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gdukkoq 26th Dec 2011 15:21

Maddog u got ure contract on Sunday as well? I wonder why they didn't send me anything yet and I did my interview at least 6 weeks before most of the guys who received their contract...

RK303 26th Dec 2011 20:42

Week 3, waiting for the good news for the SO slot, married as well…

I had the information confirmed during the interview that you’ll get unlimited business class special cheap tickets for your wife after the third month of joining date.
Personally, mine has her job, friends and the good lifestyle in Paris.I beleive she won’t get it if she come with me in Doha. Plus I won’t be fully available (hard work, tired, need to sleep etc) when she is in top form because she’ll have nothing to do there.
So here is the plan, if succesful. Put her in good conditions where she is. Me to go swet in Doha to secure the job,fly the jets and send the money. Her to enjoy the frequent travels in business class between Paris and Doha while keeping her lifestyle quality.
She’s happy, so I am.An Easier task if the baby come cause she will forget me for a while:oh::}

av8tordude 26th Dec 2011 23:42

Originally Posted by RK303
So here is the plan, if succesful. Put her in good conditions where she is. Me to go swet in Doha to secure the job,fly the jets and send the money. Her to enjoy the frequent travels in business class between Paris and Doha while keeping her lifestyle quality. She’s happy, so I am.An Easier task if the baby come cause she will forget me for a while:oh:http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...s/badteeth.gif

I'm not sure how old you are, but this plan is a disaster waiting to happen. Eventually you will be worth nothing more than a paycheck to her, an absent father if you have a child, and eventually the inevitable breakup. Relationship/Marriage are already difficult enough. Why compound a long distance relationship into the mix? You may want to reconsider your plan...REALLY!

patrickr82 27th Dec 2011 02:41

A true recipe for disaster!

maddog37 27th Dec 2011 04:46

Gdukkoq, yeah, it was on sunday.... really sorry about your situation, should not be easy at all!
RK303, everyone have their own points of view. I did what you said many time, not because I wanted; but if I take this job is for avoiding that situation. If you have never experience that scenario, be aware that it will not be so easy as you think.... or maybe I am wrong, I hope!

Black Pudding 27th Dec 2011 06:54

I am on the 320 fleet and love it. Work is hard, but the pay for it is far better than if I was back home. The 777 fleet is not the dream fleet anymore. A friend of mine on that fleet has nearly 130 block hours in Jan ? Whats the point of living if you spend so much time in the air ? As for me, 90+ hours block in Dec and Jan, lots of night flying. If you're frightened of work, don't bother coming here.

My wife is here with me in Doha, she loves it.

We have made so many new friends and life is good.

It all depends on how you are prepared to adjust.

The worsth thing here is the driving, everything else is bearable

Money is good, accomodation is good, the aircraft are well maintained and the routes I do and layovers are interesting.

I believe shared accomodation for SOs is until you become FOs which is when you line check. Don't worry about it. If you pla to come with your wife, tell them and I am sure they will arrange something better for you. I would suggest you come here alone whilst training if possible and then send the wife out once you're line checked.

RK303 27th Dec 2011 08:41

maddog,as you get a shared accomodation and expect to start your training, what is the better solution?sure you have your own point of view but are you going to refuse your contract?
this is a temporary situation as blackpuding mentioned. once being a f/o you'll get your own accomodation and the money.
Imagine you go down there with her and finally you don't make it for whatever reason and still in your probatory period? we never know.Then the disaster will be worst.
Better to keep her away until things are secured, then bring her in Doha to enjoy a more stable situation.

victor75 27th Dec 2011 23:17

Hi everyone!

I passed the interview the 3rd of November... so long time ago and still havn't got any answer!! is it normal ??

I will answer all the pm question tomorow for those who wrotte me.

pilotcpb 28th Dec 2011 02:23

Yes it's normal. I waited 7 weeks for the results of my interview and sim, and then a month for a fleet assignment. Now I am about to start all the joining paperwork and I'm guessing I will start in march. Keep the faith :}

TwoTone-7 28th Dec 2011 07:30

If you come here as a married SO then you should get your own 1 or 2 bedroom apartment. Also, you can ask for the QR6000 housing allowance.

victor75 28th Dec 2011 08:35

And after almost 2 months is it still possible that I receive a negative answer? or it doesn't mean anything?

Brie 28th Dec 2011 09:13


I'm filling out the application form but i have 1 question. What is regarded as 'incident'? RA, Bird strike....??? Now, should i mention this or not?

Airmann 28th Dec 2011 09:58

if you are married you get your own accommodation regardless of rank
if you get here and they've made a mistake go to housing and they can rectify it in a week or two.

drfaust 28th Dec 2011 12:08

Understood mate, no need to yell. :)

gdukkoq 28th Dec 2011 15:58

Interview 1st week of sept.
Succesful notification 4 weeks later.
.... Waiting for contract 11 weeks pending ...

Called them again today, told me huge delay with no estimate, said they will explain via email this morning... No email...
You need luck also on who's handling your file, coz some HR people just don't care.

TwoTone-7 28th Dec 2011 20:37

The guys in HR do care. They are overworked. Do you know how many pilots have joined in the past three months alone. Make that a 3 figure number.

RSaltre 29th Dec 2011 03:02

Interview Dec 18th
Has anyone interviewed on Dec 18th and heard something?

gdukkoq 29th Dec 2011 04:53

Two-Tone-7 it is not a fair system, most of the guys waited 2 months Max after interview to get their contracts. It soon to be 5 months for me and nô contract!!! This is very unfair if you ask me! And the way it works it is that your file get passed to someone in HR, some really care and work fast, but some really don't care and can make you wait 8 month after interview for just a fleet allocation!

TwoTone-7 29th Dec 2011 05:50

There is a possibility that the delay is on the part of the fleet secretary of which fleet you are to join. This could be down to a whole number of things, what nationality you are, what rank, training requirements and resources etc by way of sim availibilty, sim partner. Yes 5 months is a long time, if it was me I would be inclined to go in person and have the paperwork sorted.

However, you have already drawn to conclusion that you're joining coordinator does not care about you (sob). Company requirements are priority number 1.

RSaltre 29th Dec 2011 20:19

Qatar Interview
For all of you that have emailed me in regards to the interview...
I interviewed on Dec 18th; 50 JAA ATPL multiple choice questions (two different question bank that day); panel interview ( TAAT); sim Airbus A320 two ils with APU fire.. Hope it helps..

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