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danya 8th Dec 2011 19:31

hahaha ok! thanks :D

SIVIR 9th Dec 2011 00:13

Hi guys,
is it better to apply through the agencies or directly with QR?

Capt Aviator 9th Dec 2011 05:19

A320 T/0: PFD VIEW
Hi Guys, just happen upon a video I thought would be good to share. It'll be useful for non airbus types preparing for their QR assessment. It shows the PFD throughout the take off profile.

A320 take off, seen from the PFD | AVIATION-PLANET


Capt Aviator.

pilotillo 9th Dec 2011 10:39

Is true that QA managers have canceled vacations for pilots in QA?I mean, I just read a post that says it, from this moment no 42 days leave for pilots in QA.....Please someone from the company tell us something....

Punchespilot 9th Dec 2011 10:49

pilotillo , As you have read in the other post , why do you need to ask ?!

Yes it has happened ! No leave till next april for pilots !!

Axum 10th Dec 2011 06:39

I have sent my application 2 weeks ago, but have not got answer not even an automatic reply mail. Now I don't know whether I have misspelled my email or the company doesn't want me.

gdukkoq 10th Dec 2011 06:53

9 weeks waiting for the contract... It was suppose to take no more than 4. Called them, they said it was still processing... This wait is worth at least a T7 !!! :} .......... Honestly I'll take any type ...... I'm getting desperate ..... Help help help.... 121.5 can somedy help me ! I NEED THIS JOB ASAP !

airbus.eagle 11th Dec 2011 09:10

I have read all of this thread and saw some great feadbacks about the interview process including the Sim Evaluation.

av8tordude has described his check ride as the following:
My simulator ride consisted of two circuit pattern:
Takeoff to 3000ft, stayed in the pattern, vectors to intercept the localizer, and land to a full stop.
Takeoff to 3000ft (received an APU fire), stayed in the pattern, vectors to intercept the localizer, and land to a full stop.
thanks av8todude for sharing your experience with us.

Is the Sim Eval the same for all fast track second officers, or its different for those who hold an A320 type rating? I heard your not allowed to use AP but are we allowed to use any of the following: Flight directors (FD), Autothrust, V/S FPA (the bird).


skull 11th Dec 2011 11:24


Interviewed for regular F/O slot. Sim profile seems to be more or less the same for everybody. Personally, I had to perform only one T/O and climb out to 3000 feet followed by ILS and full-stop landing. Was then directly repositioned at 3000 feet on downwind for second ILS. No ATH/R, no FD. Don't know for those already rated on the A320. Got the good news almost 6 weeks post-interview. Still waiting for contract and fleet assignment, but only 3 weeks since good news.

Good luck!

IMAGINE. 11th Dec 2011 13:31

Second Attempt
hi guys
Has anyone re-apply for a second try?
I did my interview on Nov and screwed up my Sim ride on the A320 (with no motion):ugh:..5H1T Happens, they told me that i have to wait 6 months to Re-apply which i most probably will :ouch:
Is there a difference in the interview for the sencond attempt?

Good luck

eagleeye23 11th Dec 2011 13:53

Hello Guys.... I have interview end of the month, just want to know how many days before can I expect to get my travel details/ticket etc? Thanks

skull 11th Dec 2011 14:01

About a month and a half from email to interview date. Travel details likely to be received within a few days only before interview (can be very short notice!).

perritopiloto 11th Dec 2011 14:37

Can anyone confirm LST on checklist means License Skill Test?
Is it about the date you passed your current rating?


gdukkoq 11th Dec 2011 18:58

What's the longest time someone waited for the contract? I'm on week number 9 and counting...

victor75 11th Dec 2011 20:07

I am on week number 9 to ... only for the answer!!!

airbus.eagle 11th Dec 2011 20:16

Thanks Skull & CDNATPL :ok:

gdukkoq 9 weeks are so long :sad:, Hopefully you will get widebody after all this wait though ;). I think you should have the news before Christmas as you have called them last week to check. Good Luck

rockycommish 12th Dec 2011 00:22

For me it was one take-off with climbs, descents with turns to a heading then radar vectors to ILS full stop landing..session over. It has now been over two weeks since that eval. day. Still waiting for e-mail.

stud7094 12th Dec 2011 07:15

Anyone else notice they reposted the jobs on their website? I saw it today so I logged into my account to see if I needed to reapply and there were 2 new items that I needed to be filled in that were not there from the last time I applied. I checked it against the copy I have from the first app. Anyone else have to add a few things?

inner 12th Dec 2011 08:42

@stud7094: correct, me too. But now i did not get an email confirmation anymore. Last time i got.

SAS-A321 12th Dec 2011 10:17

I have updated my application before they reposted the jobs on the 11th and I did not get any confirmation mail either.

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