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blusky75 5th Sep 2011 16:43

general feedback
Hi Folks, just my feedback...

strating from the travel,, very excellent..I ve been lucky and the Business class was free on both flights!...quality on board really excellent!! hotel fantastic... but let s talk of the assessment:)

we were in 6, with different experience , everybody for FO position...

we started with a presentation and a 330 cpt briefing us abou what to espect from that day and from the Company .

QUIZ: without preparation are very very difficult..JAA stuff, most of the questions about performance....i did an high score ( i saw it during the personal interview)....how i prepare: i did 1000 times all the quiz that it s possible to get around,...personally a friend of mine gave me all the material...i had to correct few questions which were not correct but u can see easily coz sometimes u find 2 times the same question with different answer!! If u have time read ACE Technical pilot int, the chapter regarding aerodynamic, performances and meteo...i read it once but enough to clean my brain from the dust!

ps: all passed the test

HR INTERVIEW: they gave us an hour for the interview.... they were 2 cpts, 1 fo and 1 from hr... they worked in 2 different rooms so basically only 2 are interviewing u.
very straightforward...BE urself ...it starts with "talk about u" then they start to ask examples ( tell me 1 hard day at job, the time u improve the moral of the crew , etcc)... just focus on ur daily life...for sure if you have been flying for years u can find something that fits perfectly....i was quite nervous even if i answered to all) ...it lasts 1 hour circa afterwards hey let u wait 5 min out of the room and then someone will come to give u an envelope....they said to me congratulations and in the envelope there was the appointment for the sim....

5 out of 6 passed,

SIM: 330 and also 320 if free..... very friendly cpts, they help u and don t press u...they tell u that u are there coz they need u and don t wanna let u fail....my first experience on Airbus....very surprised for what i did....IMORTANT.. they brief u very well and give u suggestion how to operate the sidestick..if u follow them u ll do good!!! it s very nice to fly!! and a lot of space..

take off, some turns and climb/descent.... intercept 1 radial and vector for cisual and land...2nd t.o...vector ils, some failure ( they ask u what u woul do) and vectors for ils...between 40min and 1 hour... it depends maybe on ur performance....

I hope this can help,

Be calm, relaxed, i met only very nice people, high standard and i think a nice place where to work....about the bad things that people are saying...maybe it is true, i don t know but any company ha spositive and negative things...just personal decision!! i don t know what my result will be but i m very happy for what i did and this is enough!! Good luck to everybody !!!!

gdukkoq 5th Sep 2011 22:06

Thanks blusky 75 this is a very helpful feedback, got mine coming in 2 weeks. Hope you get the job!

imnotwhoyouthinkiam 6th Sep 2011 09:59

Hi guys, I'm going for the QR interview soon and would like to ask about sporting a light beard? Do you think I should shave it off or not, its a light one, its not a full length beard, but I heard that QR are pretty strict about these things and that it might not come off well with them.

Capt Krunch 6th Sep 2011 12:31

I have a beard, Do you think I should shave it off or not

I heard that QR are pretty strict

it might not come off well with them.
you ask a question then answer it for yourself.. good job :ok:

To be honest with you.. there is plenty of facial hair in this part of the world.. BUT remember one thing, you never get a second chance to make a First impression.

menikos 6th Sep 2011 14:55


simple question why it should be a problem ? do you think they are going to fail you because you have a light beard ??? come on, it's not the USA it's Qatar.

I fly and I have a beard and I won't shave it to make people happy and like Capt Krunch told many people with beard even in Qatar Arways this week I saw a captain on the 340-600 with a light beard as it doesn't interfere with the oxygen mask you are fine.

All the best for your interview.

menikos 6th Sep 2011 15:00

Capt Krunch

can you confirm that most of the people will be offer a position on the A320 except if you have wide body experience regarding the T7 or A330.


maestro82 6th Sep 2011 16:09

Soon the assessment, same question...Any chance to get the B 777?

LADY PISCES 7th Sep 2011 04:38

u seem to know almost everythin about QR....kindly guide us about MEDICAL too....what are QR MEDICAL PROCEDURES for PILOTS and how FLEXIBLE they are.....weight...BMI....thanks...
waiting for ur kind reply
take care

Aymane 7th Sep 2011 06:10


loc22550 7th Sep 2011 08:00

"Qatar Airways=jail"
Well still remain deeply convinced that commuting contract(especially for 320 skippers) would probably solve LOTS of problems here...unfortunately(and despite several rumors) it's not on the agenda.

Lady Pisces,Gypsy...
Don't worry to much about your BMI...don't think there is any upper limit here,if there is one, it must be pretty high!:uhoh:
The rest.. standard: Blood test, X-ray.ECG, eyes, ears,urine.. test.
No need to be fit as an astronaut.

flightyme 7th Sep 2011 10:16

Hey Folks,

Had the interview at the end of August. 8 of us started on the test only one didnt pass.... Easy enough, ther are two different tests on the day and they are alternated between us so the person next to you does'nt have the same test. Most of the questions are here or on latestpilotjobs.com but easy enough to read the ACE tech exam book.

the interview is simple enough... All the questions are as stated here (no surprises). they are just trying to find out if you can blend in to the enviroment and are not a psycho... The sim starts late midnight almost.. as I'm a Boeing guy flying the airbus was not as easy and didnt go as I would have liked... I got the feeling though that they were more interested in CRM and decision making if you are not stable on the approach by 1000' make sure you call for GA..... The examiner was the 777 fleet captain and a nice guy. They try thier best to relax you and tell you after the sim it would take 2-3 weeks for a response, However in the indoc they tell you a response should be given in about a week... I've been waiting for a reply now for almost two weeks... If anyone has any questions, I'm happy to answer..

Good luck to all.

blusky75 7th Sep 2011 15:23

i think u got the job...usually the send negative answer within 10 days....i hope i won t receive the mail in these period :)

Sephore 7th Sep 2011 16:12


for me it was terrible my 2 approaches were very bad chasing the ILS trying to stabilise the A330 but didn't G/A because at once I was visual I was able to stabilise it and land without any problem but it doesn't mean that I made the good choice.

Almost 10 days already we'll see but I'm not confident at all after my sim.

Hope for the best :ok:

F14 7th Sep 2011 16:50

Hi, are you guys looking at DEC of FO positions?

blusky75 7th Sep 2011 20:47

First officer position

F14 7th Sep 2011 21:24

Thanks Blusky 75.

Does anybody have any idea on the breakdown of courses for next year?

Type, Non Type FO and DEC ?

Also how is the internal CU pass rate? I guess this would indicate the situation for DEC courses.

halild1 8th Sep 2011 09:13

Hi everbody.I was invited to recruitment process on 23rd oct 2011.I think they plan courses on DEC . Because i m not type rated.

ex military f-16 pilot
new b757 pilot

A21 8th Sep 2011 12:52

Hi Guys!
I just got an offer from QA to fly the A300. I would like to get some feedback about the roster and future of the A300.
I looked some info about in the post but not luck at all?


Capt Aviator 8th Sep 2011 13:03

Congrats A21!!

What position did you apply for and when did you apply?

Capt Aviator

blusky75 8th Sep 2011 19:38

A21 but arr u rated on A300?

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