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z.khalid 1st Jun 2011 12:07


What position is this for?

Miguel. 1st Jun 2011 12:23

FO position, which are you looking for and are you invited? :ok:

z.khalid 1st Jun 2011 12:25

@ Miguel

S/O Position.
Invited yes.
When? God knows.

Good luck to you though!

Miguel. 1st Jun 2011 12:32

z khalid if you are invited do they not given a interview date?

Heard SO programme is tough to get an interview but if you get the interview then chance of getting is job is high!?

z.khalid 1st Jun 2011 13:11


I was short listed and told I would have to undergo an assessment.
The assessment is supposed to be conducted in Bahrain and has been postponed due to the problems there recently.

I do believe however that like you said, since I have been shortlisted and told I would be given a chance, my chances are still quiet good.

Hopefully things work out for both of us :)

Miguel. 2nd Jun 2011 16:06

Is Dougie Gauge from the UK still interviewing people? :E

Daft Wader 2nd Jun 2011 16:09

Negative - Commander Gage no longer part of QR .
May the farce be with you
Daft Wader

Miguel. 2nd Jun 2011 16:53

anyone recommend this or a scam?

Latest Pilot Jobs provides the latest aviation vacancies around the world. - HOME

broompusher 2nd Jun 2011 17:55


That was one of the sites that I used to prepare, although it was free when I was using it. Shame. There is good and pertinent info on that site. I also used this site ( Airline Ratings & Interview Gouge ) to prep, very similar information available.

menikos 3rd Jun 2011 03:38


already asked but still waiting for some inputs :

back to the A320, what is the career plan in QA for those assigned to that plane are you stuck on the airbus or regarding your experience you can move on the Boeing specially with B777 & B787 coming, because if it's a matter of time I understand that it might be difficult to fly the A320 instead of A330 or B777 but maybe after few years and seniority you can expect a better position.

Thanks for your inputs :ok:

pilotdreamer2 3rd Jun 2011 12:37

Qatar airways interview

I went for a First Officer interview with Qatar and I used latestpilotjobs website for studying for my interview. I have to say it was worth the money.

1- I saw around 50% of the ATPL questions (exact same wording)
2- HR interview was the same as they described
3- Simulator was very detailed as well

I think Qatar changes their ATPL questions from day to day. The reason I'm saying this is one of my friends that attended interview few days after me got different questions from what I got.

Now I have to convince my wife to move to sandpit :ugh:

Good luck

Brian Cohen 3rd Jun 2011 12:46

Now I have to convince my wife to move to sandpit
easier the interview mate!

pilotdreamer2 3rd Jun 2011 13:27

easier the interview mate!
much harder!

planeboy_777 3rd Jun 2011 14:46

@ pilotdreamer2

Were the rest of the question from the JAA CQB's ??
and on which subject did they actually examined in your written exam ....?

Miguel. 3rd Jun 2011 19:19

Anyone recommend an outfit for A330 sim time in the UK?

Cheers! :ok:

Linerider 3rd Jun 2011 19:39

Yes, Oxford Aviation - they used to be GECAT. They have an A330 sim near Heathrow. The ladies in the admin department are very efficient and helpful and can arrange both an instructor and stand in pilot if required.
This is the office number: +44 (0) 1293 543541

Miguel. 3rd Jun 2011 19:55

Another question, sorry! Is a calculator or manual flight computer is needed for technical exam?

pinkflaps 3rd Jun 2011 22:13

Hi, guys. If you have your family and can choose a job in between Qatar, Flydubai, or Ethihad, which one do you take??

Miguel. 4th Jun 2011 07:04

Reading lots of conflicting things.

What is the take home pay after everything for an FO on A320 and A330!? And how does staff travel work. Nominees or just the mrs.


flyforfood1 4th Jun 2011 07:42

On 330, as an FO you can expect somewhere between 30K and 34K (QAR) flying around 85+ hours a month.

Staff travel is purely for your family i.e wife,kids, your parents and and brothers/sisters you have. Nothing for your wife's side of the family. :ugh:

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