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Deske1 6th Nov 2009 19:09

Just one question:

Do You have to apply for an exit permission to QR in case of a privat travel?

If so,usually is it granted or so,so?

Thank You!

crosscust 6th Nov 2009 19:49

FMC Overheat: Was the offer for a DEC or an FO? Thanks. Just wondering what they're interviewing for.

Capt Krunch 7th Nov 2009 05:02


YES. every one sponsored in this country needs an exit permit authorized by the sponsor (employer).
Qatar Airways and a very few other companies are allowed Multi Exit Permits. this is only available to Flight Deck personal. it will cost 500QR and valid for 1 year with no limit on your exits. BUT the company holds the right to have this privilege revoked at anytime, it's as easy a just one phone call and your Multi Exit Permit is no longer valid. This is not a standard procedure and in all my time here I have only seen that happen a couple of times

Poisoned by Compromise

ItsAjob 9th Nov 2009 17:57

Can somebody tell me the what the whole package is for an FO?
I understand the basic is $6600

What about:

Sector pay
Relocation allowance
Housing allowance if you do not choose company accommodation.
Any other perks etc.

Fubaliera 9th Nov 2009 20:32

Thats 6600 is your total take home pay. Doesnt matter what the pay is, QR/Doha is good for 2 groups of people, Arabic speakers and family wimps./married guys. If your single it sucks big time.
If you join now on 777 expect upgrade in 5 years on the 320
If you join now on 330 expect upgrade in 5 years on the 320
If you join on the 320 expect to stay 5 years on 320, upgrade on 320 and stay their at least another five years.
The divide and conquer policy is enforced and cockpit /cabin crew relations have a lot of room to improve.
Housing has a alot of room to improve.
Cockpit crew uniform quality could improve as well.
Staff travel system is very good
Pay is always on time
Aircrafts maintained very well, no pressure to fly if something isnt legal
Crew hotels are standard.
Good crews on the 319/20/21 fleet, 330 room to improve, 777 standard
Carmen bidding system is great, you can bid based on trip days, flt number, destination, check in/out and day off blocks.
For a middle eastern carrier its a great start, the only thing missing is it doesnt award trips based on seniority, if not a satifaction system which I really dont understand
If you come non typed rated, training is good, lots of resourses MFTD. Full motion sim that is awesome. Line training is a challenge but survivable
If you come type rated expect 2 warm up session and a lpc/opc. They do not teach and your expected to know the QR way, its almost like a new interview.
Hope this helps

Fubaliera 10th Nov 2009 00:26

Company policy is upgrades on 320 only, and there will be a fleet freeze for at least 2 years, but no additional bond. In the past there were upgrades on the widebodys but since the 320 Capt started complaining they made all upgrades on 320 to push the 320 captains to the bigger fleets.
By the way nobody has transfered from the 320 fleet to anything else in over a year. All upgrades stopped as well until mid 2010. The airplane you get offerred in your congrats letter is not optional, its a take it or leave it deal. By the way in last 2 weeks out of approx 15 interviewies, only 1 or 2 guys got job offers.

loc22550 10th Nov 2009 04:32

Fuba, i fully agree with with the seniority issue in QR....
No benefit ($) at all... 5years or 15 years in the company in the respective grade doesn't make any difference in salary!(well i guess we have to understand that QR is not interesting to keep people to long here...??:confused:
Is this normal....??

shneidertrophy 10th Nov 2009 07:40

Duolabs...do you think it would be NORMAL to get an upgrade on an A330 or B777? Does it happen in your previous company?

Do you think it is safe to upgrade on an A330 or B777? Your exposure to "real life" as a new captain will be minimal on a long haul fleet. Less rotations, more redundancy of the aircraft, major airports etc...So you would become a crap captain!

Do you think it would be beneficial to you or the company to allow you to do an upgrade on A330 or B777? See above...NO!

The A320 might not be the EGO booster you are looking for, but believe me there is no better airplane to find yourself on but the A320 as a junior commander!

Its hard work, you will learn how to use an MEL, you do 30+sectors/month (6 on T7 and 12 maybe on 330) and most of all....you will maintain your grip with reality!

Only real problem the guys on 320 have is the pay! Because of high duty time but lower block time, the pay on average on the A320 fleet is about 10% lower compared to the heavy metal boys! And this is one of the disgraces of this company!

Everybody knows about this, incl. management, but nobody acts!

A320 fleet will be the biggest fleet in the airline with 40+ airplanes and the company needs this fleet, but everybody looks down on it! Why? typical ME mentality: mine is bigger than yours!:=

Captain Oryx 10th Nov 2009 08:17


The "bigger the airplane the more it pays" idea is not unique to the ME. It is the cornerstone on which pay is determined in the US and some far east carriers.

As for the "safety" aspect of going right to left seat, it happens all the time in the US. The sacrifice made is not one of safety, rather pay, as the individual foregoes Captains pay on smaller equipment for seniority and quality of life.

I agree that the better route to go as far as professional development is the 320 as your first command.:ok:

Fubaliera 10th Nov 2009 10:44

You cant factor all 600 in your numbers. There will be natural atrrition, s/o, guys who dont pass the interview, guys who dont pass the sim or line training for command., Ive even heard about a 330 f/o who said who wasnt interested in the 320 command and stayed on the 330 as a f/o.

azlee_19 10th Nov 2009 16:47

application form
hello guys

call me stupid, but i ve tried attaching the completely filled application form and sent it to my other email, all i got was a blank application form!

so how do u attach this form to your yahoomail with your pic attached too?


shneidertrophy 11th Nov 2009 05:43

@ Capt Oryx,

Some differences have to be pointed out.

"Big Airplane, Bigger pay" is not true. In most ME airlines all pilots receive the same basic salary and performance pay, regardless of airplane type. Same in QR. The difference is that on an A320 fleet for example your duty time by far exceeds your block time while on an Long Haul fleet duty and block will be very close to eachother. In EK they dont have the problem and EY has solved it by paying 320 drivers an extra allowance, the same way it used to be in QR.
In QR this allowance was cancelled in 2003 when all HOTSHOT managers went on to fly the bigger airplanes.

So in theory there is no difference in pay, in reality there is but we hvae no manager with the balls to solve the problem!

In other parts of the world a pilot indeed makes more money once he is on a bigger airplane, but this has NOTHING to do with the type he is on. It has to do with seniority. Flying an A340 in a European airline usually was a result of over 15 years seniority in that company. Same in Far East. CX highest paid pilots are on the 747 but to be a skipper on that airplane, you need seniority in the airline.

With regards to the upgrade. Right to left on an A330 or 777 is done by airlines without a smaller option available to them e.g. EK. All others, with a smaller fleet operating, will put their upgrades on the single aisle fleets.
This is part of the normal career path in real airlines. Overhere there is NO career path and their is NO respect for seniority!

But until now they realised that upgrades had to be done on A320 for reasons as mentioned above.

Now the rumour is back they might do R to L on 777 and 330 again! Not only is this dangerous, it is demoralizing for the battle troops on A320! Its a short term solution to a cancer growing inside QR and in the long run, it will only accelerate the cancer spreading.

Captain Oryx 11th Nov 2009 07:54


In airlines with rates of pay determined by "weight/speed formula" (most US carriers) the larger the aircraft, the higher the pay rate. The other part of the formula is pilot seniority. The more senior the pilot the greater his/her opportunity to hold a position on a higher paying piece of equipment. To further confuse the issue the pay rates are increased year over year in accordance with the pilot's longevity.

You mention rates of pay determined by longevity and the airlines that employ that process. One is not better than the other they are just a little different.

I do not see any inherent safety issue in movement from right to left seat on a particular airplane, rather it is one of personal preference. I do agree that it is better to start your command career in a short/medium haul a/c rather than long haul.

loc22550 11th Nov 2009 08:20

Shneider...Let's call back the 320 special allowance we used to have (1500QR/month) in the old good time...and with the inflation should be at least 2000QR/month today..!:}.
We(320 taxi driver) are not paid to sleep half of the flight time like the 777 drivers on ULR..
We definitely deserve it !!

Captain Ned Kelly 11th Nov 2009 08:38

"R to L on 777 and 330 again! Not only is this dangerous". All fleet has insurance.:E
"it is demoralizing for the battle troops on A320". The Goat doesn't care.:}
Sorry but it is true. Indeed!
Go in peace.

shneidertrophy 11th Nov 2009 11:04

Capt. Oryx,

In Airlines with "speed/weight" salary formulas, nobody ever jumps the que.

You join as a junior FO, after 15 years or so you will be a Capt on EMB145 or, if lucky, on 737 or 320. 10 years later you might get a left seat on a 767/777 or 330 and you will start earning the big bucks.

Nothing wrong with that as it is called a career plan.

In QR one can be flying for 10 years, working his butt of on the A320 while tomorrow a DEC can come in with 737 experience (got his command by luck in a dodgy airline somewhere) and he can be given a left seat on the 777.

Instantly he will make more money than the other one does, even though the second one has the same function/grade and he had to jump all the loops (and believe me, many loops exist here) to get where he is.

Do you think that is fair?

There is no use in comparing apples with bananas mate! The system sucks overhere and you know it. Just remember that, because you might have been lucky when joining now on 777, tomorrow you might find yourself in a different position with guys jumping over your head, making more money than you do just because...Lets see how you talk then!

Ned, you are right. The goat does not give a damn. I just wanted to make sure people here realize that!

jamoss 11th Nov 2009 11:33

hey squissh,
how did it go? was there anything unexpected on the test or the sim? I'm going out the beginning of Dec and still not possitive what to study. Should I just stick with the JAA ATPL?

Deske1 11th Nov 2009 11:37

Whats the exact meaning of these?

-Utility allowance.
-Meal Allowance whilst on layovers

Also,how many days of Annual Leave provided?

Many thanks for the reply,there are no numbers on the website.

loc22550 11th Nov 2009 11:54

-Utility allowance (electricity,water): 300QR/month
-Meal allowance:For each layover you will recieve an allowance for breafkast,lunch.diner, depending on the schedule arrival time, and departure time from the hotel, and depending on the City you stay.(paid together with your salary).
-transport allowance 1500QR/month
-Annual leave :42 days/year.

Captain Ned Kelly 11th Nov 2009 11:58

Captain Oryx
I do not see any inherent safety issue in movement from right to left seat on a particular airplane, rather it is one of personal preference.

Im sure you are 320 Driver. Im sorry but this mix (inexperienced pilot flying wide body in long haul flight) is dangerous.

a DEC can come in with 737 experience (got his command by luck in a dodgy airline somewhere)

This is true. There are a bunch of them flying B777. And some of them flying as Line training Captain.

Do you think that is fair?

Nothing in Goat Airlines is far. Look around!

Go in peace.

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