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shneidertrophy 19th Jul 2009 21:57


a couple of things for you!

Krunch might be a sarcastic SOB, he never said anything which was not true!

You should be happy he is one of the people here trying to give you a clear picture of what to expect when venturing over here!

QR is an airline, so prepare for an airline interview! You do not need any comment on a forum like this one if you are good enough as a pilot to join here! The interview process has changed, so prepare for the worst!
The CP recruitment is european and has a thorough technical background, so thats what you should be focussing on mate! JAA ATPL questions, ace the technical pilot interview book is a good start!
FAA rubbish usually does not leave a very good impression over here.

Oh, and regarding the salary....On an A320 you will be making around 50000QAR as a captain and around 38000QAR as an FO, including housing allowance! Substract 12000 Capt and 10000FO as you people will be housed in company accomodation!

Good luck! And be prepared as you will be in for a shock!

Captain Oryx 20th Jul 2009 07:01


Read Ace The Pilot Technical interview and you should be fine with the test.

The CP recruitment is South African (last time I checked it was part of Africa not Europe) and has a background as an instructor. He gave me my sim eval and was straight forward and honest.

As for FAA v. JAA you'll get a sample of JAA in the HPL course. You can decide for yourself which format contains the most "rubbish".

Good Luck!:ok:

skya320 20th Jul 2009 08:50

38,000-10,000 QAR per month for F/O? That if you don't have many double sectors or BAH flights on your roster. Assume you have some nice layover then 28,000 would be possible

Blacksteel7 20th Jul 2009 09:34

I know you trying to get some information, clue, tip or whatever. Unfortunately can't be helpful. I did my interview some time ago and everything has changed. Actually. Goat Airways changes everything from time to time.The management normally is not expect to last much longer.
If you are type rated on A320, A300, A330 or B777. I suppose some of the questions will be about it.http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ies/thumbs.gif
And think about this:
"FAA rubbish usually does not leave a very good impression over here."
"The CP recruitment is European." This is true. But he is B777's Captain as well.

B777 flies to:
Saudi Arabia: FAA
: WHAT TO DO! http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...s/badteeth.gif
I don't think the FAA is a garbage.http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ilies/evil.gif

Good luck. And join the club! http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ies/thumbs.gif
Circling approach is a must for the Goat. http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...s/badteeth.gif

shneidertrophy 20th Jul 2009 10:20

Whoooo, touchy subject ladies?

Let me ask you this than. How come so many people failed their command interview recently? All questions where pure JAR ATPL questions yet, the FAA based guys had no clue what they where being asked!

QCAR is based on JAR-OPS and JAR-FCL. So you better get up to speed with those regulations ISO FAA!

FAA is notoriously easy in whatever theoretical aspect you look at! Myself I passed my JAA ATPL after 14 months intensive studying, however I passed my FAA ATPL after 1 week reading a book with Q & A!

I am not saying JAA is better or worse, it is just a different approach towards aviation and YES, theoretically FAA is rubbish! And wasnt that what we where talking about? The theoretical questions of the interview?

So please, leave your personal sentiments at home for your domestic fights...

And whoever thinks the FAA invented aviation should go back to school!

EGGW 20th Jul 2009 10:32

Take it easy guys, we are watching the drivel being posted


loc22550 20th Jul 2009 10:33

JAA ATP course: scientific approach of aviation.
FAA ATP course: practical approach of aviation.
Wich one is better or worse..don't known ..anyway after so many years you probably forgot 90% of what you have studied....during your ATP course as you never use it (specially for JAA ATP)!:uhoh:

Asianlonghaul 20th Jul 2009 10:35

Blacksteel the UAE & Qatar are based on European JAA rules that's why Shneider said no FAA rubbish (Ok its not all rubbish but they are not the rules used over here except in Saudi). For example please use ICAO R/T for example not Afirmative its Afirm.

EPR it was the French (I am not French). Who started aviation. Also the Spad was used by the US in WW1 that too was French. The first public demonstration of a lighter-than-air machine took place on June 4, 1783, in Annonay, France, by Montgolfier.

Shneider & Kruch give good info & yes the interview is hard with only a few passing in each group. Krunch & shneidertrophy tell it as it is, so please listen to them!

These days Qatar is one of the few Airlines still hiring with good equipment & they are not going to go bust. On a scale of things they are no so bad and for sure better than Emirates except on the A320 fleet. (Never thought I would say that as a couple of years ago it was the other way round). But no where is perfect these days.Just if you come to QR have your eyes open before you get here and don't bitch about it afterwards, things are much worse in many other places these days.

Fubaliera 20th Jul 2009 11:55

Guys. Im not gonna even comment on JAA/FAA but last time I checked FAA operators much better saftey record, at least there not like the french, when they crashed in toronto they were called heroes, and the latest incident were they cant find the black box, hmm not sure if i believe that one. But regardless of the background can we please help the guys who are jobless with the info. ideas on what to study. Look at the emirates sites, there is so much more information shared by those guys. I agree on one thing, JAA reg and terminology wil prevail in the QR interview. I suggest bristol ground schools for the JAA ATPL questions, learn JAA CAT 1/2/3 regulations, AWOPS, fuel planning,etops etc etc.
Any good info I will be glad to post as soon as I get it.

Fubaliera 20th Jul 2009 13:00

If you havent flown etops, say so, but it wouldnt hurt to do a little reasearch on it. Its not that hard al all. As far as the frenchies goe, i will end it now because we could on for days.

Sheikh Your Bootie 20th Jul 2009 15:20

These days Qatar is one of the few Airlines still hiring with good equipment & they are not going to go bust. On a scale of things they are no so bad and for sure better than Emirates except on the A320 fleet
Now that is REALLY funny. Hell would have to freeze over, before I would ever consider working for that incompetent and arrogant fool Al Baker. The company has never made a cent, is just a willy waving exercise on behalf of the Qatar family, to their Gulf neighbours.

EK maybe in a bit of a pickle with the sh1t we are being fed of late Habibi, but it isn't that bad, no way!

SyB :zzz:

THR MCT 20th Jul 2009 16:05

s b
what EK is going to do with their 54 A380 on Order put them in circle around Dubai exibit like a circus I can buy a ticket and bring the kids over for a visit.
or probably take all the chineese population combined with india for a free world tour.:ugh:

I don't think that any Qr pilot will either be fool to work in a such weird environment and so incompetent management:confused:

Fly high and stay safe:}

ARGPILOT757 20th Jul 2009 16:21

Thanks For The Replys Guys !!

I Know There Is A Test, I Don't Know What To Call It ,nasa Test,
First U Do It As A Individual And Then In Group,you Are Lost In Whatever Planet And Then U Have Like 15 Things,and U Have To Decide And Put In Order What Things U Think Are The Most Important.
Ex: O2 ,water,food,gun,compass,a Map Of The Stars,etc.

Hope It Helps.

ARGPILOT757 20th Jul 2009 18:06

so far i know that will be interviews for f/os on the 12/13 , 17/18 and the 26/27 of august,any other dates???

coltrane 20th Jul 2009 19:36

Guys joining without 320/330/340 or 777 rating, what's the training bond like? time/ money whise? This may be asked before, but couldn't find the relevant info.. thanks..

Blacksteel7 20th Jul 2009 19:49

This is an easy question. US$ 50.000. Three years' time .
Actually. I don't know if it is so easy.:}
But join the club :E

Emma Gemma 21st Jul 2009 11:15

Hi there

Can someone advise me if it is illegal to live together before marriage in Qatar?

It's not legal!

Immigrant 21st Jul 2009 15:07

Can someone advise me if it is illegal to "Make L..ve" before marriage in Qatar?
:confused: :eek:

And one more queschen: Ho mach cost Sex Doll in Qatar? ;)

Emma Gemma 21st Jul 2009 15:44

I think relationships are tolerated as long as you don't do anything in public. There are many things going on behind closed doors in Qatar and all the other countries around for that matter. I had a couple of boyfriends (not at the same time!) when I lived there and there were no problems. Mum's the word!

A doll? One of those inflatable ones? ;)

loc22550 21st Jul 2009 15:53

Inflatable doll..oh yes but don't bring it outside in the sun during the summer time:it's too hot, she will melt!:eek:

For the rest it's like Emma said...you known ..a lot of hypocrisy happens behind all this "rules"..!

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