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casablanca 12th May 2015 04:15

RE: 777 freighter fleet
The flying is mixed, but if you request freighter flights normally you get them.
Pro's: different destinations, sometimes longer layovers like 3-4 days, but total trip may be up to 12 days away. More laid back, relaxing trips.
Con's: longer time away from home, the passenger flights operate like clockwork, the freighters are like the very first time over and over again.
Too much time deadheading...unpaid, in uniform and more and more in economy.

highflyer0685 12th May 2015 05:19

Flyingkratos...I applied last Thursday, got the email Friday for the PSA, just got the chance to take the PSA today.

Mike_1 12th May 2015 08:02

Thanks for the info I appreciate it PLS check your PM

Mike_1 12th May 2015 08:12

Hi i just sent you a PM

Azzurri 12th May 2015 16:52

B777 Freighter Flying
Thanks casablanca for your response.


Vulka 12th May 2015 17:20


Have a look here and You will be happy-)


F14Smith 12th May 2015 20:29

PSA language choice
Hello guys!
Please, IŽd like to know if i can answer those questions from psa in my native language(spanish) or maybe english would be better? i feel more comfortable for this task answer in spanish.
Thanks everybody:ok:

Azzurri 12th May 2015 20:48

Mandame un PM si quieres.

Southpole 12th May 2015 21:43

Si puedes elegir, no veo porque no hacerlo en tu idioma.. Siempre que lo hayan traducido bien! Yo lo hice en ingles.

And I am not English mother tongue.

highflyer0685 12th May 2015 22:03

Did my PSA last night and woke up this morning to 3 emails from QR asking me to fill out and submit short form 1 and long form 2. Is that part of PSA or post PSA part of the assessment?

onitl 13th May 2015 03:20

High flyer 068
That's post psa nxt..

highflyer0685 13th May 2015 03:50

Originally Posted by onitl (Post 8974838)
That's post psa nxt..

Thank you. I'm not familiar with the process nor do I know anyone who has been through it. Once I submit the short form and long form is the next step for them to schedule an interview? Thank you

foswillruletheworld 13th May 2015 09:24

I don't think you will have any trouple if you answer PSA in your own language. Because if they have thought that it would be a problem, they wouldn't give you the option. If you are willing to fill it in your own language just to be more comfortable then it is OK. However if you are doing that because you don't trust your language level, i would strongly recommend you to reconsider applying for Qatar. Because they are going to be looking for a certain level of english language.

Mike_1 13th May 2015 14:40

Thank you very much for the info I appreciate it

gazze7 13th May 2015 14:56

myself on 18th and 19th

freddi16 13th May 2015 16:02

when did you apply?

F14Smith 13th May 2015 17:08

Thanks Foswill, i feel more comfortable answering psychological questions in my native language.

Southpole 13th May 2015 18:30

Well then,

On behalf of Qatar airways I welcome you all in the holding pool!
After you pass the interview you will stay here with us for a non specified period of time.
Let's have a party! It's always a POOL!

onitl 13th May 2015 18:42

South Pole
:D. Guess should prepare my pool kit........ Hope to see u soon due nxt wk Doha

gazze7 14th May 2015 01:12


i did my PSA last month.

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