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jimmyg 8th Jun 2011 04:11

IATA: Gulf arguments rumble on
Siva Govindasamy, Singapore (07Jun11, 05:41 GMT)

The debate over the growth of and competition from Gulf carriers such as Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways continued during the CEO forum on the first day of IATA's annual general meeting in Singapore.

Qatar Airways chief executive Akbar Al Baker said the arguments against Gulf carriers made little sense in an "age of globalisation and free trade". Low labour costs advantages are a misnomer, he added, pointing out that Qatar's pilots:

"were earning as much, if not more, than their European or US counterparts".

"We are an efficient airline, run in a proper way with high utilisation,"

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news

flyforfood1 8th Jun 2011 07:43

Whilst not a Capt's roster, here is a typical F/O's on 330:-

1-2 DOH - MAN - DOH
3-4 OFF
5 Rest (0135 dep on 6th)
6-8 DOH - HKG - DOH (arrive 0535 in DOH)
9-10 DOH - TUN - DOH
11-12 OFF
13 Rest (0125 Dep on 14th)
14 - DOH - IKA - DOH
15 - DOH - KUL
16 - KUL - HKT - KUL
17 - KUL - DOH
18 - 28 LEAVE
29 - Rest (0150 Dep on 30th)

Block = 67.9
Duty = 102.1

Brian Cohen 8th Jun 2011 17:01

Thusday QR big party
* Qatar Airways to take 35 percent stake

* Deal to be signed on Thursday

* Qatar Airways seen as long-term investor

BRUSSELS, June 8 (Reuters) - Qatar Airways is on the verge of buying a 35 percent stake in Cargolux, providing a long-term investor for Europe's largest all-freight airline.

A Cargolux spokeswoman said on Wednesday that a deal would be signed on Thursday, with Qatar Airways acquiring holdings that the Luxembourg state and other groups bought during the economic crisis.

the sky 8th Jun 2011 17:32

Qatar Airways
:sad:Hello guys,

I just attend the final interview with Qatar airways 6th June Casablanca (Golden Tulip Farah) it's was with Taniya the lady from malaysia and the Indian lady Haslin i guess from Indian, they were so fine they told me that i would receive an email from the head office that I'm selected finally this morning i received an email asking me to send my passport sized photo to complete the application

did anyone attended recently the final interview with Qatar airways , I'm bit nervous how many days i have to wait that email and its can be rejection email ????

Thank you :)

menikos 9th Jun 2011 03:53


may I ask you your background, I guess they only offer position on the A320.

Thx :ok:

Miguel. 9th Jun 2011 09:39

What is the average time for command on the 320 and 330 fleet if joining on as 320 FO.

Thanks! :ok:

Linerider 9th Jun 2011 11:40

the sky
Regarding your cabin crew interview in Casablanca, you will get better feedback if you post your question in this part of the forum: http://www.pprune.org/cabin-crew-wan...ent-ii-89.html

Good luck!

Brian Cohen 9th Jun 2011 16:30

Very good
Qatar Airways signed an agreement with Cargolux International Airlines to acquire a 35% holding in Europe's largest all-cargo carrier. CEO Akbar El Baker last month revealed that the company was negotiating an acquisition of around one-third of Cargolux.

The equity purchase is part of a wider agreement that cements close commercial cooperation between the carriers. The transaction was signed Thursday in Luxembourg, but no information on the value or the terms of the agreement was released. The companies said they would disclose further details at closing, which is expected to take place in the coming weeks.

"Our investment in Europe's leading cargo carrier Cargolux boosts our ambition to become one of the major players in airfreight by 2015," QR Chairman Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Jabr Al Thani said. CV President and CEO Frank Reimen noted that the carriers identified "numerous synergies owing to the complementary nature of our businesses that will enable us to develop scale and reach and strengthen our respective hubs in Luxembourg and Doha. The implementation of the cooperation plan will be a driver of high customer satisfaction, enhance our competitiveness through improved returns and benefit the Luxembourg economy overall through extra trucking and handling tonnage and the creation of new jobs."

In a joint release, the companies said that QR's 35% equity interest in Cargolux marks the "termination of the temporary role of the Luxembourg state as a shareholder in the company and enables other state-controlled shareholders who participated in the 2009 Cargolux restructuring plan through the acquisition of a 33.7% holding of former SAirlines to sell or reduce their ownership in Cargolux." Luxair, the country's national carrier, is CV's largest shareholder with 52.1% while four Luxembourg financial institutions—BCEE (13.1%), SNCI (12.8%), BIP Investment Partners (11.5%) and Lux-Avantage (2.2%)—hold 39.6% and the Luxembourg state holds 8% directly. BCEE's capital is entirely owned by the Luxembourg state.

"Everybody wins from this partnership," Al Baker said. "We seek to fuel our growth plans by including airfreight as a major part of our product offering. Our investment in Cargolux, a sound and healthy company and a leading all-cargo carrier, will deliver great value to Qatar Airways."

Cargolux returned to the black in 2010 after three years of losses

loc22550 10th Jun 2011 06:03

"Very good"....:confused:
Do you think as a crew its gone change our daily live now thats Q.R. bought 35% of cargolux holding....??:hmm:

inner 10th Jun 2011 06:17

Surely yes, you can be sure for 110%, no payrise!!!!:=

loc22550 10th Jun 2011 06:34

Indeed..investing a little bit in "crew"(pension plan...)instead would have been a wise and profitable idea for the coming years....:hmm:

captain.weird 10th Jun 2011 16:24

Hi guys, does somebody know here something about the Cadet entries? Do you have to be a Qatari to be a Cadet? Some cadets are going to FTE, and some to QAC, does somebody here have more information?


Miguel. 11th Jun 2011 06:32

Flying from EU on a QR sector. Are we flown on Economy or Business (both ways). Is it a smooth arrival and greet procedure?


flyforfood1 11th Jun 2011 09:05

When you join, it'll be business on the way out, you'll be met at the terminal and they will process your visa, you'll then be driven to where you will be living. Its a very smooth process (they've had a lot of practice ;))

Staff travel is ID90 business or economy for flight deck, you can choose what you want via the staff travel website. However if you pay for business and its full you'll be bumped down to economy. You can check the loads though before you decide.

Miguel. 11th Jun 2011 10:03

Thanks! How about when flying out for interview (QR are covering travel). Economy? :E

stop, stop, stop 11th Jun 2011 11:12

You'll get a confirmed Economy seat and a Standby Buisness seat. At least that is what they gave me.

You'll be met by the Al Maha agent and taken the short way through immigration. Not heard of anyone having any real problems.

Time to command is currently minimum 3 years service. Then it is down to previous experience and performance. Minimum of 5000hrs.

Trust me Im Staff 12th Jun 2011 13:30

DOJ email
Is notification email for joining sent out approximately 3 weeks after interview?

Linerider 12th Jun 2011 13:35

It varies a lot. Some people hear within a few days, others much longer. They contacted me two months after my interview.

wannabejetpilot 13th Jun 2011 11:31

Pay Rise!!! :D

BDD 13th Jun 2011 11:38

17 % plus the 3 % increment goes up to 10 years instead of 5 years.
School allowance up from 50,000 to 70,000 for 2 kids. 105,000 for three kids or more.

Thanks Chief:ok:

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