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ejazsarwar 29th Apr 2009 21:26

applyin for job
can anyone help what is the applying procedure in qtr airways for first officer is it online ...

c130jbloke 3rd May 2009 20:14

Hi all,

I am looking for an e-mail address for (ideally) Ms Roesmary Fagan in HR please ? Failing that, a generic HR address within QR..

I am looking to write a paper on oversight for an MSc and I would like some examples from the ME if possible.



PS: I'm not a QA mngt troll / secret agent / police informant / cabin crew snich /anything else I can't think of right now....

Luibar 6th May 2009 17:43


Can anyone provide information regarding the LOL insurance at Qatar Airways for Captains and how it works for the per diems. Is it a fix amount per hour for every destination/region from sign in at Doha to sign out at Doha?
Also whats the average block hours per month for the A300-600 guys?

Take care

NoJoke 6th May 2009 21:42

Do you understand English? Probably not as you wish to work here, LOL means Laugh Out Loud. Make your own conclusions.

Luibar 6th May 2009 22:23

:} eheh, very funny!

However its better to try a job with QA insted of being jobless!
LOL also stands for Loss Of License!

Take care

cochise 7th May 2009 05:23

you are eligible for loss of license insurance after 6 months from the end of your final line checkout. If that is an uncomfortable gap in you can always supplement it with your own. Laugh out loud insurance is not provided but don't worry you will laugh enough! :}

loc22550 7th May 2009 06:03

LOL is useless here, if you felt sick and loose your licence, you will be probably force to resign from Q.R and so to leave Qatar asap thats it...!:\
Let's not be too naive as an expat we are ONLY here to serve the country, not to benefit from any help or any kind of "protection".

divinesoul 7th May 2009 11:44

Do you understand English? Probably not as you wish to work here, LOL means Laugh Out Loud. Make your own conclusions.

eheh, very funny!

However its better to try a job with QA insted of being jobless!
LOL also stands for Loss Of License!

Take care

very funny lol :}:ugh::D:D:D:D

sorry guys couldnt resist.

loc22550 9th May 2009 07:16

beside that you are also eligible for One annual leave ticket, they said it's a confirmed ticket: wrong!
Even with a annual confirmed ticket,you might be offloaded..(if i'm not wrong this happens recently:captain offloaded with his family!)
5 stars treatment&consideration for crew!:\
Welcome to QR.

Transition Level 10th May 2009 16:11

Can somebody tell me how many nights off do the 777 guys have in JFK, IAD and IAH. Any ideas how long will the SYD and MEL Night Stops will be?

Luibar 11th May 2009 23:28

Thanks loc22550
It's indeed quite strange to be offloaded with entire family :uhoh:

loc22550 12th May 2009 06:12

..it is indeed...but unfortunatly in Qatar aitways(i would say in Doha) it's something normal.:ugh::ugh:
Even oustisde station they threat you better, i have been upgraded to first class with an ID90 economy ticket although plenty of seat available in economy, i received coupon to use business lounge with a ID90 business although they knew i'm a crew...and without asking anything.
Try this in Doha, if they know you are a crew they will simply tell you: go to hell!
That's the mentality here in Doha...

atpcliff 20th May 2009 21:40


A comment on how Qatar is obviously a terrible place to work.
A buddy of mine quit Emirates as it was horrible.
Another said Delta is terrible and told me not to apply.
Another is at Northwest and said to apply elsewhere as NWA is not very good.
My friend at Continental says he wishes he would've stayed at NetJets.
THey guy I fly some with now said Cathay is terrible and he should've stayed at Allegiant or gone to AirTran.
I just read an AirTran pilot's post that said they were terrible and to stay away.
I know that United and USAir both have major problems.
I read a post on Korean that said it was terrible.
A lot of posters say that Virgin America is terrible.
I know a number of people at Spirit (US) that say it is bad.
My former airline was completely unacceptable to lots of pilots, and I got laid off.
In my current job it is very difficult to find people, as it is supposed to be bad-and one of the guys I fly with says it is terrible.

So, for everyone who says that Qatar is awful, please tell us where we should apply, and don't tell us any of the above choices which are, obviously, also as crappy as Qatar.


OMDB-PiLoT 20th May 2009 22:56

atpcliff - LOL!!! I guess the only option left now is to stay at home and die! :D khe khe.

I think we should all learn to appreciate little things we have and for God's sake, we are all flying at least. Think about all those jobless pilots sitting at home learning to cook food and survive. So stop whining about how Qatar is, just keep flying, enjoy your job and die happily. Pilot life is way too short to think about all these issues. Smile, fly and enjoy your job while it last!

hkadaily 21st May 2009 01:35


your comment regarding CX is baseless. Cx is one of the best paid airlines in the world. they treat their pilots with respect (even though there are some issues with contracts etc). In qatar and qatar airways you dont have any human rights.

In CX you work to live. In QR you live to work. Max hours, min rest....no orange juice!

Compare apples with apples dude!

Iver 21st May 2009 01:51


Chill out dude. Cliff was just quoting someone else or he was being facetious. He was just making a point. Perhaps you should read between the lines and not take things so literally...

Fubaliera 21st May 2009 04:47

Qatar airays is is fine, has everything everyother airline has. Its in a transition era, waiting for new airport which will change for example hdq, training center, dispatch facilities etc.
Qatar has 2 major problems. Doha isnt the funnest place in the world
2. Human resourses is diabolical.

P.Clostermann 21st May 2009 12:29

I totally agree with Fubaleira.

One addition though: Scheduling is as diabolical as HR.

But it pays the bills and is the perfect hideout to weather the storm...

saviboy 21st May 2009 20:36

I know 3-4 guys at Etihad who seem very happy. I m not there so I cant really say.

Im at Spirit and as cliff said its bad but it could be worse. the money is not great though not so bad compared to a regional airline job.

QR UNITED 2009 22nd May 2009 00:10

Qatar Airways the best airline in Doha
Qatar Airways has only 1 problem and we all know who is he and which floor is his office . If he is not around and someone who respect crew and staff is there Qatar Airways would be one of better airlines to work for but at the moment is just transition airline or training airline for people to take rating or command and find a airline where they will be treated with respect regadless of the salary they pay .
Majority people who left in last 3 months Capt and F/Os left to less payed airline but left for respect and life stile . ( life stile you can buy but respect has to be shown )

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