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gdukkoq 4th Jan 2012 17:16

ITO this matter was disscused many times already. To put it very simple unless you have a full ATPL you will need this MCC, nô other way even FO.

ITO 4th Jan 2012 18:25

Thank you very much. I am in fact aware of the previous posts concerning the MCC but wanted to see if specifically any normal SO had the situation and what was the output.

Well, will see what will happen then...

TwoTone-7 4th Jan 2012 19:28

A normal SO in the middle of training was recently identified as not having an mcc. He was sent home and told to get one before training could be resumed.

Hope that helps.

vstrom 4th Jan 2012 19:34

Executive side of flying?
Anyone in the know how of the executive side of Qatar. I understand they 3 Globals and 3 605's. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

RK303 4th Jan 2012 20:41

The mcc is a requirement only for JAA licences. Is that correct?

TwoTone-7 5th Jan 2012 05:49

In regard to mcc - you will find that the QCAA runs on similar lines to UK CAA/ JAA.

VSTROM. What would you like to know?

gdukkoq 5th Jan 2012 06:26

And tomorrow it will be week 13 of wait for fleet allocation and contract. Since all the other FTSO who did their interview at the same time and after already received allocation 320, is it safe to think that the reason behind this long wait is probably a different fleet allocation (not talking about 787 ok!!!)
I have 3300TT full JAA ATPL no long haul experience though...

perrier 5th Jan 2012 09:55

Qatar pilot open days
I plan to attend to the pilot opend days in Rome next week.
I have questions regarding the pilot open days for qatar airways:
How does it work?
do you have to be invited by the company?
Who are the qatar airways stakeholders?
What are the topics discussed during these days?
The fact to be at this open days, does it give more chance to be called for a pilot selection?
Thanks for your help

Black Pudding 5th Jan 2012 11:54


Telephone them and tell them you know others who attended after you are getting start dates ? and aqsk what is happening

gdukkoq 5th Jan 2012 12:12

I called them, they told me it was still processing. They know I am on hold, but I have to wait. Don't know why the others received their contracts and fleet already. Maybe it's the fleet allocation...

Axum 6th Jan 2012 06:46

I am current on 737NG and applied to QR at the end of Nov, but no answer till today.
Is it a normal period for interview invitation or just wasting my time and I should step forward?

inner 6th Jan 2012 10:38

Don't worry. I applied the beginning of december. Also so far nothing for me. But i guess they are very busy so i would not be surprised if it takes another month more.

Does anybody know if u want to update your application, you have to again submit it, or is saving just good enough?

Samolin 6th Jan 2012 13:18

Axum and Inner

It does take about a month and a half to two months before they will get back to you once you meet all the requirements... that the normal timeline.

Right now they are soo backlonged and from what I hear, there are guys in Qatar right now for the past 2 months that are just starting there training. I think it will be an average of 2 months before they get back to you and don't forget all the holidays that came in between when you applied and now...

so just be patient and you will get an answer!
good luck

One9iner 6th Jan 2012 13:42

Can anyone please provide details of the a320 family routes, and specifically which destinations require a stopover?



Che Xindamail 6th Jan 2012 15:50

A320 layovers are in Berlin, Stuttgart, Vienna, Rome, Venice, Milan, Budapest, Sofia, Zurich, Moscow, Entebbe, Nairobi, Dar Es Salaam, Seychelles, Maldives, Colombo, Trivandrum, Cochin, Calicut, Hyderabad, Calcutta and Katmandu. Probably forgot some.

Most layovers are around 24h, some can be 18h (Colombo) and the occasional 30-48h (Berlin, Milan, Rome).

Hotels range from very nice like Budapest, Hyderabad and Calcutta to bad like Calicut. Actually, to call the Taj in Calicut "bad" would be an insult to bad hotels.

One9iner 6th Jan 2012 15:54

Great !

Thanks for the info !

captain.weird 6th Jan 2012 17:31

Is Istanbul a turnaround then? Sofia is in the near of Istanbul, something like 25 minutes extra flight time.. I think Istabul would be a good layover city..?

Che Xindamail 6th Jan 2012 18:10

Yes, Istanbul, Athens and Ankara are turn-arounds. Sofia is combined with Bucharest so the duty is DOH-OTP-SOF, 24h layover and next day SOF-OTP-DOH.

Rumour is we're starting layovers in Kigali (Rwanda) and Tbilisi, if we haven't already. I also heard something about Mombasa and Zanzibar. Not sure if these will be layovers or combinations.

stud7094 6th Jan 2012 21:04

Applied middle of november still nothing. ATP, 5TT, 4k turbojet. Friends have said to be patient. When it happens it happens and I will be ready when it does. :)

avs2002ie 6th Jan 2012 21:30

Normal SO Training
Hi everybody,

Just wondering what training steps are involved once hired as a normal SO?

Is there basic training? Period of just observation flights? or more like straight into Type Rating then into RHS? I understand line training is 90 sectors for normal SO?

Also if anybody has an idea of the timelines involved in the above?


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