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CadetPilot 4th Apr 2011 13:02

Maybe you're right. I can't be sure.
Don't personally know someone that works in QA to get such feedback.
Do you speak with experience though?
And in what sense is it bad?
I'm trying to get a job at QA so i'd like to know..

Fubaliera 4th Apr 2011 18:02

The only people that you hear are happy in QR in general are the Indians. That goes for FD or CC, maybe its a cultural thing. The people from Hong Kong like Vancouver or Japanese love Hawaii.
Doha lacks
1.Educated local population
2.Any infrastructure whatsover
3.A equal male to female ratio. Too many men
QR invests heavily in its own airline, but zero in its workforce.Any investment in its workforce is required by law.
Qr could easliy have built its own international school for its employees dependants,also could build actuall nice compounds , not the junk they live in now. Any investment they make actually benefits the airline but not the worker itself.
The only difference between Saudia Arabia and Qatar is woman can drive,not be escorted by a male ,and dont have to wear ninja turtle suites and hotels will sell booze. Oh How could I forget, theres is one liquor store in the whole country.
Unless your a GCC citizen,out of work, didnt make it at EK/EY/AA/FD/GF, or have no first generation A/C experience,and speak Hindu your as naive as I was to join. And to those that say If you dont like it leave, well thats what im trying to do, its very hard when you cant get days off to get interviews, or they require a 90day notice.

loc22550 5th Apr 2011 06:13

Talking about Cutting costs...?:ugh::ugh:
-Maybe they should have plan the opening of new airport accordingly..and the company would have save tons of fuel every day..!!(million of $$ are waste in bulding new Temporary terminals here in there...)
-What about the new joiners who spent 6 MONTHS here doing nothing (paid by the company,some of them went on vacation..),simply because there is not enough infrastructure here (sim) and poor planning...
Serioulsy when the company start talking about cost cutting,this make me laugh!
Unfortunatly at the end of the day, we (hard working crew as always) have to pay for all this incompetence!

169west 5th Apr 2011 06:59

Fuba is right ... but the trend seems to be positive!:O

loc22550 5th Apr 2011 08:12

What ever the fuel policy is...our actual airport/ATC is far from being fuel
I do agree with you FUBA on the fact that for "some people"" its very dificult if not impossible to have 4 or 5 days off in row even when you bid for with 100 points...(for me its already my 3st or 4th unsucessful attempt in a couple of month,instead of days off you get STBY duty ...!!)unlike some lucky guys who can get it easily and enjoy a good quality of live.
And then they wonder why people complain....!!??

KMK 5th Apr 2011 09:31

Any Advise
I work as F/O in USA on A320, could anyone tell me what are the pros and cons for working with QA and also if Emirates would be a better choice? Thank you......

loc22550 5th Apr 2011 09:43

Go for EK.
-Ek is probably far for being perfect..but still(compared to Q.R) condition there are much more better than in Q.R if you plan for a long term career..(profit share,pension plan,salary...).You should just compare what an EK pilot put in his pocket ater 10 years of service compared to a QR pilot..(i think without being wrong there is a factor 4 or 5 between both!).
For info after 10 years in QR...you will receive a end of service benefit of around.....70.000..U$ :cool:(50.000Euros..).(assuming 4....5 years as F/O and 5 years as CPT...)
Now just go an ask an EK pilot how much he will receive after 10 years of service with Ek...:O.....and make the comparison.
-In QR you will be put on A-320
-In EK you will go to the A-330.(no A-320).
Both of them i think have tough roster on those fleet.
-Dubai has nothing to compare with Doha or vice versa.
-Cost of live for normal stuff (Food..) is more or less the same for both place,but of course the temptation of spending your money will be higher in Dubai..as there is more think to do.
-Entering a bar/pub or a club in Dubai is a little bit more hassle free compared to Doha!
-Gas is a little bit more expensive in Dubai but you have better public transportation compared to Doha,and buying a car in Dubai is cheaper than Doha.
-Don't known about EK, but for Q.R.: school allowances barely cover the cost for one kid.(and schools are very expensive here!)

KMK 5th Apr 2011 09:52

Hello There I see you are online now and would appreciate your input....I work as F/O in USA on A320, could you tell me what are the pros and cons for working with QA and also if Emirates would be a better choice? Thank you......

KMK 5th Apr 2011 10:00

Thanks for the info. So EK is better I agree...how about upgrade time... is 5 years the average....and could one upgrade to anything other than the equipment initially hired to fly. Also looking at FO pay at EK with three kids and a modest lifestyle any chance for saving at the end of the month? also it is not clear what would be the average compensation if one flies 85-90 hours. does flight pay and other pay adds up to about $1000 US $ in addition to salary? Thanks

Sephore 5th Apr 2011 12:16

Yes please fubaliera go home in your holy land where you can't find a job and stop with your racist comments about algerians or women dress etc..... if QR doesn't suit you try elsewhere if possible in a non muslim country as you seem to be bother by the way of dress of some women not to say islam.

You are really pathetic on some of your comments, completely disrespectful.

Captain Partzee 5th Apr 2011 13:13

"Don't known about EK, but for Q.R.: school allowances barely cover the cost for one kid.(and schools are very expensive here!)"

Indeed! Schools are very expensive here. They got authorization to increase the fees for the next school year calendar. (most of them).
The worst is: schools are generally extremely bad here. :mad:
And it's almost impossible to find a place on a good school here in Doha.:ugh:

B767PL 7th Apr 2011 21:47

Hey guys,

Is anybody aware of the experience guys have been getting in on under the fast track SO program?

Anybody know the benefits and T&Cs during this period until completion of required cycles?

Assume more new hires start on A320? Or any chance of a wide-body?

If you start on A320, how do transitions to other equipment go?

Thanks for any info.

aviationboy 8th Apr 2011 00:53

Fast track SO isn't really for 'low hour' pilots.... more so for pilots without jet time but who do have turbo prop time?

I'm sure anyone who has flown high capacity RPT turbo prop can transition over to a widebody without too many problems.

CadetPilot 8th Apr 2011 01:34

They do hire Cadets with no hours though.
Type rate them and bond them for 3 years.

planeboy_777 8th Apr 2011 06:50

Qatar airways visited my institute few days back
they said they will be inducting Cadets from our institute directly without any PI ,probably in may or june provided we have a Froezn ATPL..........

FlyingHigh330 8th Apr 2011 11:23

They do hire Cadets with no hours though.
Type rate them and bond them for 3 years.
5 Years bond, starting after your final line check!

planeboy_777 8th Apr 2011 12:26

Any Idea how much time does it take to get a command if everything goes fine???

CadetPilot 8th Apr 2011 12:57

Did not know it was 5 years.
My mistake.

aviationboy 9th Apr 2011 07:37


Fair enough and I agree. On that note, any idea what time frame fast track SO's can expect to spend on the a320? I am really interested in Qatar but don't want to be stuck on an a320 forever. I am not far off a320 right seat in my own country anyway.....

Quick transition to widebody however... sounds very appealing :)

cochise 9th Apr 2011 12:48

The guys interviewing for the fast track have thousands of hours turboprop time most have turboprop command time. MOST airlines in the world take guys with that kind of decision making experience and put them in jets widebody or narrow its doesn't make a difference...:hmm:

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