012 05:39

I just completed the application. I only question one thing about my application-when it asked if I have ever been convicted of a criminal offense. I have a minor misdemeanor so I answered yes-will this disqual me? Not that it matters but I have been at my airline for almost 9 years, served 14 years in the US Army and was a commissioned officer. LOL I guess I will see! I just need to see what the wife has to say about this, has anyone brought their wife to check out the local area/schools/compounds/etc?

Hobbsmeter 7th Feb 2012 05:55


I'd just be as honest as possible and tell them the details about the misdemeanor. Sounds like it occured when you were young (and stupid? lol) Since I assume you have a clean record from then just chalk it up as a learning experience and move on.

I brought my wife with me for the interview. It's been her dream since childhood to visit the M.E. so of course she loved it. And of course I let the recruiter know the Mrs. was on board :ok:

We did some sightseeing/shopping but that's about it. No kids so we're not concerned about school. We've been looking online at places to rent and will most likely consult a realtor once I'm in Doha to help us find a place.

Gypsy 7th Feb 2012 06:50

I am keen on applying but have some personal issues to sort out first.

In the meantime can anyone in the know help with this query please.

I have teenage kids in that important 2 -3 year exam cycle at school and I really do not want to disrupt them by making them move school. I have been thinking of going for the job and commuting when possible, seeing the family in Qatar during the school holidays and taking my leave back with them when they are school which would allow me to maximise 'face time' with family.

Later when the kids go to Uni the wife would join me full time in Qatar etc etc.

I have been told that the QR would disapprove of this and I would not get the job.

Does anyone have experience or knowledge about this please.

Tritzo 7th Feb 2012 10:20

alright, so one more month to go? im in month no. 4 after the interview ^^ this is really taking time. but i hope to recieve some fix news soon :) gz gdukkoq, see you soon

Black Pudding 7th Feb 2012 11:05

Yes, flight case, uniforms and shoes all provided. All you have to bring is a good laptop


What you have described, many pilots already do. Its tough, but not impossible. Qatar are not interested if your family are here or back in your home country. It does not matter to them and is not a problem.

inner 7th Feb 2012 11:56


I don't see why the spanair pilots should be treated exclusively. Many others are in the same position. Back in the queue i would say.

F14 7th Feb 2012 12:02

I'm in the process of joining at the moment. For guys recently arrived or in the know. Any chance of a heads up regarding the Cargo Allowance. I know from the FAQ's and contract that it's 300kg between my wife and I.

I guess they will send further information near to start date, but for planning purposes, How do the practicalities work ? :-

i) Do you have to crate it ? or just drop it off at the cargo shed as boxes/bags like luggage ?

ii)When it arrives in Doha, I guess it goes to the freight shed for customs & collection. Would you have to pay any import duty on stuff like computer etc? do you need original receipts ?

iii) Did anyone use a packing service in the UK recently ? somewhere to recommend for breakables ?

many thanks

skya320 7th Feb 2012 12:56

i) No need to crate it. Strong box will do. It will be similar to unaccompanied
luggages. Ask local QR office for pickup detail.

ii) Once it get to Doha it will be at cargo area. I think that you will receive a
phone call or have to call them to check if it has arrived. You can't clear
your own cargo. Have to hire those agent to do it. There are plenty of
those agents roaming around. Whatever you do don't give them your
paperwork without negotiating price before hand or else you will get rip off
Around 5% import tax for used household item or whatever they feel like
taxing you. Don't even bother about original receipt.


F14 7th Feb 2012 14:26

Many thanks SKYA320:ok:

SIDS N STARS 7th Feb 2012 22:00

I put my application in around mid October. Got the standard response "we'll be in touch within 90 days. If you don't hear from us by within that time you can consider your application unsuccessfull.."

Its now the middle of Feb, I update regularly, 7000TT, 3000 jet >30t, still no response. I have tried ringing them a few times but the calls go to a recorded message or rings out.

I know they're busy, but its been nearly 120 days and i was wondering if someone could PM me an email/phone number or something to find out where my application stands?

nchikowore 8th Feb 2012 00:24

Application confirmation
Hi Guys
This is to the guys who have just sent in their applications....Just submitted my online application but did not get any automated msg to confirm receit like other airlines do, is it different with Qatar or something might have gone wrong? Worried my application may not have gone through.

parahawk 8th Feb 2012 03:32

one of the concerns my wife has is that she thinks that the culture there would make her feel like a second hand citizen and that she does not want to get treated that way. Not to mention she is worried about her being able to work and the fact our kids would see women treated as second class citizens. I do not think it is as bad as she thinks but I may be wrong

parahawk 8th Feb 2012 03:33

oh and I did not get a reply email that my application was received either

Sephore 8th Feb 2012 07:47

Maybe because you are a second class citizen :E

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