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A300Man 1st Jan 2009 07:17

Current routes operated by the 777 (77W so far) are: IAD / JFK / BOM / DXB / BAH.

The next routes supposedly coming online with the delivery of further 77W's and 77L's are IAH (77L), MNL (77W from mid January), DEL (77L from March), LHR (77W Jan/Feb), BKK (March?). There was also a plan to convert PEK and PVG from the current Airbus to Boeing operations, although that plan was deferred due to the delay in aircraft deliveries. I wouldn't be surprised if these became 777 routes soon as well.

So the next route to see the 777 in QR colours will be Manila, very soon. The route will be flown by a combination of 777 and A332/333's however, with the 777 only going on certain flights in the short term.

Same will apply to BKK when it starts - two daily flights will continue. One 777 and one A333/332.

Happy New Year everyone.

Emma Gemma 1st Jan 2009 11:21

My bet is that A300Man works for QR.

FlyingOW 1st Jan 2009 15:32

Thanks for the info A300Man :ok: Looks like QR T7 fleet will have a pretty decent mix of destinatios once fully operational, lets hope those delayed T7s don't throw a spanner in the works!

Happy New Year!


A300Man 2nd Jan 2009 05:00

You are welcome.

However, let me just correct my statement about BKK operations. It looks as though the 77W will only be used to BKK from May/June, as opposed to March. However, it's a mixed rotation. On some days of the week, the two flights (ex-DOH 0800hrs and 2040hrs) will both be served by 77W, whilst on other days it will be 77W/333.


Phantom Driver 2nd Jan 2009 14:48


As you seem to have all the good gen, any idea when the 777 freighters are due?

hans37pilot 3rd Jan 2009 00:33

I have a friend in QR and he also told me AR is not in charge of Recluitment

A300Man 3rd Jan 2009 05:12

The initial Boeing 777F aircraft for QR are "supposedly" slated for delivery between August and November 2009, with further deliveries in 2010.

I expect the A300-600's will be around for quite some time yet.

skya320 4th Jan 2009 17:59

A R is long gone. (Before the new year)

yape10 7th Jan 2009 12:23

qatar airways
is just some publicite for their flights to madrid and seoul and they come for open days in tunisia and 250 person came for this **** and i am not in because of selection of cv they dont like my cv haha:mad:

it is a miracle and shame for QR pub the open days in news paper in tunisia because i submited in the website and i should had the more chance to be choosed for the preleminery selection:ugh:

every time qatar airways do this action when they come to tunisia:{and just word and presentation but the real action is to select every one qualified for this job not any one !!!!!!!:=

QR stop this NIGHTMARE and god help us :oh:

cheesycol 7th Jan 2009 13:40

Qatar have an advert for first officers in Flight this week, but no vacancies for flightdeck on their website. Does anybody have a link to a recruitment page? (The one on ppjn is invalid)

Thanks :ok:

B787J 7th Jan 2009 14:07

Looks like deck crew recrutiment is in shambles after A.R left ??? :ok:

shneidertrophy 7th Jan 2009 18:15


ever considered taking some English courses before applying to an international carrier?

AR left indeed and recruitment is being re-organised! For the better, believe you me! Just be patient a little bit longer!

They are just testflying the "moron" and ""wannabee XXX" filters to prevent them from entering. Filters had been removed two years ago in order to allow higher influx of so called professional pilots. This lead to almost catastrophical results which can still be seen/felt today so it was decided to put these filters back in place....Thanks god, lets just hope it is not too late!

widebody300er 7th Jan 2009 23:41

QR Interview
Hey Guys just received an email from QR recuitment asking for my details another 8 page application and all my docs wanting to know when I would like to do an interveiw and sim avil in Doha with Feb dates. I am 767 typed . Does anyone have any insight? What aircraft this would be for or what the interview is like?:ok: Thank you....

Capt Krunch 8th Jan 2009 09:04


are you trying to have this thread closed as well.

try the S E A R C H function

poisoned by compromise

tangalanga 9th Jan 2009 06:57

Qatar offer of employment question
Hello guys.
I just got a “offer of employment” with Qatar. FO in the A320.:}
After all the advise here I requested (in a very polite way) a fleet change, since I live in USA, the 777 will be great.:p
I do not have that much experience, and kind of low time 3500. No Boeing or Airbus experience.:eek:
Do you guys think that I may have a chance or they will just laugh at me?:O
Thank you.

BRS_flyer 9th Jan 2009 07:10

At the moment I would be pleased to get a job flying anything, specially on an A320 for an airline like QR. I would imagine that all new hires without time on type will be placed on the A320 and you could look to upgrade in a few years.

hoover1 9th Jan 2009 23:48

is qatar still interviewing. i got shortlisted months ago and haven't heard anything since. i would say take what you can get. i don't think that they will put anybody on the 777 without boeing time. thats why i applied i have boeing time.

Iver 10th Jan 2009 02:17

Take the Bus and enjoy shorthaul in the Middle East. Don't get too greedy. I think you need previous Boeing experience to get the 777 - that's what I've heard. If you want to frequently visit the US, Emirates has more flights to more cities on their 777 fleet. Again, without Boeing experience you might not get that either.

Take the Bus and enjoy your adventure!

Capt Krunch 10th Jan 2009 03:36


we hire Direct enty F/O's on the 777 regularly ( type rated come first of course), but the fact remains you do not have a type rating on anything we fly.. now, i've been here getting close to a decade, so in my opinion there is 2 things that could happen to you now.. either they'll look at you and your request, get annoyed with you and tell you to piss off from the get go.. OR ( they really need 320 guys at the moment ) they will just disregard your request and put you on what they want..
most likely the second option will come to light.. remember man, we have plenty for north/south americans here flying all types, your not unique because you come from the west as most of us do, so no special priviledge is concidered.
you are placed where they need you at the time.. only good thing is you have limited experience and no type rating, so it would not hurt them to place you on the 330 320 or 777.. but .. it's not like that here.

piosoned by compromise.

sayap-patah 11th Jan 2009 13:55

thank god, they not put people anymore in to A 300...........its gone right?? cheers...

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