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menikos 23rd Sep 2011 11:37


regarding wife and kid(s) do they provide tickets right away after you have been hired or you have to go first apply for yourself regarding the immigration and after bring your family etc....

I don't know if it's true but I heart about a guy declining an offer on the A320 and been offered a position on the T7 and on the top of that he's low hours, his hours are on the NG, I doubt but............


Flightstats 23rd Sep 2011 13:53


From what i know you can bring your wife along directly..its you that decides the timing.You will have to bring her in on a visitors visa which is extendable once after which she will have to apply for the residence permit.

I have noticed that all your posts here concern the fleet..so I guess you are worried of ending up on the A320 and want to get the T7 like most people here..
Well maybe this has happened but this is not standard, you take what they offer or you leave it.Things can change at the very last minute or sometimes you get lucky and get a widebody course although you were foreseen for the A320.
There are guys with NG experience on the T7 but they have at least 3000 hrs ...
Only way to find out is to apply and see what you get offered!!!:ok:

flyforfood1 23rd Sep 2011 14:28

You have 12 months from DOJ to bring your wife and kid(s) out on a free ticket, after that you'll have to do it on ID90, the same with cargo 12 months from DOJ.

With regards staff travel its not eligible to family i.e parents/brothers/sisters until after 3 months of DOJ, if your not married you get and ID90 AND ID50 for each of them, if you are married you get an ID90 OR ID50 (so basically only one ticket), this is done per year Jan -> Dec, they are eligible for Business class or Economy.

Oh and your wife's family get nothing! :ugh:

Daft Wader 24th Sep 2011 05:05

To answer "JonBJ"

B777 Capt - F/O is 24 Sectors including FLC

Line Training has a route structure to enable you to cover all bases

If you are TR this I believe is reduced to 14

May the farce be with you

Daft Wader


jonbj 24th Sep 2011 14:35

@D.W thanks mate for your precisions. I appreciate. Fly safe

JOHN555 24th Sep 2011 17:27

Bonus in Qatar Airways
Hello to you all .... I wonder .. does QR pays bonus for pilots :confused::confused::confused:... My friend in the Emirates .. Was paid approximately $ 30,000 per year ..:hmm:

TwoTone-7 24th Sep 2011 19:03

QR had a 20% payrise this year and a small bonus. Not as big a bonus as your friend at EK. Afraid you might need to join him at EK if you're looking for that amount.

krisfar 24th Sep 2011 20:09

Hi guys

What is the quality of the accomodation like?

Is it acceptable/comfortable?


imnotwhoyouthinkiam 24th Sep 2011 20:40

Details in the following thread should answer your questions:


TwoTone-7 24th Sep 2011 20:42

Depends if you're joining as Captain or FO.

jonbj 24th Sep 2011 22:32

I have visited ain khalid gate compound but i've heard that it is full.Do you know any other accomodation for FO ?

menikos 25th Sep 2011 01:33


spot on and you are right after all we are looking for a career even if it's A320 I don't care by the time with all the planes coming if I get the job I might have the opportunity to get the big bird after 2, 3, 4 years it's nothing in a whole career.


loc22550 25th Sep 2011 04:36

JOHN555.....if you want to compare with EK::rolleyes:
This year the "Bonus" is Q.R was..around 2000 U$(two thousand!).:E (for the highest salary scale),

prmpilot 25th Sep 2011 22:11

QR after the interview??
Did the whole thing with 8 others on Sept 13. All of us went through the sim. Any idea of how long they take to get back to you? Going on 2 weeks now....

SkyMan2011 26th Sep 2011 01:14

Be patient and relax my friend!
I did my assessment on September 6th and I'm still waiting for news!
Good luck for us!

PT6A 26th Sep 2011 01:26

My friend did his QR interview on Sept 6, he was contacted by QR on Sept 13th.


prmpilot 26th Sep 2011 02:11


Was he offered the job or declined?

SkyMan2011 26th Sep 2011 02:17

Usually negative news come first up to one week.
They take some time after the assesment day to arrange you in a suitable course.
They said me that I would expect some answer in three weeks.

SkyMan2011 26th Sep 2011 02:20


My friend did his QR interview on Sept 6, he was contacted by QR on Sept 13th.
Where does your friend come from?

blusky75 26th Sep 2011 04:00

I got the positive answer after 8 days...they told me in within 4 weeks i should know fleet and date... Now 10 days have already passed

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