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chrislikesblue 23rd Feb 2013 08:29

Paper Lad what do you mean 'will apply to all new joiners' ? Does this apply also to all of us swimming in the pool? We will have to do this new assessment?

Sephore 23rd Feb 2013 12:02

Have heard that R.N. has resigned (again) from QR...
Rumor or
As far as I know, reality......

samjetblaster 23rd Feb 2013 12:38

Who is R.N.??:confused:

Captain Partzee 23rd Feb 2013 14:00

Maybe he is going to Abu Dhabi !:}

polax52 23rd Feb 2013 14:40

Do these aptitude tests apply to experienced direct entry Captains?

Paper Lad 23rd Feb 2013 15:26

As I said, "that's all the info I have".

No idea whether it will apply to swimmers. Rumour suggests that if you have swum for a period of one year, then yes it will. Only a rumour though.


salamalikum2 23rd Feb 2013 16:38

Aptitude test for fleet transfer?:confused:

flyer19832007 23rd Feb 2013 17:10

ADAPT (UK) Pilot Selection and Pilot Assessment

That's the website for symbiotics, heard of them a few years back, still no idea what they do or what the tests entail.

CLOUD999 23rd Feb 2013 18:09

Yes that agrees with the info I have been sent and yes it applies to new DEC applicants. I will let you know more about it after my assessment but suffice it to say there is a 50 page handbook explaining the aptitude tests- anybody that has been through the system prior to now thank your lucky stars!

Thanks for the replies

Just when you think you know how many hoops there are somebody finds another few to put in your path- smaller and higher than the others :confused::D

flyer19832007 23rd Feb 2013 19:34

interesting concept...


JCUERVO 23rd Feb 2013 19:38

Mr. R. N. was probably to worried His true colors would show if he were to take this new Apt. Test rather than being able to blame His numerous short comings on others! Rats run first when the ship is sinking...

If He does make the mistake of trying to swim to the closest (UAE) shore, Im sure plenty of X goaters will have their Rat Traps waiting...

Boeing007 23rd Feb 2013 20:14

Aptitude Test
It was inevitable this would happen.
The previous selection process was way too easy, hence the reason a relative high number of incapable people got in causing the numerous delays we are all suffering from at the moment. Everyone got trough, have you guys heard of people failing the selection? Well ok, there are some, but is there any airline with such a high pass rate on the assesments as Qatar?! Someone finally saw this needed to change. From what I heard. Everyone will have to go through this aptitude test, especially those guys (like myself) that have waited for well over a year since the interview. Do I like it, No. Do i think its necessary from the airline's perspective? Absolutely!

DaCosta 23rd Feb 2013 20:35

Boeing007, I agree with you. However, I already saw by myself a lot of incapable pilots pass throught this kind of tests while good ones fail. If that happens the problem will not be solved.

Boeing007 23rd Feb 2013 20:45

In return, I agree with you as well.
I hope they will do a comprehensive interview after the adept test to give people the chance to explain the outcome and comment on it. I also hope that this 'Simbiotic' is a respected company with a good record, something like the DLR and not just a new fix in the market.. Never heard of it...

THRidle 23rd Feb 2013 21:11

I think you will find these tests are "Stand Alone", and by that I mean if you fail, thats it move onto the next candidate. In theory there is no need to explain your answers as the test "proves", you are not suitable for airline employment.

Unfortunately I've seen many a good pilot miss out, while peoplewho have completed courses in these tests ( and have been terrible pilots ) have sailed straight through.

flyer19832007 23rd Feb 2013 21:53

looking at the case studies on the website, they aim to not only assess your aptitude, but also your compatibility with the airline. Which makes sense, so you may in fact have a high aptitude, but not fit the "profile" laid out by the airline, i.e you may indicate laziness in your profile etc , yet someone may have an average aptitude, but would be trainable and fit the specific airline profile.

CLOUD999 24th Feb 2013 07:55

"The team will prepare a report after collecting all the data which will be passed to the airline who will make the final decision"
Hopefully this indicates that QR recruitment will use this report as a tool alongside there own assessment in order to make the final decision. Ie not standalone.

High Energy 24th Feb 2013 08:12

I have been told first hand that this apt test is not a 'pass-or fail' item. They will use it alongside their own selection process to make a 'more informed' decision. It will apply to ALL already in Qatari as well. I.e fleet transfers, upgrades etc.

Tritzo 24th Feb 2013 08:20

Wow, so end of February you get an update telling you to do the aptitude test within the next 4 months. Thereafter youre on waitlist again for a year or more.

I am thrilled by the amount of official information I get. Not.
All this information is only from mouth propaganda again... Which is a good thing that some people post here, but very bad if you look at the company.

I can totally understand that airlines do testing like that, although the psychological side is day-to-day performance and often depends on the mood of the assessors and the profiles the assessment center is based on.

It is a good method to test wether one will have hard time during training or not.
So especially good for people that are not in aviation yet and didnt fly before.

For those who are already flying successfully since years (lets say even a good pilot) - you test them and the test is telling them: youre not that good with your selective visual memory capacity, or your cognitive-psychomotorics test was slighlty under average, whatever actually.
Does that make the (good) pilot a bad pilot because the test is telling them so?

Like said before, there are a lot of good pilots that failed the testings and a lot of bad pilots that have passed.

But now QR installs a new practice to get rid of the number of applicants without probably ever telling them why.
Similar like many european airlines use that method.
I have passed several selection centers and done all sorts of testing so far and this I can tell:
Most, not all, of these tests are there to reduce the huge amount of applications down to a flimsy reason.

In my opinion, there is nothing better than a good simulator screening + debriefing, as well as a board consisting of several pilots that worked for the company for years.

Theory can be retrained, as well as some flying skills (look at Swiss for instance. They make you "redo"/retest your complete ATPL subjects internally before they send you on the type rating + checkflights + company own MCC. But they provide you software and instructions to do so, its not a selection criteria)

THRidle 24th Feb 2013 18:26

I'm sorry High Energy, I don't think an overworked H.R departmant that may have 200 applicants who have past the tests, and maybe 30 or 40 who have failed, will spend time sorting through those who have failed.

Especially when the pile of applicants is getting higher and higher.

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