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Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Alpha Aviation Academy

Old 8th May 2012, 14:50
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Regardless of what IATA say the MPL license is still not accepted everywhere so now IATA is wrong and Mr. vfenext is right !...

The MPL was designed to allow a very strictly supervised and abbreviated course in order to fill shortages in the pilot population quickly. It must be supervised and preferably sponsored by an airline. and it is so by Air Arabia and GCAA so whats the issue.

After 1500 hrs you get a normal GCAA ATPL with A320 line time... my job is to inform you its your call take it or not up to you..
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Old 8th May 2012, 15:25
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Nobody is wrong here except YOU. IATA approve the course but they are not the one's who pay for it. You seem to think they are some kind of infallible organization who never make mistakes. In reality they are a mouth piece for the airlines around the world, majority of whom do not allow MPL in their ranks. As a pilot training organization you teach integrity, honesty and a willingness to accept criticism/feedback. You have shown none of these attributes. You are a complete failure as an employee of AA shame on you. Perhaps they need reminding of the spamming tactics you use here.
my job is to inform you its your call take it or not up to you.
Don't take it..its a con! For $144k you can get a real license and the world is your oyster, go for that instead and you will earn the respect of any recruiter at any airline. As an MPL holder you are viewed as someone who tried to take shortcuts.
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Old 8th May 2012, 18:13
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ahh this made for an early morning reading.

RP-C000 , I am a current student who is flying in Aus. A few days back Peder came and met some of us and explained to us how AAA has been improving. Wow I must really congratulate you lot. It has take u about 3 years to realize that AAA needs to improve?!

I just do not like how you guys portray that AAA is good. AAA is the only flight school that i know off that has been BANNED from flying its won planes! It then covers it up by saying that they already had plans to move the students to Australia? You know the 5 students that had the flight stopped at the very last minute are very upset with alpha. It has put their flight training back by another 2 months! Who will pay for their lose of earnings?

Last we are NOT gurantted a job. I have asked this to someone at AAA who holds a high post. He has said that even when we reach the line training at AA we could still get turned down for whatever reason they want!

Now is that fair? Suppose at the very last stage, I fail, I will end up with a useless MPL!

johns_92 how in the world can u say that AAA has been making improvements? Adding more stuff to that flight school does not count! Where you not the one who told me that it took AAA 2 years to get 2 planes. Also, where u not the one to tell me that the captains of AAA came up with hundreds of different reasons as to why they could not get 1 plane for its students to fly?! Atm as far as i know we only have our first batch who has reached the final stage. It took them 3 years to get to where they are when it should have been done in 18 months!

Using this scenario it will take them some 10 years before i graduate?! Hey, at-least I can get married and have kids before I become a pilot for AA
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Old 9th May 2012, 03:35
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honestpilot pls check with Mr Mustafa on the job guarantee; Air Arabia is committed to provide all of you who successfully pass the course 1500 hrs of total flying on A320.
This gives you a full ATPL from GCAA on A320.

If you fail any thing your course is useless, if you fail CPL or MBA you have wasted your money no different from MPL.

See my post above no one is saying AAA is perfect but changes are being made and the issues are being fixed.

Even airlines like Emirates has issues how do think their FOs feel when they are pushed down the seniority list when EK hires direct entry Capts.
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Old 9th May 2012, 04:02
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Once again you are wrong.

I have heard that students from AAA group in the Philippines have not got jobs with their sponsor airline. IF we are sure of a job why then did I NOT sign a contract which CLEARLY stated it?! The contract i singed first highly favors AAA. All it says how AAA can never be at fault. This is a one of a kind contract
Why have u even mentioned MBA? Firstly it is a different course, and secondly it is A LOT cheaper. Also, even if u failed at MBA then u will have ur old degrees to fall back on so u have actually not lost out. Incase you did not know one cannot do an mba without doing a degree first. So when someone complete a degree then you can do the mba. It is a bit like saying that in the future if i fail in my captains exam I will not be able to become a FO?

Lastly, please do not compare you selves with Emirates. Anyways, the problem u mentioned most likely happens in every airline in the world and not only emirates!

Anyways you will always talk in favor of AAA. You are an employee of the company so I can safely guess that you will try and hide the truth.

Lastly, as far as i know anyone who has shown interest in joining alpha has been offered a place! Other flying school make sure that the students will atleast pass. It save both parties money and time.

Look at Flybe as one example


they have mentioned on line which is of interest.

Selection will follow the same format and battery of tests as in previous Flybe/FTE schemes. The top six candidates will be offered positions on the course to commence training at Jerez on 1st of July 2011.

This is not the case in Alpha. If this airline does it why does Alpha not do it!?

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Old 9th May 2012, 05:54
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Honest pilot is completely right. Why oh, why ! Would people risk 144 thousand dollars and have the possibility of being dropped with a unemployable MPL. Oh wow you get to upgrade it to a GCAA Atpl......
People you could pay half the money and get a FAA Atpl or almost the same For a JAA frozen Atpl, which will make you far more employable anyway around the world. The people that are on this so called courses must like going to the casino, because it really is a very large gamble. Also for those of you who talk about GCAA Atpl about gaining it in the end, you may get it and then lose your employment. If I was a international recruiter and had Three pilots standing in front of me one with a JAA Atpl, next one with a FAA Atpl and the last with a GCAA Atpl...... The first two would have a large advantage over the last, because I am afraid to say that most employers know they will not have a problem conversions in their country.

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Old 9th May 2012, 05:58
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For half the money one can obtain a frozen ATPL with A320 type rating...why go the restricted route??...
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Old 9th May 2012, 06:11
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RP-C000 You really are trying to make a career out of spouting utter nonsense. Were you a secondhand car salesman before? As you can see from the various posts by others here, you are not fooling anyone with your spin. You are in a deep hole right now so my advice is to STOP DIGGING! Nobody believes your story, its a very simple decision for anyone with $144k. Do I spend it on a license called MPL which will probably turn out to be a waste of money OR do I spend it on a JAR/FAA license and get more for my money and a license which is valid for life? I am determined not to allow you away with this diatribe. You are trying to cheat young aspiring pilots out of a lot of cash. Cash that in most cases they have borrowed and will spend the rest of their careers trying to pay back. Have you no conscience?
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Old 9th May 2012, 08:17
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MPL is just like a new kid in school who people don't know or trust until they start to understand more and see that it is a better process than the old CPL.
Nice analogy...except that it would cost a fortune to "understand it and see how better it is"!

I have to admit that I like the concept of the MPL, but it's no more than a drowning nightmare under the current conditions, thanks to FTO,s which spotted the opportunity in it to get some big cash out of it! Since the adoption of this kind of licence, FTO,s have always been desperately fighting the general perception that MPL is just a blood-sucking experiment without any rational guarantees for success in real world! & with the increasing awareness of the public, their mass customer base is understandably diminishing or, at least, unsustainable. The only hope for those FTO,s is to continue marketing their ridiculously expensive and worthless product to the very rich air-headed freaks in this world who would happily take the risk without crying on the wasted milk. Can you see how lucky an academy like AAA is?!
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Old 9th May 2012, 09:20
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I'm Back !!!

Hi Guys, it has been a while since I've posted or even visited this place

So, since I have the time, I will tell you my story, AGAIN & then give my Opinion.

To start with, I have been a part of Alpha since Feb 2009, but officially as a Student I have Joined Alpha Aviation in April 2009. Since there were some students waiting to Join, my course was delayed to start in May, then a further delay to finally start in June 2009.

Ground School:

I spent approx. 7 months in Ground School (as the month of Ramadan was there)...I'd say it was a great challenge to be from the first 12 UAE/MPL cadets doing the Ground school, all had their eyes on us, GCAA/ICAO/Air Arabia/AAA/Other Airlines (I am Sure & I have proof) in addition to some Senior pilots around PPRuNe.

By Early Jan 2010, I was done

Core Flying Phase:

Now, I am Fully ready to fly a Cessna...we were told about a problem in the Aircraft Licensing, then Aircraft Maintenance licensing, then the Facility...then...etc. etc. Although the GM of AAA-UAE was an employee of Air Arabia & was a well known GCAA Examiner...he has failed to accomplish that, he left the companies & found his own career somewhere else on 777s, now, in this BAD time.

Now another GM comes & tries his best...his first idea was to send us to the Philippines...most of us Said Hell YES & pushed for it...thus, everybody has focused on that, it took us a while...why, the GCAA was Auditing & recommending some changes...etc. & happily, after 5 months of waiting, we were sent to the Philippines (note: some of us were done in Sept 2009, thus having a 9 month waiting Period).

In the Philippines, we were Happy, Achieving our Dream & having some great time both on ground & in the air...thanks to Clark & the Philippines, they made my training taste better...although we had bad experiences...some delays in there...usually due to Weather (wet season) & sometime due to instructors shortage (remember, not all of them were authorized to train us), thus, they were giving us some great sim sessions to practice & enjoy while it was Raining/Thuderstorms out there


Then, after approx 6 months (Until Nov 2010) in core flying, we were done & back to the UAE, and ofcourse while we were in the Philippines we had the news of the new Sim from Mechtronix & that it was installed, we received some pics from the new batches in Alpha & some of the AAA staff...showing us how it was received & installed...we also had the news about getting it licensed soon as an FNPT II trainer sometime by the time we arrive. But, before we arrive, some stuff happened & the GM had an issue with the GCAA, thus, the training was suspended for a while for the guys in the UAE, and the GM was asked to leave for AAAs & GCAAs sake...thus getting us a new GM, who received it again at an arrival of a new problem...etc.

So, after arriving & waiting for 3 months (By Jan 2011), we started with MCC, with our certified Sim...did half of the sessions, then, stopped for a while as the GCAA has suspended temporarily the license until the Manufacturer of the Sim does some changes to the sim (basically, installing some Circuit Breakers), then continued again...by the end of March, we were Done...fully ready for the Type Rating...ofcourse...through the training...we had some really eperienced instructors who taught us a lot...it was a nice first time experience with them in the MPL program...in addition to the changes made to the Training Managers (Head Of Training)...

Intermediate/Advanced Phases

With the arrival of the New Head of Training (Capt. S.) we were already at home for the 2nd month, waiting to be called from Alpha & start the Type Rating, we heard a lots of stuff about doing it in Dubai, then Tunisia, then Bahrain, then Jordan...etc. it wasn't really clear about the options, until the new HOT has come & made a meeting for us at the end of April, he clarified a lots of stuff, it wasn't only the Sim, but it was also the Training Manuals (syllabus) that needed to be approved in addition to Any instructors...when I say Approved...I mean "MPL Training Approved"...otherwise it would have been a piece of Cake guys.

Thus, he worked to get the Jordanian Sims & Instructors approved & Air Arabia was providing the new Sim Training Syllabus...all got approved in a great manner & time frame (Within 4 months)...by June 2011, we were sent to Jordan for the Ground School & Sim Training...& finished it in 10 weeks,

Base Training:

We were happy & full of energy to get back & do the touch & goes, but, the idea of doing it on non-Air Arabia aircraft & out of the UAE didn't sound right to the GCAA, thus it was a new issue, trying to make the GCAA giving it another thought & letting us do it somewhere out of UAE, but, at the end & after another 4 months of waiting for the Base training, we got to do it on Air Arabia A320s & in Sharjah & accordingly becoming MPLers & ready for the line training


So, guys, I & the rest of my Batch-mates, were always positive about it, yes we had some/a lots of issues about AAA (AAG), but we still believed in doing it & our reservoir of Hope & love to flying was always filled to the Max (with our money at risk), especially that it wasn't only AAG's Fault ALONE, let's now discuss it from the Advantages/Disadvantages side:

1. Delays were approx. 16 months to some of us & 20 months for others
2. MPL is Risky
3. AAG at some point didn't handle it professionally
4. The delays increased the living costs on us (pay rent more than the necessary period)
5. Contract was foggy.

1. Got a high quality training (All stages...no doubt)
2. Enjoyed the training, around the globe & especially with the Great instructors.
3. Got the Line Training with Air Arabia
4. We had direct contact with the Management (I guess it is what everybody should do...make the management aware that you are there).
5. Most importantly, the training had the focus of GCAA & Air Arabia (to whom I'm really Thankful)

Here, I have a question to ask & I asked myself...Would I have had the Same Chances/Opportunities (In the UAE or GCC or even the Middle East) to get a Job on an A320 in the same time frame with a CPL/IR?

My Answer is NO

This is my Story in a Very Very Very Simplified Manner...I have tried my best to keep it interesting for you to keep reading...ofcourse I have more to say, to the advantage of & against MPL & AAG, but these are the MAIN parts that I & I say again "I" have experienced...

Now, I can happily say, I am now a First Officer in Air Arabia & I'm Done with my Line training...I am a bit more free to keep reading & replying to you guys...

I am ready now, more than ever before to share my expereinces with Alpha & MPL, since I have gone through the whole process & I am in touch with the people Under process

Please guys, I am not trying to encourage you to get into MPL or avoid going for it...although a lots of you think that I am a Supporter to AAG or Air Arabia...the thing is simply... I DON'T SPIT IN THE PLATE THAT I EAT/ATE FROM...

I'm off to check my Full PM inbox

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Thank you very much malirm for your input! Always good to read! This time with pro's and con's.

I think you have spent more as 150.000 right? The training costs approx 95.000 and you did have a delay of 16 months, so if you count up the living costs etc, wow. How did you guys got that money mate?

Lufthansa does it on another way:
- Don't let the student pay (BEFORE the training!!)
- Firstly gain the MPL
- If the studens is on line, let him pay his training
- Fulltime contract before the training
- Jobguarantee

This thread has f***ed up this school and there are so many different opinions about it.. Wow..

Ahh.. I have to study for 2 years more from now on (university).. But if there is a job guarantee programme, mummy, I'm HUNGRY!
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Here, I have a question to ask & I asked myself...Would I have had the Same Chances/Opportunities (In the UAE or GCC or even the Middle East) to get a Job on an A320 in the same time frame with a CPL/IR?

My Answer is NO
The point you are making here is very arguable, especially if you are a GCC citizen generally or a UAE citizen specifically, and yet you have missed the more detrimental questions!

What if the cadet pilot doesn't get hired by Air Arabia?
What if the cadet is kicked out of the academy in the middle of the training for whatever the reason was? Where would he go to build on his doomed training?
Which airline companies would be welcoming you on board if you want to move out in the future? Legally, you might have the documentation and you will be fine, but I'm speaking about real-life aviation business and the mindset of the hiring personnel. I'm very sorry to say this but I'm afraid not a lot of airline companies in the region or in the world, if at all, would be terribly interested in hiring an Air Arabia's MPL pilot!

It's all about how much risk you can take on! That's why I can't stress enough that MPL is not the right choice for many people under the current conditions.

For those who have already enrolled in the program with AAA or those who have finished their training, I only wish you good luck. For those who are not there yet, please be careful!
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Old 9th May 2012, 15:08
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What if the cadet pilot doesn't get hired by Air Arabia?
What if the cadet is kicked out of the academy in the middle of the training for whatever the reason was?
Air Arabia signs a contract with each student to fly until 1500 hrs on the A320.

the only reason a cadet is "kicked out" is because of mis conduct or failing the course... if that happens then the cadet is not pilot material anyway irrespective of MPL or CPL

Once again there is NO Guarantee ! There is a job offer that is applicable upon successful completion of the MPL course
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Old 9th May 2012, 16:26
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Once again there is NO Guarantee

If that is the case, a MPL is useless.
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Old 9th May 2012, 23:16
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@Malirm: Congrats on completing the line trainin well deserved bro!!

@honestpilot: as you mentioned in your post, Yes!, AAA did take 2 years to get 2 aircraft's, the first course did take quite sometime to finish and so will the next few batches...but let's just take a look at this

When i Joined Alpha:

- They Did not have any airplanes, Core Flying was not happening, people who finish ground school had to sit at home. NOW, they have setup flying SO well in Australia(i can speak for it coz i was in the first batch to go there), People who have completed ground school move directly onto the core flying phase.

-They did not have a simulator/instructor's for MCC, NOW, they have a brilliant FNPT-2 simulator, with Good instructor's!, who do quite a good job!, you'll see when u get ther

-Air Arabia never had a 320sim, but like i said earlier, this are changing FOR the better...NOW Air Arabia has their own sim with wonderfull TRI/TRE's to train you!

-Their was no one who had done BASE/LINE training, NOW, you have the entire batch 1 almost done wid their Line training!..and Batch 2 starting sooon..

So if THIS is not a good change and if it was wrong of me to say 'AAA is making improvements', im sorry and i really dunno what your looking for buddy!
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Old 10th May 2012, 02:50
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Once again there is NO Guarantee ! There is a job offer that is applicable upon successful completion of the MPL course
what Im trying to explain here that no company or airline offer a job guarantee...

a job is offered upon successful completion of a course be it MPL / CPL or MBA or college degree.

the same logic applies with AAA & Air Arabia.

Air Arabia offers 1500 hrs on A320 upon successful completion of the AAA's MPL course. a signed contract shall be given to current students and new students as well.
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Old 10th May 2012, 03:48
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johns92, seriously why are you spoiling your name here?

You are now lying out of ur teeth? We have both done flying in australia and we both know enough about alpha.

Alpha was FORCED to send us to Australia! When you joined Alpha you were told that the flying phase yould take place in Shj. If this was the case why change it to australia? I mean for example Emirates has opened a new flight training programme and there they have already mentioned that they will be sending their students abroad for flying.

Alpha was forced to send us abroad. We both know they did it because it is cheaper, and less troublesome for them so do not make it look great. They could not handle some 40 students waiting to go for flying. They already had 2 accidents before u went for flying and then when it was my turn there was another accidents making GCAA BAN alpha from flying.

So you still want to protect alpha? Alpha even failed the audit when u were in ground school am i not right? At that point they were forced to get those planes. I remember you saying that Alpha always gave reasons as to why they were being delayed. No flying school should do that. They should already meet the MPL requirements before they open the school. It should be a trail and run company? Or should it?
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Old 10th May 2012, 04:45
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22nd Feb 2009, 17:55
An ATPL is not a CPL/IR! Current modular and intergrated schemes train you to CPL flying standards with IR and ATPL ground subjects (frozen ATPL). In the old days you would complete a CPL flying course, an IR flying course and then sit the CPL ground subjects. When you reached the minimum flying hours/experience requirements for the ATPL you would sit the ATPL ground exams. Later the CAA decided that you could sit the ATPL ground subjects before having the required hours for the ATPL and the FROZEN ATPL was born.

The MPL will be the equivalent of a CPL/IR with ATPL ground subjects i.e. a Frozen ATPL. Once you reach the minimum Flying experience standards you will be able to apply for the full ATPL in just the same way that you would have done if you were unfreezing your frozen ATPL on the old schemes.The only difference being that once you complete an MPL course you will only be allowed to fly the type of commercial aircraft you were trained on but as you will complete this kind of course with a reasonable chance of a job with the company that 'sponsors' you. Once you are issued with your ATPL the world is your oyster!

PS The requirements for unfreezing are approz 1500 hours experience, so no outside training would help, that said it is an experience requirement mostly so some single piston flying etc would help, check the Lasors/CAA website for full requirements.

honestpilot in a few weeks when you complete your core flying in Wagga and return to start your sim training, we wish you all the best and hope you become a successful FO with Air Arabia
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Old 10th May 2012, 05:52
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how confident are u that i will become one? You just said before that the jobs are not guaranteed. You also have failed to answer my question where I asked you to explain why everyone gets a place at alpha unlike other places where only the best are taken!

I highly doubt that u will answer this question anyway!
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Old 10th May 2012, 05:56
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honestpilot if you perform well and pass your course no one can stop you from becoming an FO with ABY.

Air Arabia offers 1500 hrs on A320 upon successful completion of the AAA's MPL course. a signed contract shall be given to current students and new students as well.
agree there have some mistakes in the past, the new management s trying to fix it all as fast as they can..
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