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Fubaliera 4th Jan 2010 12:25

Who says your gonna get the 777 or 330

waitingandwaiting 4th Jan 2010 12:44

With all this expansion that is happening, what is the expected time to command? Or will they fill the slots with a lot of decs?

Fubaliera 4th Jan 2010 13:00

Bingo, there will always be a reason to hire DEC

FlyingCroc 4th Jan 2010 13:15

ME Airlines
Guys, just read all the messages about QR, EY, EK then you will see what it is like. I work here for many years, and what you read here is mostly true. Of course some guys are frustrated because of fleet or upgrades. But face it, it is just a job, take it or leave it. Make some money and get out. Nobody cares about you here, and nobody would be here if it was not for the good pay (although it could be better) and the oppurtunity to fly a big jet.
1) Rosters, as pointed out above, they change monthly, can be good on one fleet, bad on another. You have 10days off, the rest is pure luck.
2) No commuting possible in all airlines.
3) Upgrades: expect min. 5-7 years, there will always be DEC available worldwide to fly the shiney jets. DO not believe that airplanes will be parked on ground, never ever happened so far and I don't think it ever will. There are enough pilots worldwide to fill the slots. And they will not care if you resign if you don't get your upgrade. Join, work, make money and wait for your time, unless you find a better job in the meantime.
The other thing which I think is even more important: can you live in an arabic, islamic country, can your family stand it? Read up on Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi, not just on pprune but also from other perspectives. Life is completly different from Europe or the Americas. You will spend a considerable amount of your life here, especially your family while you enjoy a break in New York, Shanghai or Bangkok.

flyby71 4th Jan 2010 15:50

Crew transport
Hello Everyone

Does anybody know if Qatar Airways has a transport for crew members from the compound to the tower/airport if one does not have a car and how much does it cost?
Also, when you arrive into your accomodations, is the land line phone already working? Can you make international calls?
Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Fubaliera 4th Jan 2010 20:02

You have transport for one week only then your on your own
Telephone take about 60days

flyby71 4th Jan 2010 21:10

Thank you all for a quick response. It really helps. So I gather that the landline is up and running when I show up, is that correct? I just wanted to make sure that my wife can somehow call me before I get a mobile phone or internet. Should I just buy a mobile phone at the airport?
Thanks again

Capt Krunch 5th Jan 2010 05:20


dont worry man, as mentioned, your wife can call you but you wont be able to make international calls. dont buy a phone in the airport, just wait until you arrive as there are a million places to get decent phone here at a better price than that of the airport. that part is easy.

poisoned by compromise

bumba 5th Jan 2010 08:47

International Driver licence
...and can you drive with an international drivers licence?

RJ900NG 5th Jan 2010 18:31

Can any one please tell how long it takes QR to respond to your application....


DooblerChina 5th Jan 2010 19:45

Hello guys,

Can I have an idea how many days in the month people stay in their own beds on all fleets?



junglie-driver 5th Jan 2010 21:55

Good evening all, managed to get a lot of good info from Prune about the company and the assessment/ Sim process. Somehow managed to get an interview date this month. Wondering if anyone out there has any new info or been through the process recently and could provide (either publicly or privately) any top tips to succeed.... Anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again and good luck with the job hunting. JD

EGCC4284 5th Jan 2010 22:26

Me and eight others from that Blue UK charter airline did day 1 today in Gatwick. Very nice people and all eight of us passed the exam and interviews. All got the sim tomorrow here in Gatwick.

Very very nice people and made the day very pleasent.

CDRW 5th Jan 2010 22:48

EGCC - they have to be very nice people at the interview - if they showed their true colours - you would all run a mile!

loc22550 6th Jan 2010 07:26

QR. offers the cheapest package for pilots compared to our biggest rivals here and majors Actors in the gulf(EK,AA,EY.. )and Doha probably not the most pleasant,civilised... place to live in the gulf....(let's not even talk about the mentality here inside QR!).
So...There is not one million way to attrack people here : just Keep smiling..!:}

Capt Krunch 6th Jan 2010 11:08


do you honestly think they would send the most undesirables to conduct interviews and attract pilots ?

meeting the nice friendly frontmen for the airline is not a clear depiction of the work environment you will be faced with once signing your life away.

Poisoned by Compromise

Captain Oryx 6th Jan 2010 11:34

Actually, I found them very representative.:ok:

Random75 6th Jan 2010 15:50

I heard that Ain Khalid Gate is now full and new joiners will be put into a new compound. Could anyone expand on this with a name of the new compound and any other details? Thanks

Phantom Driver 6th Jan 2010 20:05


Very very nice people and made the day very pleasent.
You will find that this is generally the case, despite what you may read on this "forum". Conduct yourself in a professional manner (which we all do, don't we?!) and there really should be no problem.

Anyone coming to the Middle East does so with eyes wide open, and with their own reasons for making the move; always been the case and nothing has changed. Lot of good advice has been posted here over the years; sort out the wheat from the chaff (may need some work, as lots of the latter). Your choice. Good luck.

(p.s-No, not a manager, instructor, etc etc. This in anticipation of the barbs from the usual sources).

Royalblue 6th Jan 2010 20:42

Any one knows if you can reapply in less than 1 year from your interview???Apparently they were looking for astronauts to answer the written test when I was there :)...Seriously if you don't know what kind of clouds altocumulus lenticularis are you are not a good pilot....!!!!)(@*$*(&[email protected](*&@$**&

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