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Immigrant 22nd Jul 2009 14:40

Ok Guys and............. Girls
I will leave main back home, before joining this "Babylon" :) :D

ARGPILOT757 22nd Jul 2009 15:54

BLACKSTEEL7 thanks for ur reply.
loc22550 u r so right !!!

now guys can we go back to talk about the interviews next month ??!! and leave the dolls alone ,at least for a moment !!!


vivace 23rd Jul 2009 01:52

Hey speaking as an ex QR skipper,lets not get this wrong about the command interview in QR. It is a very easy interview, the fail rate is high as the average QR FO is a lower standard than normal..I flew with/trained all the ones who recently interviewed and the standard is below ave,they were taken in when QR desperate. Even ones who passed that I know of are average, interview just needs a lot of preparation but is actually very easy so dont worry guys,get into the books(CX,EK and other larger airlines upgrade process makes QR's a joke!)

Tavo 23rd Jul 2009 05:14

Hey guys! Anybody going for the 26th Aug interviews?? Would like to share some info?? PM to me please. Thanks

Asianlonghaul 23rd Jul 2009 11:18

vivace it was an easy interview a while back but no longer. Much higher standards are finaly here.

Qatari515 23rd Jul 2009 11:33


I can tell you the process is NOT easy and is on par with most large airlines including EK and CX. The whole process is very demanding and of a very high level.

I know when you where here things where a tad different, not any more old boy! Some things do change overhere!

Blacksteel7 23rd Jul 2009 16:21

A pumps
I'm not sure. Just to start!

good luck! :ok:

PUPY 199 23rd Jul 2009 16:54

self study
Check before you jojn HR procedure for resignation as i am sure you will not stay long over here .
Resignation procedure is 3 months not alowed to travel as pax , 3 months your account is frozen , 3 months no ID tickets , last salary on hold ........ Why do you think most of people just run away from this ( it has been reported airline )

Qatari515 24th Jul 2009 09:36

Pupy, get your facts straight!

resigning is not an easy process here but:

You keep your multiple exit permit so you can travel.

Your account and salary is only frozen if you have outstanding loans with the bank.

Your credit cards will be cancelled instantly...rather normal I would say.

ID tickets are still avaialble when you go to the office. If you are smart enough you book all your tickets beforehand so no problem!

Jumping ship is for the weak and needy, real man sweat out the resignation procedure!

Back to topic:

Interview when joining is not easy but straight forward. Know your basics!

Questions on:



Your airplane

Some basic technical systems (HYD, ELEC)


CRM scenarios

So a standard airline interview! Ace the technical pilot is a good book but has lots of mistakes in it. Skip the non airline stuff and you will be down to 150 pages. Doable. Refresh your Jepp text books and meteo knowledge, know your airplane limitations and prepare questions on your personality ( 10 good, 10 bad points etc etc)

Good luck

Sim scenario is straight fwd. Basic flying skills and CRM are main points. No procedures or SOPs, you just use what you are used to

White Line 28th Jul 2009 04:02

QR interview
I have been asked to attend an interview for QR on the 12th and 13th of August in Doha. I have read through this thread to find the following tips on things to know.
1. ACE the pilot technical interview.
2. JAA CAT 1/2/3 Regulations
5. Low visibility ops
6. The aircraft I am flying at this time
7. Circling Approach’s
8. Meteo
9. Personality questions
10. CRM scenarios.
All these subjects I am in the process of being fluent in. Are there any other guys out there that have just been through the process at QR in the last couple of months that can help in adding to my preparation?
Thanks in advance for any help that anyone might have. Safe flying

A320 Man 28th Jul 2009 10:10

QATAR 320/330 Mff
320 pilots will soon fly 330 also, they started MFF for the instructors, and hopefully evry one will do the Mixed Fleet Flying (MFF) on a later stage.

Some European destinations are downsized to the 320 fleet, so most of the pilots get one European layover monthly.

I think the MFF is very good for the 320 pilots if it is done with a 50/50 roster.

If you are offered another type in QA take it, if you are offered 320 donīt refuse it ...you might regret it later.

Blacksteel7 28th Jul 2009 12:16

"I think the MFF is very good for the 320 pilots if it is done with a 50/50 roster".http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...s/badteeth.gif
You are forgetting this thread: " Qatar Airways Rostering Corruption"
Don't believe everything you read. :=
I'm sorry! http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ilies/evil.gif

" If you are offered another type in QA take it, if you are offered 320 donīt refuse it ...you might regret it later". I can't believe in this! :eek: :\

georgechfl 28th Jul 2009 16:10

BTW are we serious?:sad: ....They can't accept any emails at flightops since yesterday because their email is full.....!!!

AirbusMaster 28th Jul 2009 20:29

Risky QA MFF
QA MFF is a playing with fire, thay are qualifing ONE A320 instructor every year !!! then back to the 320 to fly the A330 only on mimimum basis to keep current.
I flew with 2 pilots from the 320 while flying the 330 as MFF, and I saw how they hit the ground HARD !! How they squeeze themselves in the approach and the excuse is: we don't fly enough the A330 !!!

Many studies recommended to fly more hours on the new type to avoid the kind of mistakes called: "Carrying the Old Type habits" errors.

It is only TOO DANGEROUS to fly min hours per month on a new type like the A330.

I really wish the training and safety departments will wake up before these 320 Pilots will have a problem resulting of min. flying A330 and max flying A320, especially during landings.

Ask all the Airlines Why they cancelled this kind of "high risk" 320/330 MFF.

I really hope we don't see hard landings soon.

The Tramp 29th Jul 2009 10:40

Master I can do nothing but agree. The trouble is the A320 TRI/TRE group is getting a stronger voice, and for selfish reasons (dam safety) they want to play with the 'big jets'. If they want to do that let them play long term i.e. transfer them to the 330/777 but as a line pilot for a year then let them instruct. The holes in the Swiss cheese are lining up nicely already; do we really need to help with foolish attempts at placating a few squeaky wheels?

NoJoke 29th Jul 2009 11:04

Qatar pilots now doing paperwork for the Engineers too! When you go to the Sim center to have a Transit check it is now "mandatory" to take the required paperwork i.e. the piece of paper the Engineer has to sign. Normally when we do a Line check or an LPC the instructor has the required paperwork. Not with Engineering, we now have to go to the Tech building (where the Engineer came from to do the check at the Sim building:ugh:) then we go to the Sim building.

More and more things are being loaded onto the Pilots, next we will be cleaning the Aircraft. Dam it, I shouldn't have said that out loud. ;)

Fubaliera 29th Jul 2009 12:24

Guys, instead of complaining about paper work and orangejuice, why dont we choose are battles correctly Has anybody noticed they has been absolutley no fleet transfers from the 320 to something bigger and better since last October. Come Qatari 616 or 515 whatever, give us another procompany response.

The Tramp 29th Jul 2009 12:52

As more and more 777s arrive the transfers from the 320 will start to flow. but not the OJ.:} I agree the little things may seem to be insignificant to you, but as they steal each inch from us, you must understand they are aiming to steal a whole mile by stealth. :suspect:

georgechfl 29th Jul 2009 16:05

Any of you guys know if they stopped accepting applications at the moment because the last 3 days it says that the email if full and it sends me an error every time I send it

Black Stain 30th Jul 2009 01:29

This question was asked once: Describe the spiral stability of the A320 in Normal Law? Dah!!! Panic....

A simple single word answer that even non-rated should figure out: "Positive". Remain calm during your interview and look smart even if you are not. :)

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