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Samolin 30th Dec 2011 11:45

Confirmation letter
Just got the good news that I was successful in the selection process. But in the email it said...

"The next step in the process is for us to gain approval for your appointment.* Following this we will issue a formal offer of employment which should take no more than 6 weeks.* This letter will be your formal offer of employment and will also contain your fleet allocation.* *"

When they say, "The next step in the process is for us to gain approval for your appointment".... Is there anything that I have to do or send them an email stating that I am still interested or is it an internal process within Qatar Airways???

Thanks for all the posts everyone...

Fogrunner 30th Dec 2011 13:21

I just repled with a polite, thank you, looking forward to hearing from Qatar Airways soon...

As you have probably read there are different time lines for different people.

cale767 30th Dec 2011 13:37

samolin congratulations!!, when was your interview?.. only by reference to time ..

Samolin 30th Dec 2011 13:50

Application date: Oct 1st
Interview Invite: Oct 17th
Interview Date: Dec 5th
Successful notice: Dec 29th
Contract: Pending

gdukkoq 30th Dec 2011 15:34

Samolin congrats! I'm sure you'll get your contract before me. I'm on week 12... Back then I received the same email saying nô more than 4 weeks lol.
But even though I sound annoyed by this believe me I am very proud to know that I will join Qatar Airways (someday in 2012 maybe) !
Enjoy the moment!

jibe_ho! 30th Dec 2011 19:23

Qatari Road show
I am going to try to make it to BRU for the road show either the 9th or 10th. Does anyone know how often they do the road shows? I know it's too much to hope for "Oh, yes, they'll be in London next in Feb, if they always do the same thing." lol....

Cheers, all!

trackalpha 31st Dec 2011 02:32

Who will fly the 787?
Anybody know who will be trained on 787. I am told if you have a 777 ticket it is just a 5 day conversion course to 787 so will 777 FO`s be promoted to 787 CA, 777 CA to 787 or will full courses be done for airbus types?

Wavenn 31st Dec 2011 03:45

gdukkoq this thread is a complete mess! Everybody talking about the interview timelines but I don't know if they are CPT, FO, fast track SO or normal SO.

For CPT, FO and perhaps fast track SO the timeline is completely different from the normal SO.

As a normal SO applicant my timeline was this:

Interview Invite (Bahrain) - Jun 6th
Interview Date (Bahrain) - Jun 15th
Successful Notice (Bahrain) - Jun 23rd
Interview Invite (Doha) - Jul 23rd
Interview Date (Doha) - Aug 31st
Successful Notice (Doha) - Sep 13th
Contract and Fleet - Pending

Yeah I know, I was one of the unfortunate guys that payed a lot of money to attend the Bahrain assessment, God knows why we were the only ones!
They said 4 weeks maximum but as you can see it's been almost 4 months.

However I went personally to the HR office on Dec 4th and this is what they told me.

"Your training will not start anytime soon, I can't promise you dates but I'm almost sure that for the next 2, 3 or 4 months it's not going to happen, I know you've passed all the stages and you deserve to be here but you need to be patient"

gdukkoq as you can see you are not the only one! And guys, please specify your rank when you come up here saying that you've got fleet and contract or joining date.

gdukkoq 31st Dec 2011 06:54

Thanks Man. I applied as a FTSO and many others who did their interview months after me got their contracts already. Also in 2 months time I will have FO minimums so if nothing happen between feb, I will reapply as FO I guess...

Axum 31st Dec 2011 07:39

End of selection?
Today when I click to the first officer position I got this answer :

"The job is no longer available.
The job description you are trying to view is no longer available."


By the way I just wanted to see some feedback about my application.
Why I can't see the status (e.g.: viewed, short selection) of my application similar to EK?

Samolin 31st Dec 2011 12:25

Update of interview process...
For everyone who sent a pm and others who want to know...

I applied for the FO position and my timeline is listed above!

They have not changed the technical test and it remains 50 questions. The best way to study is by using the question banks on websites that are listed on this form pg # 173 or 174... its in the 170s... They really helped me and I also got "Ace the Technical Pilot Interview" book to give me the theory behind the answers in the question bank. Over kill some might say.... maybe but it gave me the confidence and best chance to pass this part of the selection process! so. there!

The interview itself was the toughest part of the whole process... there were 12 of us on that day and I was the last one to be interviewed... and not one person got the same set of questions... some of the most common ones were:
- Tell us about yourself
- Tell us why you want to join Qatar Airways
- Tell what you know about Qatar Airways (70% of the guys got this question)
- Tell us about a situation where you gave feedback to a Captain
- Tell us about a time when you received NEGATIVE feedback from your supervisor
- Tell us about a time when you had to say NO
- Tell us about a time when you had to show your autority

Hope this helps... good luck everyone!

inner 31st Dec 2011 12:33

Perhaps if you submitted already before you are still lucky. I can imagine that they already have enough applications to screen. Or they just want to freeze untill the backlog of the training is over.
I would not panic, but indeed it is very anoying, especially if you want to leave the company where i'm now.:mad:

Good side is that i have now plenty of time to study.

av8tordude 1st Jan 2012 13:42

Originally Posted by Samolin
The best way to study is by using the question banks on websites that are listed on this form pg # 173 or 174... its in the 170s...

Its on page 171....Good luck Samolin.

inner 2nd Jan 2012 11:32


congrats, good luck!:ok:

When did you submit your application? (to have an idea)

gjln 2nd Jan 2012 11:47

Hi everyone,
Applied to Qatar in August
Interviewed on the 18th of December
Received the good news today!!!!!!!
Now comes the waiting for fleet allocation

av8tordude 2nd Jan 2012 11:53

Originally Posted by gjln

Hi everyone,
Applied to Qatar in August
Interviewed on the 18th of December
Received the good news today!!!!!!!
Now comes the waiting for fleet allocation

It would be helpful to others if you provde what position you applied for? FT F/O, S/O, F/O, DEC

DADDY-OH! 2nd Jan 2012 12:56

B777 Routes
Please can someone list the B777 routes on here?

Also how many days off in a row do A330/340 crews get?

Many thanks in advance

Daddy Oh!

flyforfood1 2nd Jan 2012 15:39

Impossible to say on 330, depends how you bid, I seem to average 3 days off in a row periodically but I don't bid for blocks of days off as I don't need to travel home.

As for 777, too many to list.

South America.
South Africa.
Bits of Asia.
Bits of India.
Only Euro stuff is on the freighter I think.

DADDY-OH! 2nd Jan 2012 17:35

Thanks Flyforfood

Tobbyads 2nd Jan 2012 17:53

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know that I received my fleet allocation today A320 F/O.
Now I will check out for the starting date...

Happy new year to all of you!

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