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ninja_turtle 24th Jan 2009 10:12

Thank you Hajj Man and Capt Krunch .. You guys do a really good job of trying to help people with question on QR .

As per their advertisement here in local network , allow me to quote them and then it will be easier for you to know why I was talking about the 777 .

They have given 2 conditions :

A . With a type rating on the acft they fly , requirement is a min TT 1000 of which 500 on type . ( I do not qualify for this )

B . For those who dont have type , min TT 2000 of which 500 on jet is required . In addition they quote that pilots with Boeing time will be considered for 777 .

Now going with the above it is quite apparent that I qualify only for the 777 and also going by what Cap Krunch has said time and again , that they will put you on what they require and we do know they require people on 777 . I didnt mean to say that I could be dumb enough to go ahead and try to dictate the type of fleet I want to fly ..

If you can give me your email on pm , I will scan the advert and mail it to you , I dont know how to put it here .

Anyhow coming back on the point , is that none of you gentlemen have helped me with question no 6 . From where you guys are in your lives , your views on those should be quite valuable ..

Hajj Man was quite good with noticing my question with the timings but then I was just trying to imagine the kind of life it would be since I dont have any wide body flying and the lifestyle that comes with it experience .

7 . Btw they offered USD 9900 for the FO position which is inclusive of housing allowance and they also very cleaverly say that candidate can also choose to stay in company provided accomodation if they wanted to , and going by some place on the forum where I read things to the effect , I am guessing that if I choose to do so , I should subtract USD 3600 approx from the USD 9900 figure . That point in thier advert seams ambigious to me ..

8 . This point was raised in some thread but not cleared if or not the pay would be different from the one offered till the time one actually got released online . If yes , then what could be an estimated figure ?

See you guys around ..

VARIG737 24th Jan 2009 13:34

Hello Ninja,

The accommodation issue will vary a lot depending on your status: if you are single, you can get a 1 bed flat in a nice location (west bay - Esdran towers or something like that) for Qr 8.000 per month. If you chose to live somewere else or share a flat, you may get something around Qr 4.000 per month (your part of the rent), for a 2 bedroom or Qr5.500 for a 3 bedroom....this is SHARING with someone else. If you have a family and sharing is not an option, then you will spend between Qr 11.000 to 16.000, depending on what you whant: 3 bed flats will cost around 11.000 (fully furnished) and villas in compounds (nice place with all facilities) will cost around 16.000Qr. It all depends on how long you do the rent contract and if the place is furnished or not, etc...As per now, Qr is not giving housing allowance, you will not have another option but to take the company accommodation; sure the guys that were already getting the allowance will continue to receive, but if you apply today for the allowance, the company will ask you to wait untill june (I do not know what is happening after june...). Company accommodation is OK, but you will get a 2 bedroom flat (no more 3 bed available) at Ain Kahlid gate compound. The waiting list for 3 bed accommodation already has 40 pilots, and the priority is given according to the number of children in the family. I know people who are waiting for nearly 1 year, and if you join today with a family of more than 1 children, you will be placed in front of these guys...no seniority for this issue. IMHO spending nearly 3.000 Euros per month in a rent in Doha is insane and unacceptable, but some people have no choice, once you have to provide a nice place for your family.
As far as I can remember, you only get the complete payment (block hours) after you are released to fly without the safety pilot. Untill that point, you only get the basic pay plus the meal alowance.

Immigrant 24th Jan 2009 17:53

6 . I am 2000 on 737NG Right Seat and approx 2 yrs away from command at my existing place .........

Now going with the above it is quite apparent that I qualify only for the 777

Well done NINJA!!!!:ok::D
I knew that girls in aviation it is something....:eek:

Captaincy with that "Huge" experience just in 2 years if not, no less than FO of 777 :D.
Looks like situacion in your "existing place".... . totally spoil brains of lucky teen's :*

What would you not be qualify for FO A320???? :ugh:

Hope crisis will put things on their places..... even in Qatar:yuk:

and in your "existing place"..... tooooooooooooooo:cool:

Hajj Man 24th Jan 2009 18:54

Question 6.

I did think any one can answer that Question but you. You need to know what you want and project life as best you can but by asking that kind of question on PPRUNE, you will get every type of answer.

I know this question is a no brainer to some of you and thats the reason why I ask ..
Don't Ask here, Ask your daddy or uncles who are also flying. You will not get a correct answer here.


ninja_turtle 24th Jan 2009 22:09

Thank you Varig737 for your detailed explanation on the accomodation .

Well as per thier advert , company accomodation is an option and not mandatory .

Immigrant , I like you sarcasm ..

Roger Hajj Man , I hear you .. I already made my decision and you are right yet again .. All sorts of answers is what I was expecting here ..

Thank you Gentlemen ..

justchilling 25th Jan 2009 19:31

Is JAR medical accepted in Qatar or do we have to do a new medical there?

Capt Krunch 26th Jan 2009 02:05

well, I personally do not know of a country that just accepts an other countries medical straight across the board. (some countries within the E.U exempted of course).
Qatar Airways is governed by the QCAA and requires a Qatari Licence and Qatari Medical to fly a Qatari registered aircraft.. just as you would have to do in any other country in the world.

having said that, the medical is just a Standard aviation medical.. nothing extreme and no suprises.

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Nevrekar 26th Jan 2009 02:24

India accepts your foreign medical if you fly under the FATA. (Foreign Aircrew Temporary authorization).

Spirit1 26th Jan 2009 04:36

Then you have to go to India…;)

Fly safe and enjoy wintertime in Doha.:ok:

piratepete 26th Jan 2009 06:45

Im nearly 55.Current 767 PIC, 8600 hours PIC 757/767.Also TRE, etc etc.Would QR consider putting me on 777 as PIC? what do you think.Also im a little nervous about this technical question thingy.What is it all about?.I did my ATP in 1978, and just love CRM and belong to the church of SOP.Is this enough.Pete.

747fanatic 26th Jan 2009 08:21

Anyone going to Singapore for pre-assessment?

canflystick 26th Jan 2009 08:53

hiring on 330/777/320
qr is conducting pre assesments in delhi for the next few days

747fanatic 26th Jan 2009 09:01

Has the age restriction been removed for non-type rated? Dont see it in the new adverts.

piratepete 26th Jan 2009 10:26

Pre-assessment!!! Singapore.......????
Please give me some details on this pre-assessment stuff, can you look at my previous posting above, think I might get a look in ?? cheers Pete.

ken744 26th Jan 2009 12:51

hey 747 fanatic, i'm invited to attend the sg pre-assesment. Guess whole lot of sin-cargo guys would go there too eh. Which day you are attending. I'm invited on the 4th feb

Capt Krunch 26th Jan 2009 14:07


yes of course you'll qualify for the seat .. but not sure what getting a ATPL in 78 has to do with anything.. there are many books published that can keep you sharp and ahead on the technical side of any interview.
be lazy and you WONT cut it..
it's up to you and all of us too keep our level of professionalism and education up to speed. a piece of paper ( ATPL ) and some numbers in a book (Logbook) is not enough.
every pilot has to prove himself time and time again, thats the nature of the business and Qatar Airways expects no different.
( although many undesirables have slipped thru the cracks in the past, hopefully thats nearing an end.. but thats another thread altogether:ugh:)

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BizPilotBrazil 26th Jan 2009 18:03

Hi Guys,
Any news about Feb interviews??

I have to take my logbook to interview, correct? I bought a JAR Logbook, but i have ICAO License.
They will acept? Or i have to buy a Jeeppesen logbook?
Bye guys!

bump 26th Jan 2009 20:10

Sing interview
Yes I will be going,
Can you confirm its only for 1 day?
Any GEN on the process from anybody would be greatly appreciated. I take it that there must be a SIM evaluation?:ok::ok::ok:

piratepete 27th Jan 2009 02:36

Krunch, thanks for that.Can you me a little insight in to the type/nature of the interview questions??.I heard from one highly experienced guy from USA the scottish interview Capt asked some obscure Q about how to calculate the circling MDA for any given airfield.He answered only familiar with TERPS, and that wasnt good enough apparently, seems a bit silly.Whats wrong with just look at the Jepp plate, then apply for your Category of a/c......or look it up in the part one of your Jepps, rather than recite from memory which is not a safe thing to do.....safety is after all paramount is it not......PETE.

Capt Krunch 27th Jan 2009 03:46

Bazil :

they don't care what type of log book you have in the interview, and Yes bring anything and everything you might think will help ( I find it hard to believe i'm telling professional adults these kinds of things) .. it's the QCAA that cares about types of log books and things, they also have been known not accept logbooks in other than english language.

well I believe the guy you speak of is not a scott.( then again I could be wrong) but I know who you mean, I can't help you with the questions as they vary and I've been here nearing a decade so it was different back then.. as far as the question you mentioned is concerned.. they have been known to ask that one on the F/O's command assesment interview.. the information comes from Jepps General section of course.. and yes most people agree that it is a unusual and difficult question to ask.. but it's a selection process, they all have their own way on how they go about it, then decide as a group.

sometimes it's all in the attitude and the way you go about giving the answer. but then again, in the end you must be well read in aviation related subjects.

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