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inner 15th Dec 2011 06:52

Now the question remains: is qr putting a hold on recruitment and did they really change their criteria??

inner 15th Dec 2011 07:38

Ok 21-lancer, tx for your input. Strange that the recruitment team don't know the answer themselves. I just have to wait and see what happens. But if you see there is already a backlog in training, i would not be surprised if there is a momentary hold. As long they do not require to have time on type, i'm happy.

FasterStronger 15th Dec 2011 07:38

Hi guys! First congratulations to all who have made through the selection process.
I know the requirements for the First Officers by Qatari, but does somebody know how strict they are on those minimum hours? I guess they could be, considering the high flow of applications coming in. I'm coming up on the 1000h mark on the 737 (700h at the moment) and was thinking if I could send in an application, or should I just wait til I have the necessary number required. Also considering the 1000h as a minimum, what could be the real number to get an invitation?


First officers

  • Minimum of 1,000 hours in one of the following categories:
  • Multicrew, multiengine jet aircraft

F14 15th Dec 2011 08:50

Once you have the good news E-mail, what goes on behind the scenes? I guess they take up references, check with QCAA that you experience and license is valid at acceptable. Check fleet planning and housing, check training availability.

Seems like a huge task when I think about it.Most airlines don't have this kind of deliveries appearing over such a short time frame.

StopStart 15th Dec 2011 09:29

What sort of time are people waiting between submitting the app and getting a response?
I started completing the online application months ago but didn't complete it. I then got an email asking me to complete it which I did, finally submitting it about 5 weeks ago. Not heard anything since (I did update it a few days ago with the updates the site was requesting - total hrs etc).

F14 15th Dec 2011 09:40

1st applied in 2010, but never heard anything back.Reading through this whole thread and a few others.I understand there were some personnel changes in recruitment & more recently the website/it seens to have been upgraded.

This time round in 2011.Took about 6 weeks to get invite. Giving 4 weeks notice. Exam,Interview & Sim all as described earlier. The company is very nice and the people very professional. Doha seems ok,but a bit of a building site. I guess this will improve when the new airport comes on-line and therefore the roads link up.

I understand they are working through 6 pilots a day, I'm guessing 3-4 days a week. They had a big roadshow campaign in the summer. So must be a huge backlog. Good news was at my selection a very wide mix of nationalites, qualifications, ages, experience levels and general backgrounds. So looks like they are giving many a chance of an invite.

leteci 15th Dec 2011 10:21

Hi guys!

Just info question is that true that QA screening is now without ATPL Exam?
Only presentation interview and sim ride?

Capt Krunch 15th Dec 2011 10:29


I understand they are working through 6 pilots a day, I'm guessing 3-4 days a week
The actual number is 12 candidates 5 times per week. (not all selection days have the full 12 candidates for various reasons, but 12 is the number intended)

And just my 2 cents for what it's worth. Some people like to assume that there is a large number of resignation here. Yes there is more resignation in this airline than any other Airline I have been associated with in the past but to hear figures like 150 or more pilots resigned in 2010 is just a load of male cow poo poo..
You can half that number and still be over the actual figure. Also with regards to cabin crew the actual average resignation / termination rate is 120 per month. The hiring courses contain 60 cabin crew per week.

Poisoned by compromise

drfaust 15th Dec 2011 10:37

120 per week? Wow, it must be hard times for them over there. Krunch, any idea which fleets people are put on at the moment? Seems most deliveries are widebody ... Or is that wishful thinking for a FTSO?

ITO 15th Dec 2011 12:15

No ATP quiz ???
From where you got that Info ?

leteci 15th Dec 2011 14:24

From this link Qatar Airways jobs, payscales and entry requirements.
Check this out!
So if someone was recently on screening can confirm that rummor?

skull 15th Dec 2011 14:39

Interviewed in Doha early October but I have two colleagues who interviewed last week for regular F/O positions. Interview was as previously described. ATPL JAA- like written test, interview, followed by sim assessment in the A320. Both of them have less than 1500 multicrew. Requirements have been updated on Qatar Airways Website in the Career section on the 11th and I do not see any changes as far as DEC or regular F/O requirements either. For what it is worth...

ITO 15th Dec 2011 14:40

Thank you.
It might be just a rumour even if it is mentioned on that website. I think that the test is still there. My personal opinion.
However it would be nice if we have a feedback from someone that went for an Interview this past week.

Would be highly appreciated.


ITO 15th Dec 2011 14:43

@ skull,
Thank you skull. I thought as much !
Skull, do you mind sharing briefly your interview experiance with us please ? That would be highly appreciated.

P.S : ATPL question wise, the one you got ( and your freind eventually) was it more or less similar as the gouge on latespilot and foud here on the forum ?

Thanks and good luck.

skull 15th Dec 2011 15:34


ATPL questions were very similar to the gouge as far as I can remember. Questions were hundred percent JAA current Bristol database. Sim was as I described in my previous post. Still waiting for contract...

Quel temps fait-il Paris ?;)

ITO 15th Dec 2011 16:07

Thanks skull.
Sorry but I`m not in Paris for now :O But should be snowing or raining maybe ?

gdukkoq 15th Dec 2011 16:17

...and there goes week number 10Of waiting for the contract. I did the intview 14 weeks ago... I think I hold QR's world record unless someone tells me he waited more... But I'm sure that if you add the national day and XMas coming... Who knows when... I'll have the ring
It's just that this year I came SO close to get 2 jobs I was dreaming to have because of recessions and the other one a very unlucky failed sim... I am hoping this time I'll cure the curse...

inner 15th Dec 2011 16:54

Don't worry mate, you'll get there.

21-Lancer 15th Dec 2011 19:35

...10Of waiting for the contract. I did the ...
You can be 100% sure we understand your frustration. May I suggest you to open your personal thread for this mega letters and so on?
I really appreciate you kep us informed; this is the main reason of pprune. But I really think this is not everyone's playgound. Just let us know what a f**k is going on and ...

Sorry guys. Just some ex-fighter pilot thoughgts.

dash8pilotCanada 16th Dec 2011 14:11

Maybe a stupid question. But is QR having a harder time finding qualified A320 DEC than A320 FO? I undertand that there is a backlog in training, but are A320 DEC applicants waiting long periods of time between application, interview and training? Most people posting about the long waits are not specifing what position they are applying for CAPT, FO, SFO.

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