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FL123 25th Jun 2012 01:31

check PM

Global01 25th Jun 2012 04:58

Yes Sir !! It isn't from QR, Definitely ....:ok:

FL123: Done, check yours...

casablanca 25th Jun 2012 07:07

Paramount is a recruitment agency that was doing some of the selection for Qatar. They obviously were told their services are not required for the time being. Whether or not this is an indication of anything is to be seen. As I posted several days ago they were supposedly told that recruitment would slow while they concentrate on clearing out the over-filled pool.

slystallone 25th Jun 2012 08:03

Can someone confirm what the staff travel benefits are for your parents and siblings?

Zakary 25th Jun 2012 09:08

The article says that the 450 pilot concerned by this are the ones with more than 25 years service with Air France, and it's a voluntary leave with a prime in the pocket , and it is not immediate , to be achieved by 2015 .....

330airbus 25th Jun 2012 10:54

At the moment, QR are not exactly desperate for Pilots as they were last year.
By the end of this year, when a lot of guys are done training, rosters and things should look better in general.
Even the new NTSO are assigned the 330 due to no space on the 320.
Ofcourse they will need Pilots for a VERY long time, but at the moment I personally don't think they need them urgently..
So nobody will be given 9 months leave. IMO!
Ofcourse anything could happen.

Yes benefits for parents, siblings, and extended family.
There is a list in the mail. (brother in law, mother in law, etc.)
10 ID50 and or ID90 total.

tali 25th Jun 2012 11:13

SO to 330
Now I wonder why people leave the company..... people with a lot of experience to the 320,, for 3-4 years.... then moving to CAP on the same a320....... 10 years stuck on the a320... WELL DONE QR!!! and they still think why people leave??...

Stick35 25th Jun 2012 11:45

Some have all the bad luck
" At the moment, QR are not exactly desperate for Pilots as they were last year.
By the end of this year, when a lot of guys are done training, rosters and things should look better in general".

Here goes my chance. Always have the odds against me.:{ :suspect:

330airbus 25th Jun 2012 12:13


It is an unfair industry. A lot of things depend on luck, and that applies to almost everywhere.


If you're in the system, you WILL be called.
These were my assumption from what I see, but guys on holding pool will get their chance.
Don't stress it mate.

Iver 25th Jun 2012 12:22


The word on the street is that the shiny, new 787 fleet will be largely crewed by pilots sourced from the A320 fleet. We will see if that actually happens. Potentially 60 787 airframes at QR would require a lot of A320 pilots down the line (of course not all 787 pilots would come from the A320 - but evidently a substantial number - if plans do not "change").

Again, it will be interesting to see how the 787s are crewed.

Global01 25th Jun 2012 18:41

Zakary , 330Airbus
I was just kidding when i said 9 months :)

It's just funny reading these articles about the aviation economy in EU, Bit worrying, No wonder that will reach the middle east few years from now...

captain.weird 25th Jun 2012 21:58

Maybe I need to start my flight training now to make a chance within QR :rolleyes:

Wai Wai 26th Jun 2012 08:54

Qatar executive
Anyone familiar with Qatar Executive who may be able to give insight for someone who is current and qualified on a 605 who is looking to make the jump?

Aviator29a 26th Jun 2012 16:30

Good News
Hallo fellow aviators received my pass email today but they stated that they are
Going to delay my offer of employment and DOJ.They stated that they are putting me in the Flight Deck Pool of Talent. No time frame provided.

Has anyone received such an email? Or is it their standard pass letter.
Please someone give me some info as to the meaning of this.:rolleyes:

chrislikesblue 26th Jun 2012 18:27

B777 sim preparation for assessment
I am interested to do a 2 hours session on a b777 to prepare for an airline assessment. Anyone could recommend a training centre to do this at a reasonable price?

Global01 26th Jun 2012 19:06

Flight deck pool of talent
Anyone ?????????????????????? Your perfomance judges your rank on the list, That's the only explanation i see ....

ryanb5005 26th Jun 2012 19:55

I received my pass email a month ago and today I received the talent pool email. Anyone have any details?

ADY 26th Jun 2012 20:00

When did you apply ryanb5005?

casablanca 26th Jun 2012 20:10

I know someone who interviewed in April, received the pass letter in May and yesterday a similar delay letter. His also said there would be an update at the end of July.
Sounds like they are at least trying to keep track of everyone. I guess at least they acknowledge your in the pool.... Better info than some have received

twapilot1971 26th Jun 2012 21:40

Aviator29a, when did you interview?

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