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Southpole 29th May 2015 10:16


Not at all. The problem with Qatar now looks like that the recruitment and training departments are proceeding at two different speeds.. They might finally want to slow down the recruitment process until they can catch up with the trainings. But this is just a thought.

lol777 29th May 2015 10:33

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)
Something is weird with their process. Applied in feb. Status changed to under review a month later. And nothing since. Not a unsuccessful or yes or nothing. This is for ntr fo

FMSPEED 29th May 2015 16:55

lol777 ,

I got status ''new'' since feb... they have a bunch of candidates everyday with Boeing and Airbus experience..and even for these guys things are moving pretty slow after they've been up to the interview..They have to join the pool and wait.. Unless you have a Boeing or Airbus ticket..forget about it!

152HEAVY 30th May 2015 02:22

I know of a couple of guys, NTR and no airbus or boeing experience that got their PSA.

I'd say slowly but surely...hopefully:ugh:

Foniac 31st May 2015 17:22

I got my PSA within one day of submitting the application and then got an invite to an interview the day after I completed the PSA. TR 320 F/O.

aviatormohit 1st Jun 2015 08:19

Visa Documentation
Hello Fellow Aviators,

I finished my selection process in March. Joining Qatar in August. I got married in April. Wanted to check if there is any paperwork required for her to travel with me when i move there.
Does she have to change her last name on the passport or the marriage certificate will suffice?
Any information regarding the same will be appreciated.

Thanks and regards

Obbie 1st Jun 2015 13:19

First thing, do not bring your wife and kids here until your training is done.
You will be putting your success in training at risk. Seriously, leave them
at home.

The names on all documents should match. She doesn't have to have your
last name, but the names need to match or else you run the risk of getting
screwed around.

Get the marriage certificate stamped by both your own government, and then
by the Qatar embassy in your own country before bringing it here.
Else you will have to do the same thing, but from Qatar, much more expensive
and time consuming.

aviatormohit 1st Jun 2015 15:18

Thanks for the advice Obbie.


deekam 5th Jun 2015 04:53

Hey, I m in the holding pool for the 320 DEC..... anyone else here in the same pool and any estimated time period given?

Boeinglad 5th Jun 2015 12:46

Same for me since March and still no news, they told me they filled the holes for this year so I'll have to wait for next yearr courses.. DEC 787

Alloy 5th Jun 2015 14:44

Same here since first quarter of the year, DEC holding pool despite being told that a firm job offer would be made within six weeks to successful applicants, I'm sure like many others, I feel it was a bit of a waste of time coming for selection, I suspect with other good job offers materialising in the meantime that the likelihood of working for Qatar is rapidly fading.

casablanca 5th Jun 2015 18:15

Same thing happened to me in 2012....was in hold pool for 8 months.
Heard from friend that they have hired enough to fill slots for rest of year and trying to use less DECs and more internal upgrades.,, but with the orders they have they will need bodies

Boeinglad 5th Jun 2015 21:25

I have to be more precise, I did the assessment in Jan and got results in March.. They told me probably they will put me on hold until next year.. But if I don't get a date within Jan next I'll have to repeat the all process again.. dec 787

Michael777 6th Jun 2015 05:54

ATPL questions
Does anybody can give a feedback on the ATP questions? Or maybe a good reference to a questionaire catalogue?

Southpole 6th Jun 2015 15:20


Actually the year is counted from the date you had the interview not from when they told you that you passed...

End of February here, DEC Airbus.

From what I've heard there is almost no chance to get in within the end of the year..

Boeinglad 6th Jun 2015 15:33

Yes I'm aware of this and they told me already I have to wait for next year courses..

DXman 7th Jun 2015 03:28

To those of you who have already attended the selection in Doha, did you have a lot of recommendation letters?

avoka 7th Jun 2015 11:03

Do you have TR?

onitl 7th Jun 2015 12:13

Quick question ... After you done with the process. Is 3 weeks normal not to hear a word ....

Boeinglad 7th Jun 2015 13:18

Yes perfectly normal

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