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4holer 19th Apr 2012 13:11

Weekend is here in Doha....guess I will be waiting another week for my results! 3 weeks so far....

Paparoach 19th Apr 2012 13:14

Week 10, and still waiting for an answer concerning my NTSO assessment! Haven't heard anything... But I guess "No news is good news"... :ok:

av8tordude 19th Apr 2012 13:26

Originally Posted by Skyfree
any one who joined recently QR can explain the first steps after arrival to Doha

QR will email you details of your travel itinerary and accommodation information. It is the same process as your interview. Don't fret about it. Here is a breif summary of the email you will receive before you travel.

Joining Formalities & Settling In

Day 1: Please be ready in business attire by 0900 hrs, [Date Removed] for transport/pick-up from your allocated accommodation to the Qatar Airways Head Office. Should there be any change in your pick up time a member of the HR staff will be in touch and coordinate with you.

The first day of work is reserved for completing all the required company formalities and paperwork at QR Tower, including:
1) Welcome/Introduction and collection of HR joining documents
2) Staff ID card creation
3) Bank account opening
4) Salary advance application
5) Collection of joining allowance, Security Token, Uniform
5) Brief on Resident Permit/ CID procedure and the Corporate Induction.

Day 2: HR and Operations Inductions

Day 3: You will meet with your Fleet Secretary at the QR Flight Operations Building for completing your department paperwork and formalities, including:
1) Verification of License / Log books
2) Collection of Operations Manuals/CDs, Roster etc.
3) Collection of Crew Member Certificate
4) Introduction to Chief Pilot/Deputy Chief Pilot if available
5) Brief on Aviation Medicals and Flight Operation Introductory course.

where is the best place to rent a car?
You will not be able to rent a car until you get your residence permit & Qatari drivers license. Cab are not expensive. avg 8USD-10USD

how about the situation with company accomodation?
Your travel itinerary will have these details.

which is the best bank?
You will be required to use the Bank of Qatar. Why? Because you will not have a RP to open a bank account with any other bank. Once you have your RP, then you can bank with the other local banks.

does the company advance some cash on arrival?
QR will give you 1750QAR (250QAR per day for 7 days) for food. You will have the option of receiving a pay advance (2500USD I believe), which will be deducted from the next 2-month paychecks

Tinga 19th Apr 2012 14:32

@ Av8tordude
What a gentleman you are!!:D Thanks so much for taking the time to post this valuable information. Do you happen to know; When is the earliest one can show up in Qatar before the official start date?

av8tordude 19th Apr 2012 14:58

Originally Posted by Tinga
Do you happen to know; When is the earliest one can show up in Qatar before the official start date?

Once you receive your work visa, you will not be able to travel to Doha without permission from QR. They will issue your your flight ticket for you to arrive at least 1-day before your training date.

Black Pudding 19th Apr 2012 15:13

You will not be able to rent a car until you get your residence permit & Qatari drivers license. Cab are not expensive. avg 8USD-10USD
Depends where you are from and it may make it a bit easier if you also bring with you an International Driving License

You will be required to use the Bank of Qatar. Why? Because you will not have a RP to open a bank account with any other bank. Once you have your RP, then you can bank with the other local banks.
Simply open an account with IBQ on day 1 induction when you arrive. They have an office in the HR department of Qatar Airways.

Ref accomodation. Wait until you get here before worrying about it. Use what is provided and have a good look around. This being the best reason to hire a car

Skyfree 19th Apr 2012 17:06

Thanks a lot for your interesting informations

a340bcn 21st Apr 2012 18:50

Everything about Qatar Airways
The company I have been working in for the last 14 years is sinking, so I need to move. About Qatar airways there are 3 issues I am interested in:
1- Money.
2- Direct long haul (A330/340) fleet chances and how fast is the upgrade to Captain if you already have loads of 320 and 340 (FO) hours.
3- Roaster in long haul and limit in tickets for me(comuting chances).
I know I want it all... ;)

Mukassit 22nd Apr 2012 10:30

Good Luck
Would you please share the interview process?

Hogg 22nd Apr 2012 12:50

Do a search, read the thread. All info in here!:ugh:

Iver 22nd Apr 2012 13:34


I do not work for Qatar but I can attempt to answer a few of your questions based on research and what I have read on these boards - hopefully others will correct me if I am incorrect. Money has already been discussed. Keep in mind that salary is only part of the equation - your housing and other benefits (some money for schooling for kids, etc.) are included - so you have to view it as a "package."

If you have longhaul, widebody experience (i.e., A340 time), you have a better chance of being awarded a widebody - A330, 777, A300-600F or even the 787. Given that the first of potentially 60 787s will be arriving in June/July (I read an estimate that barring Boeing delays, and with a good production ramp-up, QR could receive one new 787 every three weeks for four years), you might qualify for 787 FO right off the bat depending upon your application timing as that fleet grows. You have the widebody experience and that would be helpful. Keep in mind there is a training bond for any aircraft type for which you are not typed. I am not sure about the Captain upgrade timing or hours/experience requried - others can provide those details.

As for commuting back to beautiful Barcelona, I have read that it is very difficult (if not impossible) to plan a commuting schedule for yourself. Many other Europeans have asked that question regarding both Qatar and Emirates. If I were you, I would just assume that commuting on a regular basis would not be possible. :sad::yuk:

Hopefully others can provide more details. It sounds like a large number of your countrymen (Spanair and others) have been hired by Qatar recently - including many as Direct Entry Captain on the A320. There is probably a pretty good sized Spanish community at QR. If I were you, I would look at both Qatar and Emirates if you are interested in the Middle East. That said, seek out many perspectives as you evaluate opportunities - especially from your countrymen who have come to Qatar Airways and that region.

Buenos Suerte! :cool::ok:

a340bcn 22nd Apr 2012 21:57

Thaks a lot for the info. I found something about money in another forum.

I'll let you Know.

Spain is going to get a very bad place to fly. Colective bargainings will be ignored by the companies (Iberia will be the first to do it) as new laws allow them to do it. All the companies will follow Iberia's example and will shrink to the minimum before they contract again. Keep Out! :yuk:

See you around

777-Aviator 24th Apr 2012 01:26

Hello chaps!

Is there anybody here who is NOT a gulf citizen and suffering from delays in joining the company due to the so-called "Security Clearance"?

This is on the behalf of one of my friends. He got accepted as normal S/O last October and got the contract on December. He initially received a DOJ with March batch, then he received revised one to be with April batch... & now yet another revised one on May and still waiting for a confirmation!:ugh:

So frustrating! The guy says he has no criminal record or any sort of violations that may cause a problem whatsoever! I was wondering if there are others here who going through the same horrible situation!

Cheers guys.

rain dance maggie 24th Apr 2012 07:35

@ 777 aviator

Will you please confirm if it is necessary to bring or publish a ''clean criminal record'' before or at the date of joining?
Also , is it necessary to bring a ''clean safety record'' from your CAA when joining QA?
Thank you in advance...

777-Aviator 24th Apr 2012 08:25

@rain dance maggie

As far as I know, the Security Clearance is a background process if you may say! So unless QR asks you to submit your criminal/violations record or provide a Good Conduct Certificate well before your DOJ, it should be more of a routine procedure! I think it also depends on which country you come from!
For the safety record, you should be able to obtain this from your previous employer I suppose (No accident/incident report).

1975 24th Apr 2012 13:37

Hello there.

I am going for an interview now in may, and have been looking for information on the following scenario and not found it:

I am invited for the second officer - fast track, have 3300 hours copilot on a turboprop, no jet. I would like to know for how long I would be operating as a second officer, until getting the first officer upgrade? Also what is the salary for second officers?

Kind regards, 1975

Dihaz 24th Apr 2012 13:48

Nobody with a sample 777 FO Roster ..!!??

Gregling 24th Apr 2012 14:06

Good news that they're still interviewing SO, as we're on hold it means things are moving on.

Normally (once again, if I'm wrong, please correct me) you're gonna be SO for 6-8 months.

For the salary, you've a thread talking about it, usually 2000$ for SO

1975 24th Apr 2012 14:25

Thanks for the information:)

ITO 24th Apr 2012 16:54

But 1975 is going fo SO FAST TRACK, not NTSO. So it means that we are still in the same position more or less....

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