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casablanca 24th Jun 2011 15:27

I apologize if this was mentioned already but I did a quick scan of the thread and didnt see my answer.

"the school allowance- does that cover children in college or university?" I have a daughter that will be starting college in a year and several close behind her.

kuchemann carrots 26th Jun 2011 02:10

Interview Results

Just a quick question. Do Qatar e-mail or call to let you know you're interview result (ie. job offer or rejection).


hushkit77 26th Jun 2011 14:15

Email .....

Obbie 27th Jun 2011 15:56

For those who were asking about total time from interview to start date.

My friend interviewed for FO in early May and recieved a start date
for early Sept. on the 320.

So the time line appears to be 4 months, give or take.

jamieboy 27th Jun 2011 20:51

I was wondering if anybody can give info regarding the training bond for new joiners please. How long is the bond for and in particular how does it get paid back? Is it true that the new change is to take part of it out of your monthly salary? Any answers would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you in advance.

TwoTone-7 28th Jun 2011 02:52


3 years. Divided by 36 months.

Taken out of your salary every month and repaid in full (no interest) after the 36 month period.

Hope that helps.

Obbie 28th Jun 2011 04:51

Is this confirmed or just rumoured.

Doesn't seem to be the usuall amount of out cry for something this major.

Is it possible that while the boss was away in gay Paris the mice under him
got carried away. But when he gets back this will all be history.

Or even better........post the memo.....

salsaboy 28th Jun 2011 07:24

This was explained at a recent selection day...

1/36th deducted from salary from months 1-18
Then nothing taken months 19-36.
Then monies paid, returned.

I think.

TwoTone-7 28th Jun 2011 07:47

I doubt anyone will post the memo and Salsaboy is perhaps more accurate than me. However, you get the crux of the matter being that you see a deduction every month and then a reimbursement after 36 months.

Obbie 28th Jun 2011 07:55

Any word on how large the deduction will be each month.

I must say, for a company that is trying hard as hell to attract quality
pilots, they have no clue how to go about it.

Your little big man at the helm is screwing himself royally this time.

nutwrencher 28th Jun 2011 12:50


Any word on how large the deduction will be each month.

I must say, for a company that is trying hard as hell to attract quality
pilots, they have no clue how to go about it.

Your little big man at the helm is screwing himself royally this time.

No one knows exactly as it depends on how much you are bonded for??
But looks like it effectively wipes out the recent pay rise for any new joiners or anyone who changes fleet :ugh:

With regards to the chief not being aware of this new policy as he is away at the Paris air show that is simply not true..
Anyone who has worked for QR is well aware that nothing happens in this airline without the chiefs knowledge/permission

And yes it seems like they are determined to shoot themselves in the foot with regards to pilot recruitment/retentment.
Payrise was given because so many people have resigned recently even by QR standards..

But even that has managed to seriously p*ss off a huge majority of the pilot community!!
Because they removed a part of every pilots contract without any consultation what so ever. As now any pilot who does not live near a QR destination is now required to pay for the part of the trip home on any non QR flights. For our South American brothers, which form a very big part of QR this is a massive kick in the nuts! (when u consider the average ticket price of a family of 4)

I leave it up to you whether this is the kind of place you would like to join...

Now I am just waiting for stockholm syndrome sufferer Kijangnim to tell me how amazingly well run this airline is....

Well to quote yourself Kijangnim

I dont believe in it for the following reason:
First, Chief will never approve such thing
Second, considering that,
The "pay rise" did not trigger the expected effect (but in fact it triggered the exact opposite)
The ALT amplified point 1
More resignations are being filled (as I am typing)
So, if it was true, it would mean that:

The "Higher Management"
doesnot want more pilot to join QR.
doesnot want fleet tranfer
doesnot want command upgrade
Considering the high number of aircraft expected in the coming years, considering EY,EK recruitment, along with European Airlines recruitment on the rise, it would be shooting a bullet in QR's foot.
So this is why I dont believe at all in the story.
So now please tell us how amazingly well run this place is.... :yuk:

Brian Cohen 28th Jun 2011 14:56

I must say, for a company that is trying hard as hell to attract quality
who said that?

acgenerator2 28th Jun 2011 17:16


-All new joiners bonded for 3 years
-Deducted from monthly salary from the date of joining the company
-Amount deducted each month is TOTAL BOND AMOUNT divided by 36
-Deductions cease after 18 months
-After 36 months you get the amount deducted back

-So if you come non type rated and start 1st August 2011 your bond will be $50000
-You'll have $1388 automatically deducted from your salary each month for 18 months
-Thats a total of $25000 dollars
-You will get that $25000 dollars back on the 1st of August 2014 if your still working for QR at that time

And this information is coming from where????????
Is this written anywhere in our manuals? If so, could you please refer us to it.

Gracias Amigos

Trust me Im Staff 28th Jun 2011 17:27

Any mention if you get the type rating after finding out your assigned aircraft before you show up for training? Will the bond be reduced or eliminated in it's entirety?

$50k for a type rating is tad bit too pricey for me.

Fubaliera 28th Jun 2011 22:16

I just love it when QR makes another stupid decision. The bond system applies to the cabin crew as well, but they get their money back in 2 years. The new 320 FM is pi$$ing so many people off , even the locals, word is hes on his way out(According to him hes gonna be in the seat 5 years hahahahahah:=


Jimbo124 29th Jun 2011 06:25


Check the company email, the above was set out there and is correct, only for new joiners. Email was from CFOO

scorpio 29th Jun 2011 10:05

this procedure was put cause many pilots had joined qr and jumped shipped after getting their rating so they want to minimize their loses ,i dont know personally if its a good idea or not but if ur a new joiner it will be the same old salary for 18 month and then u get the new pay scale .which isn't so bad if ur jobless .on the other hand getting good qualified pilots will be difficult to attract to qr so i guess they looked at their options and choose this one coz they have a lot of applications especially from mexico where i guess one of the airlines let go of 100 pilots or so .

so new joiners and jobless take the offer .
new joiners with a job look at ur options and decide whats best for u but all airlines are like banks they have a catch somewhere that u don't see or realize till ur in the company ,i heard and i am not sure that some companies make u get a bank guarantee for the type rating amount and keep it till u complete 3 yrs and then get back with interest and others have different ways .

for qr they should make the airline more attractive for pilots to stay but its also not the airline by itself that need to do that but the country as a whole have to be attractive and thats going to take a long time .:ok:

nutwrencher 29th Jun 2011 10:28

for qr they should make the airline more attractive for pilots to stay but its also not the airline by itself that need to do that but the country as a whole have to be attractive and thats going to take a long time .
Couldn't agree more!! :D

Which is why this new policy is even more unbelievable :sad:

They might of got away with it a couple of years ago when EK & EY were not recruiting but now alot of airlines are.

They put the salary up in the own words "to stay competitive" but now they effectively reduced it back down again for new joiners.
So QR really is gonna be the last choice for people coming to the sandpit now.

They already have a big problem with people not showing up for there start dates. Imagine how many people who have completed the interview and are waiting to start will now not turn up as out of the blue they find out they will have to their salary's cut to pay for the type rating... :{

Anyway's this will be their problem not our's lets see how long this latest in a long string of bonding policy last's for??

planeboy_777 29th Jun 2011 13:36

Just wanted to ask questions to the pilots of Qatar airways

Is Qatar airways good to Join as a Second Officer ''OR'' as a F/O or Commander????

Please Give your Valuable ideas....

Opti 29th Jun 2011 14:33

reading around some of the posts on this forum (esp ones on this thread), it not only seems like everything that could possibly go wrong will (in terms of becoming a pilot), it also seems like employers are exploiting the desperation of wannabes because they know they probably put too much at stake to stop at a few inconviences. so, assuming one sucessfully gets a frozen atpl, passes QR requirements and gets hired, puts up with the living conditions and the many inconveniences from working with QR, are there any other things to be lookig out for? Is it tricky to resign? :ouch:

I've heard the bad & the ugly about working for QR, what about the good?
Can someone please share some of his/her good, positive experiences? Also, maybe I'm not exactly in the clear when it comes to knowing what being a pilot is all about. I'd appreciate a few pointers on what it is and what it isn't, as in: Being a pilot is about so and so and so. if you think it is about so and so and so, you should forget it. :confused:

one last question for pilots: would you say being a pilot now meets with your previous expectations of what it is like to be a pilot?:8

Thanks in Advance. Many hugs!

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