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Captain Partzee 7th Jun 2015 18:04

Now it will take a little bit longer. they are busy with the FIFA. :}

Alloy 9th Jun 2015 03:07

And a change again perhaps in the DEC recruitment timescale? Rumour is that the Al Maha subsidiary is about to be shut down.

PayJay 9th Jun 2015 12:18

Can you not call them and ask whats going on???

msian1147 10th Jun 2015 12:07

Good day all

How long is the process after submitting the application before we get notified? Been hearing a lot of folks are in the holding pool, is it true?


B737SFP 10th Jun 2015 14:36

It depends!

Are u a typed rated Fo? If the answer is yes things tend to move quite quickly.

In case you're applying as a capt, then things are moving slowly.

I can tell you I know a few guys who did their assessment in march and took something around 2 months to get the good news. Unfortunately all them went to the holding pool. No news so far... :ok:

joker737 10th Jun 2015 16:31

Any update with the latest news with the interview process?
What kind of ATPL questions did you have receive on the selection day?

msian1147 10th Jun 2015 17:18

b737SFP, am rated on 737 2300 hrs TT. Do u happen to know the roster on the triple/787? Thanks for yr reply

Joker737, i was told that u would find some of the questionnaire are from the Ace The Technical Pilot Interview. I went for the SO selection back in 2011, mostly came from the book

dreamer88 10th Jun 2015 23:26

Command upgrade
How long does it take to move to the left in QR.in the road shows they stated 4-5 yrs.is it happening.any testimonies?.Feedback will be much appreciated

WrldWide 11th Jun 2015 00:33

Forget the fast track hype. Flying with guys that were sold that deal and 4 years on still waiting. Pilots with 4 years on type with time in qr.

casablanca 11th Jun 2015 08:24

The current rumor around here seems to be more internal upgrades vs DEC.
While there are not any guarantees and you have to jump through a lot of hoops such as interviews and assessment flights, I have flown with several pilots starting PSA exams in preparation for the above after 2 years on the line....all in all it is 3 years best case scenario but still not bad.
I have flown with many that meet the said requirements and still waiting???
Possibly training records or employment history can slow you down.

Stone_cold 11th Jun 2015 08:43

Let's not forget , unless things have changed , that Napoleon has the final say as to any upgrades , fleet transfers . So it may not be only the objective criteria stated by CasaB.

Southpole 12th Jun 2015 09:48

Thanks for the update.

Just curious, when did Qatar start to put people on the holding pool? I had never heard about it till February when they put... Me in it.
Are they following some sort of ranking or they call at random?

Samolin 13th Jun 2015 06:59

Holding pools have been there since 2012 when they had a huge training delays. Back then it was 6 months from arrival in Doha to finish your type training.

In General, Qatar Airways has one of the most efficient Departments for taking care of documents needs. But remember they have to deal with Qatar Customs and Border to handle all the requests, which can be backed up, especially during Ramadan.

Now that Ramadan is approaching just remember, nothing happens fast here in Doha, so just chill and wait until things happen. I know you are not in Doha yet, but the attitude is just wait, you are getting paid anyways, so don't complain or try to push your case, things will happen when they happen, enjoy your salary.

Flyboy41 13th Jun 2015 11:52


Just to share my experience. I joined QR in mid Jan and completed my training 3rd week of may. So just a little over 4 months from the time I first set foot in the office on day 1 for the induction to being released online. My post was for DEC NTR. The training was much more at a 'relaxed pace' compared to my previous airline. By 'relaxed pace' I mean you get a couple of days off in between, the instructors both SIM and online were very professional and eager to instruct. Things change everyday here in QR, literally not as a figure if speech!! Aircraft orders are still coming in gradually so they are going to need crew. But as Samolin said, Ramadan is around the corner so expect things to slow down considerably till the 3rd week of July.
Doha is what you make of it. My wife and son will be joining me soon as its better to get thru the training before bringing your family over. However, they did come over briefly for a few days previously to complete resident permit and school formalities.
The middle east may not be everyones cup of tea, but the routes are good, schedules are good (maybe except the A320), pay is good, aircrafts pretty new, maintenance and training excellent. But moving the family over is sometimes not that easy, but believe me it can work!! Good luck to all still waiting, just a little patience. I did my fair share of waiting too.....

foswillruletheworld 13th Jun 2015 13:58

flyboy thanks a lot for the info. Which fleet are you in?
By the way how long does the ground training take, and after that how long does the line training flights until your release?

Flyboy41 13th Jun 2015 18:20

Was for 787. Line training took just over 3 weeks. You require 14 sectors. Ground stuff include simulator took around 3 months. That's all the ground courses incl admin part of it. Was not too bad as the programme is already given to you well in advance.

FMSPEED 14th Jun 2015 16:46

Well guys that's it for me... almost 5 months since I've applied for the NTR job gig.. 3 different apps and status ''new'' ! I have more than 2500 hours jet time over 50 tons and not even a email saying that I won't be considered.

Black Pudding 15th Jun 2015 08:11

Which application reference did you use to apply.

Maybe worth re applying again.

Supersonic2000 15th Jun 2015 14:11

man, I also applied in April for NTR FO (QR2809)...and I am still ''NEW''....so you are not alone. Also, I received an e-mail on the 23rd of April saying that the position I have applied for is closed (they actually closed it on the 26th of April but I had applied 20 days before that) and they encouraged me to re-apply. However, with the new requirements now, for the same position I can not apply...:D...the funny thing is that my application still shows ''NEW'' as yours!

FMSPEED 15th Jun 2015 17:14

@Black Pudding

What do you mean mate?

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